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Ask Your Questions For Hasbro Here; Time To Respond Is Limited

Jedi Temple Archives is currently hanging out in Massachusetts with some of the losers from BanthaSkull.com for easy access to HASCON. We have an appointment with Hasbro for a Q&A at 3:30 PM tomorrow. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We won’t be asking if any specific figures are coming, but please clarify your question with either 3.75″ or 6″ so we know how to better address your question if it’s chosen. Thank you!

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  • When will we finally get The Black Series 6-inch Scarif Stormtrooper Captain to go along with the Squad Leader and regular trooper?

    • CT-7567

      I never got the regular trooper because Walmart sucks. I love the Scarif Troopers and Deathtroopers. So I’d definitely like to get all the versions. I think the regular Scarif Trooper should be re-released as a basic figure. Or maybe a two-pack with the Captain and basic Scarif Trooper?

    • Rob Nyul

      get the bandai kit and you have the options of all 3

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    *tries very hard to censor self*

    How much will the TVC retail for next year per figure?

    • valdacarr

      More like is TVC slated for non movie release windows (Jan to Aug) or in addition to movie release windows(Sept to Dec) ?

      • Logan Pynakker

        What? TVC was confirmed for Spring when they showed them off at SDCC.

    • They answered this during the JTA/Victoria’s Cantina Q&A at SDCC. They told us it would be between $10-15.

      • CT-7567

        I thought $13.99 was confirmed?

        • That’s not what they told us at SDCC. Perhaps they said that to someone else, which would be unusual.

          • CT-7567

            I know it’s only a dollar more, but $14.99 is too much. They’ve been selling TBS line for $13 for two years. Are we supposed to believe that the vintage card justifies a $2 price increase?

  • Is General Grievous coming in the 6″ line?

  • Subcoolin

    Why is distribution always a topic?

    • Wayne Collins

      Because Hasbro fail to address the under laying issues, year on year, even though it is starring them in the face!

  • darthvaderdisco

    Every year there are reports from across the planet of either extreme shortages the Star Wars line, or what is called a “glut” where there is oversaturation of certain markets. How is Hasbro addressing this issue to keep product fresh and available for everyone?

    • Wayne Collins


  • TatooineSandworm

    6″ Fan’s Choice is still something that a large portion of the fanbase wants. Will Hasbro still be doing Fan’s Choice in both scales or is that only 3 3/4″ now? Related: This Fan really wants a 6″ Aphra to be made as well as the 3 3/4″ Aphra.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    When will we be getting 6inch Cantina and Jabba’s aliens and where is the rest of the bounty hunters

  • Danny

    Ask them if they’re accepting applications and send me one if so. Also, I’d to know what are their distribution plans moving forward? His thoughts on toys r us possibly filing for bankruptcy and how that will affect Hasbro in the future and lastly TVC plan on playsets, vehicles and planned figures per year…..

    • TatooineSandworm

      Although I doubt they will give any answer what so ever on the bankruptcy question, I know that Hasbro give Toys R Us A LOT of product on credit. Hasbro and Mattel should be very frightened about Toys R Us filing for protection – and by extension – we should as well. It will have a massive impact on our hobby.

      • Danny

        I partially disagree, it won’t have that much of a drastic effect in our hobby. Online retailers are the future, in fact, they have been the future for awhile. Once I get my case from dorkside and a few figures from Amazon, I usually never set foot in a brick and mortar other than for exclusives or when I got to Walmart on beer runs and stop to see what they’re stocking.

        • TatooineSandworm

          It will have an effect on the amount of product that Hasbro and Mattel will have to take a loss on and not be compensated for. Apparently, Toys R Us is still paying off 2014-2015 debt (products received but not paid for). If the major companies have to take a hit, you can be dang sure that will get passed to us. Expect decreased quality and increased prices, yet again.

          • Danny

            Yes Hasbro will take some loss but the hobby won’t massively be impacted as you initially put it.

          • TatooineSandworm

            If the paint apps get worse, I consider it massively impacted. If they can’t pay for the digital printing, then TRU mismanagement screwed us over.

          • Danny

            I don’t understand your comment, how would paint apps be impacted by all of this? I don’t think TRU dictates what kind of paint app Hasbro uses.

          • TatooineSandworm

            The new digital paint apps aren’t cheap. Hasbro will have to reduce the budget across all lines to accommodate the loss of revenue if TRU doesn’t pay up. Hasbro can go back to doing the cheap crappy paint apps to save money. This is a “POTENTIAL” of how the line could be impacted by TRU and no fault of the consumers and fans.

            Or Hasbro can raise prices across all lines to make up for the revenue. Hasbro is a publicly traded company, which means that if TRU defaults, the investors will be pissed and Hasbro will have to find a way cover the losses they would absorb.

          • Danny

            I still don’t get how lower quality product will increase revenue. I guess I’ll talk to the leadership team in the company where I work and give them this tip. On a serious note, I’m glad this is just a speculation on your part and things will march on just as they were if not better.

  • Phil Flanagan

    1. When will the 3.75″ black series line shift to a non-walmart exclusive and does that mean there will be more figures announced soon or will TVC be taking over that market?
    2. What is the lineup for TBS6 wave 14 and potential release date?
    3. Please, please, please, can we expect to see more 6″ scale vehicles/ships in the near future?

  • Guillo

    Will the second wave of the BS 6″ 40th anniversary edition be back (for real)? and is there a plan to do a 20th anniversary edition for TPM 6″ figures in 2019?

    • starwarsxpress

      I agree this is a great question. Will they bring back the 40th anniversary wave 1 & wave 2 in full after The Last Jedi product launches this would be great

    • Wayne Collins

      NO. They do not think the demand is there to put these back into production, even though they appear to be producing them for other markets. It’s all very strange and ill thought out.

  • speedinglisa

    I just bought the Rathtar and Bala-Tik set and am, unfortunately, very disappointed. The Rathtar’s tentacles are quite difficult to attach and are easily dislodged. I will return it because its quality is simply very poor. I’m stunned that Hasbro signed off on such a flimsy design. Who in their right mind at Hasbro thought that this toy would provide a satisfying experience? It would have been a really neat toy. Instead, it’s provided mostly frustration. I hope Hasbro has a second set of plans for the Rathtar because this one is just awful. Save yourself the trouble; DON’T buy this set (unless you’re an enormous Bala-Tik fan, don’t care about the Rathtar, and find a $19.99 price acceptable for a single 5 POA figure).

    • Sithewok

      I was really frustrated with mine but after reading discussion on the Rebelscum forums, I was able to get it to stay together quite well. First, make sure the letters are correct when assembling. Second, push very hard while rotating the tentacles (works better if you have a finger in the Rathtar’s mouth pushing against the socket since the body is slightly rubbery…) Once they finally lock into place, they actually hold quite well. I haven’t had one fall out again, even with my daughter playing with it quite a bit.

  • ronstoneygold

    What does Hasbro use for plastics in their figures? Is ABS plastic used? Do they use a polycarbonate for translucent materials like lightsabers and helmet visors?

    • CT-7567

      I always thought the bodies were ABS and the limbs are PVC. No?

  • JehuBarranco

    Will we ever get any new 3.75 SA Old Republic figures?

  • Gloriouscollector

    Will there be any store exclusives for the Vintage Collection?

  • Branflakes

    I know there’s talks of a 6″ black series grievous in talks, any update on that?
    when will captain rex 6″ be a standard release?
    will there be a 6″ porg or with a 6″ chewy?
    will there be a 6″ bb9e with a character like the previous bb8 with rey?
    more clone wars/prequal 6″ characters planned?
    when will force friday wave 2 6″ figures be shipped to other stores other than toys r us?

  • Jason Sterndale

    Why does Hasbro spend so much time and effort on designing the Black Series Exclusives only to ship them to the customer using inferior packaging and ending up damaged?

  • Funtomaz

    Why is it very often cheaper for me to buy 6 inch Black Series products from Amazon USA than to actually buy them in Germany, where I live? Rey’s speeder (excellent set!) was 19 euros less even with shipping and import taxes. The price for Rey’s speeder in Germany is 85 euros / $102. Why are prices in Germany/Europe in general so high? High prices really hurt the line here.

    • TorynGlavin

      Yaassssssss! This is a great question my friend!

    • Steve Maultsby


    • Rob Nyul

      $110-$170 in Australia

  • Branflakes

    when will hascon exclusive captain rex 6″ be on hasbrotoyshop?

    • Subcoolin

      Along with 40th celebration Luke

      • Branflakes

        Agreed, I have one but it should be put back onto the website and released in the black packaging.

  • Sithewok

    Recently, the 3 3/4″ line has moved to nearly entirely main characters (and mostly human characters at that…) Will TVC returning allow us to see more background characters and aliens from all sources?

    • Yes, they already answered this in our SWCO Q&A we coordinated with Victoria’s Cantina.

      • Travis

        Can you ask if 3.75″ prequel trilogy characters never before on vintage cards can be expected?

      • CT-7567

        Is it possible to get mail-away promotions for TVC? It could really help sell those first two waves of repacks if there was a cool mail-away figure to get. Some people have mentioned a replica of the 1985 Yakface figure. I’d be all for that or any other mail-aways.

  • Mark

    Is any adjustment made and how is it made to keep the more “plain” characters like Rose from overtaking the pegs vs. obviously long overdue and in-demand characters like Jedi Master Luke that will most likely sell the same day they’re stocked?

    • Wayne Collins

      Yes. Stop carrying forward the incorrect figures, and offer solid cases!! Seriosuly we will have more Rose’s to fill those pegs coming in wave 2 soon.

  • Mr J

    Does the vintage collection get a wide release in europe. Just like the 5 poa line ??

    • TorynGlavin

      Great question! There was no TVC to be seen in Ireland during the last run …

      • Ruari Williamson

        I live in Ireland too and I remember seeing lots of The Vintage Collection. Although after the TPM wave I didn’t see a lot of TVC at regular retail but the later waves did hit collector stores like Forbidden Planet.

        • TorynGlavin

          From my memory, and I was only 16 when TVC first came out, I never saw any of the figures at all in any stores. I wasn’t living in Dublin at the time so I couldn’t avail of FP or other stores like it but I was in a number of Smyths stores (Tallaght, Bray, Naas, etc) during it’s run and never once saw anything from TVC! The few TVC figures I have were ordered from the US. Hopefully my experience this time will be closer to your experience last time 🙂

          • Ruari Williamson

            I understand. I was 15-16 at the time myself and I live in Dublin. I remember after the TPM wave I didn’t see any new figures from TVC at retail stores like Smyths. All of my TVC purchases afterwards were at Forbidden Planet who were very good at getting the waves in. I hope you have a better experience this time around too.

  • Ben Kenobi

    Insofar as the 6″ line is concerned, are we going to see more non-film characters like Rex and Ahsoka? Say, for example, Clone Wars versions of Anakin and Obi-Wan? Or Pre Vizsla or Fenn Rau? What about other Old Republic characters, like Bastila, Malak, or HK-47? Or, the absolutely most IMPORTANT, what about CLONE COMMANDOS? One mold and a handful of parts can be used for Gregor, Delta Squad, Omega Squad, generic commandos, the list goes on.

    Are we going to see more versions of characters we’ve seen before once the face-printing process has the kinks worked out of it? I’d love to see them take another crack at Obi-Wan and Jedi Knight Luke.

    • Branflakes

      this needs to happen, I’ve been waiting for 6″ inch commandos from republic commando for so long

      • Ben Kenobi

        See, it’s brilliant because they just need to make a mold for Gregor and release him at mass retail, then they can reuse the mold with some new accessories for each figure in a Toys R. Us 4-pack of Delta Squad, and then cast them all in black and release Omega Squad as an Entertainment Earth exclusive. A generic commando can be released at mass retail or as an exclusive, and with a remolded head they become Imperial Commandos.

        Seriously, a 6″ clone commando would be the gift that keeps on giving.

        • ChocolateCrisps

          I would be poor forever. Maybe this is one suggestion that should not be made!

  • Jerry’s Finger

    Are there any plans to being back the 3.75 “Special Action Figure Set” 3 packs? This would be a great way to reissue some golden oldies without taking up any slots in the basic carded figures.

  • ronstoneygold

    Can we expect to see new background characters/aliens from The Phantom Menace in 3 3/4″ scale (preferably super-articulated)?

  • Moseisleynative

    Might we see a BB droid multipack similar to the astromech set last year?

    • Tom P.

      Disney just released one. Park exclusive only unfortunately.

  • starwarsxpress

    when can we expect pre orders for TVC to go live in distribution

    • Wayne Collins

      Probably a week before its release, just as Hasbro realise they haven’t made nearly enough, and will rush back to production, and we will wait 6 months for them to come out, by which time everyone will have been fleeced on ebay!

      THey have already this numerous times this year, R2-D2, Han Solo, ERG, 40th Anniversary, so its a fair bet it will happen again!


  • Robert Hansen

    1: Regarding the 3.75″ Vintage Collection re-releases: will the details/quality be fixed? It would be nice to see the new Kylo Ren with a removable helmet. And a Shae Vizla with a removable helmet, just like all other Mandalorians produced. Even a Darth Revan with a removable mask would be awesome.
    2: Is there any chance of bringing resculpted updated versions of the classic Mini Rig vehicles from the POTF 1980’s line into the 3.75″ Vintage Collection? Maybe some updated sculpts of the Ewoks characters, or Droids? There was a multi pack with Kneesaa from Ewoks that seemed to have sold well. Maybe another multi pack themed from Ewoks, with a Dulok Shaman or King Gorneesh…
    3. Will there be a chance of seeing a return of the 3.75″ Comic Packs with more characters from the Expanded Universe? It would be nice to finally get a Satele Shan to go with my Darth Malgus.

  • ThommyHartley

    What is the likelihood of getting older SDCC Eclusive pieces into the mass retail line, specifically Han’s carbonate block, Salacious Crumb, or Vader’s melted helmet?

  • General Hux

    Can we expect figures from the Han Solo film in The Vintage Collection?

    • Yes.

      • General Hux

        So does this mean I should ask another question for Hasbro? 🙂 Because I gotta few (a lot) more.

        • CT-7567

          How do you feel about the Solo film and figures from it? I made a vow not to by any version of Han and Lando as portrayed by new actors, but if they’re in TVC and numbered that could be a problem because I want to try and get a complete set. RO only has four SA fans that film was incredible. If they focus more heavily on Solo tfat would be offensive. Just give that film a basic 5poa line and make a handful of SA figures. We need more RO and ST figures in TVC, not to mention OT and PT characters.

          • General Hux

            I have mixed feelings about the film and getting figures from it, it’ll be kinda weird to be honest.

      • CT-7567

        That’s a shame. Han and Lando, as portrayed by other actors, on TVC cards with big pictures is just terrible, imo.

      • CT-7567

        Should we expect another FF style product launch for Solo? If so, when would that be?

      • CT-7567

        Paul, off topic but have you heard from Mike5555? I know he’s in Florida but I don’t remember exactly where and I’m thinking about his safety with hurricane Irma hitting soon.

  • Lord Toys

    Can we Expect A) 2 to 3 or B) 4 or more Vintage Collection Collectors Series Vehicles in the 2018 line up in SA 3.75″ Scale

  • Rick Blood

    Why were we told that all characters were eligible for the TVC poll when one of the top contenders, the Tonnikkas probably still won’t be made?

    • ronstoneygold

      That’s what I would like to know too.

    • In the JTA/Victoria’s Cantina interview with Hasbro at SDCC, they told us that they will not be making them. They do have the ability to produce at least one of the sisters, but it’s such a murky area that they won’t be going there.

      • Rick Blood

        Then they should do the one since they can.

        • Tell that to Kanjiklub.

        • regissuire

          no they can’t : because of a mixed up some decades ago the tonnika sister actress who authorized her likeness was mistakenly using (in conventions, photos …) the forename of the tonnika sister played by the actress who didn’t authorized, thus creating an ambiguity and making both of them not elligible for production unless Hasbro wants to risk a trial… too bad though …

  • General Hux

    Will there be Vintage Collection Two-packs? Like the K-mart exclusive AT-ST driver and Ewok sets?

    • CT-7567

      Great question, Hux. Those packs were awesome.

    • JohnMorog

      Or a TVC 20 pack of porgs lol 😉

  • bnicks87

    Will there be any speeders or small vehicles with figures released in TVC?
    I missed out on the TRU speeder bike a few years back and would love to get that in vintage packaging!

  • Darth Awesome

    Is the centerpiece line going to continue? The Emperor in his chair by the window would be cool.

    • Phil Flanagan

      Centerpiece collection is a great way to get people buying more figures such as multiple troopers to flesh out the scenes.

      • CT-7567

        But not at the $50 price point. Drop the electronics. Maybe even the statues. Just include a figure. If the Tantive IV set was just the hallway without electronics and either a Stormtrooper or the new RFT, for about $40, I’d get it and more sets like it.

        • RumSleg

          What you’re describing sounds like the three new 6″ exclusive sets with bases (Luke/Ach-To, Rey/Crait, Kylo/Throne Room).

          • CT-7567

            I guess, just larger display pieces. Like the Tantive IV hallway sans Vader and with the awesome new RFT. I’d get that set for about $40. Btw, in the picture of the Crait Rey, she comes with a lit saber and a hilt. TBS figures usually have removable blades and the unlit hilt looks a bit different. Possibly with an opened compartment like the hilt that comes with Saber Construction Luke? Thoughts on that? It’s a given that Rey will build her own lightsaber by IX, but I’m really hoping Luke still has his green saber and uses it. Next best thing would be for Rey to give him back the blue Skywalker saber and build her own. I’m wondering if maybe the saber hilt wth the Crait Rey is something like that. It looks just like the Skywalker hilt, but it’s got this gold detail near the activation stud that I can’t make out.

          • RumSleg

            I don’t know what to think about the saber hilt. Here’s my wild speculation that I just made up while reading your post: Rey takes the red crystal from Vader’s saber (seen hanging from Luke’s neck on one of the new Pops) and adds it to the Skywalker saber. Time for the Jedi to end… Rey embraces light and dark, her modified saber uses a light blue crystal and a dark red crystal and therefore she fights with a purple blade just like Mace Windu. 🙂

          • CT-7567

            Lol. Is that really supposed to be Vader’s saber crystal?

          • RumSleg

            I can’t think of any other small red crystal in the Star Wars universe. [shrug]

          • CT-7567

            What do you think about the new TLJ Luke figure?

          • RumSleg

            I really like the look of the outfit and can’t wait for a super-articulated version. 🙂 The 5POA version will be fun, too. What do you think?

          • CT-7567

            It’s ok. I like the actual costume in the movie more than the figure itself. I just want him to have his green saber. 🙂

    • Wayne Collins

      Why are centerpiece so expensive?

  • Logan Pynakker

    Any chance on scaled down (to 3.75″) versions of the Black Series 6″ ‘Rebels’ characters? They’d be excellent on Vintage Cards.

    • Zedrick

      That would be great!

    • TorynGlavin

      This would be amazing! Sabine deserves a SA 3.75″ so much! She’s really a figure that could benefit greatly from additional movement. They could do a SA 3.75″ and a 6″ together. Also Hera is the only member of the crew I haven’t yet got in 3.75″, I got the 6″ figure this week and a scaled down version would be BEAUTIFUL!!

    • CT-7567


    • Bill T

      Yes! This would be amazing.

    • JohnMorog

      Do want a TVC old captain rex.

  • CynF

    1) (3.75) Are there any plans to make Porg multipacks?
    2) (6) We have an Ep 1 Darth Maul and an Ep 1 Qui-Gon. Can we reasonably expect an Ep 1 Obi-Wan to complete the trio?

    • Danny

      Did you missed the earlier report about Obi-Wan?

      • Logan Pynakker

        Or the other earlier report about Obi-Wan? Or the one before that?

        • Danny

          I don’t remember that many rumor reports regarding prequel Obi-Wan…

      • CynF

        Looks like I did. Still, toss it to them and see what they say. 🙂

  • bayol

    Is the 40th Anniversary Black Series 6-inch line over and done, or will there be more shipments to stores? Thanks!

    • Wayne Collins

      Probably best to ask, does Hasbro’s right hand know what’s its left hand is doing?

  • Indysolo007

    1) Can distribution be improved, especially in New England. We’re closets to Hasbro HQ but we always get things last (as you may see from your time in MA, I’ve been scouring the area for the new 3.75 black series).

    2) Please restore some quality to vehicles. The paint is terrible and the material flimsy.

    • CT-7567

      Are you near Boston? Did you go to FF?

  • Eradicator

    What is up with all.the secrecy for new figures? This last round of them trying to keep things under wraps was a joke. Do they realize there is nothing they can do to keep the figures hidden right up until the day of release. And why do they penalize and go after websites like this when leaks happen when the same info is widely circulated on social media? I realize it is Disney controlling things but surely Hasbro has an opinion and solution.

    • Wayne Collins

      Why the secrecy of case assortments. They always get them wrong, so why not throw them out there for everyone to see at the start of the year, and listen to the feedback. If everyone knew the pencilled in line up for next year, it would generate a lot more excitement than Hasbro manage now. Just starve us of the images if they need to keep a secret!

  • darthtrajk 666

    Any possibility of an action figure club for 3.75″?

  • Darkon633

    Any news on the Bohdi Rook and Saw Gerrera will make it into the 6 inch Black Series line? As for 3.75 inch, any chance for Rex, Gregor, and Wolfe making it into the VC or basic 3.75 Inch line?

  • Keith Maurer

    Any plans for battle packs for 3.75 in the future? Also do you ever look at eBay and see what some of the old stuff goes for and think maybe you should make more? Some battle packs like the Ewok one maybe? Maybe some figures or vehicles that are old but still in demand. A little 501st dropship goes for big money on the bay. The cheapest tactical droids are being sold direct from Hong Kong. Lots of demand still for a nice B wing instead of another slave 1. Something to think about before making a ton of one thing and then re packing again next season. Maybe make more of the things that are in demand so they don’t sit on pegs until clearance.

  • Littlegreenwiseguy


  • Phil Flanagan

    Also, will there be a 40th anniversary 6″ carded lineup for ESB?

  • Can we expect 6″ Bodhi Rook before 2019?

    Will we see more frequent Rebels 6″ figures within the next year or so? Also please keep Zeb and Ezra in Season 1/2 outfits to have a coherent Phoenix Squadron.

  • Branflakes

    is there a 6″ clone wars maul in the works? It would be cool to get one with the robot legs or a maul at all, I’d be okay with a repack. Never got a chance to get that one

  • Littlegreenwiseguy

    Can we expect more NON-HUMAN/ALIEN characters in the returning VINTAGE COLLECTION? Human characters have dominated selection in both TBS 3.75″ and TBS 6″ scales for quite awhile in the last few years, and variety is definitely part of the entire STAR WARS experience.

  • Superflukullus

    Will we be receiving more realistic Clone Wars figures?

  • Superflukullus

    If the BB8 playset does well can we expect more transforming Star Wars playset.

  • Brandon Shea

    Will we get a Bohdi Rook in the 6″ black series. And will we get more of Leia? Hoth? Last Jedi? Bespin?

    • Wayne Collins


    • regissuire

      Can we have ONE padme before considering the 4 or 5 Leia that are left to be done ? We have 4 Leia already …

  • darthmo

    F.O Special Tie Fighter, 6″ F.O Special Tie Fighter, Tie Silencer including specific parts on other vehicles post TFA all have issues regarding the rubber based product being used that warps and distorts before even being unboxed. It’s extremely problematic and an issue I thought would have been fixed for TLJ onwards.
    Does Hasbro have any comments regarding this inferior ‘rubber plastic’ material being used and will this be corrected for future TVC product?

  • MaarekStele

    Will TVC have many vehicle or creature releases/rereleases ? For example the legacy dewback reissued as the classic Kenner Dewback Patrol. Is there any chance that the long rumored, updated and all new tooling, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced may finally see a release during TVC ?

  • nihilus911000

    When are we getting rebel soldiers
    Make a rebel 4 pack tantive IV, hoth, endor, force awakens
    We need more rebels and battle droids

  • Lisa Irish

    Could you please find out more about their upcoming Galactic Heroes offerings? My kids love them and wish we could find Hera and Sabine. I can’t wait for The new Vintage Collection.

  • Cody McDonald

    Will they be re-releasing some of the great vehicles they’ve made in the past? The falcon, At-At, etc? Have they noticed what people are willing to pay them by quickly searching eBay… Why don’t they want our money??

  • 11Eleven11

    What is wrong with you?

  • Albert Escobedo

    About how many new figures will you be releasing next year as part of the Vintage Collection?

  • With the repacked figures in the upcoming TVC waves, will certain characters be changed up slightly to allow for maximum screen accuracy and variety? For example, with the repack of Rey (TBS3.75 Phase III), will her incredibly scene-specific gloved hands be replaced with standard hands since she doesn’t wear those gloves for a good 99% of the film? And will she be packed with a lightsaber? With the repack of Kylo Ren, will he come with an alternate unmasked head? To avoid pegwarming, if Finn is rereleased in TVC, would you consider packing in a lightsaber with him? For the premium price, collectors and kids alike would almost certainly appreciate accessories and screen-accuracy.

    Also, are you able to scale down the magnificent 6inch sculpts (Thrawn, Kanan, etc) into the 3.75 scale?


    • CT-7567

      Those small changes in the TFA figures would make a world of difference in TVC. Too bad they re so confident that we’ll re-purchace any figure in vintage packaging that they’re going to kill the first few waves with heavy repacks if figures that are still rotting on pegs at Walmart. Hasbro should also understand that there figures from the Walmart line simply cannot be repacked in TVC: Finn, Starkiller Base Han and Leia.

  • Ulek Calus

    Have you considered making some of the other runners-up from the 6″ Fans’ Choice Polls like you did with Sabine the first time around? More specifically, does a Legends character have to be the winner in order to be seriously considered for the line? While I realize the lineup is tight with annual film releases, there are a handful of high profile Legends characters that would certainly be popular additions (eg. Starkiller, Mara Jade, Darth Talon, Clone Commando, Kyle Katarn).

  • King Bowser

    Will 6″ collectors get a fans choice poll this year? If not, is there a reason the Fan’s choice poll was limited to 3.75″, instead of say, one poll for both lines (3.75″ and 6″)?

  • DarthDoonald

    are we going to get more sith for tbs6? my sith side is looking really slim compared to the like 12 jedis i own.

    heres some recs:
    darth nihilus
    darth malgus
    starkiller sith stalker
    count dooky
    asani ventress
    darth bane

    no more original trilogy lukes please.

  • IB

    Can we expect these in the TVC:

    Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter – all new
    Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter – all new
    Rebel Armored Snowspeeder – re-release
    Twin-Pod Cloud Car – all new or repack from 2010 SL
    A-Wing Fighter – all new
    Tatooine Skiff – all new

    • CT-7567

      You really want an all-new Cloud Car? We’re lucky we got the SOTDS one and it’s a pretty great ship. I would like to see it in TVC packaging, but Hasbro would probably charge too much.

      • IB

        Then just repack the SOTDS one. That is pretty great!

  • King Bowser

    One of the greatest things about Star Wars and the toy lines has been the background characters, particularly the aliens. Sadly we have not seen to many in the 6″ line. Is there a conscious decision not to make them? Do they not sell as well or are you having to playing catch up with the main cast for instance? Is there any way we could start seeing more background aliens sprinkled into the 6″ line. At least one per wave.

  • Xo Tica

    As much as I love various troopers and villains in TBS6 line. Isn’t it about time we have some more aliens and droids( not under scale astromechs) . Many of us would like to get the Deathstar Droid and Yakface for example. Don’t forget to include some Mandalorian 4 packs in TBS6 .

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    How many times will you repack Rey in the next 4 waves?

    • Wayne Collins

      I’ll answer that one. Too many.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Here we go:

    6 inch:
    * With the advent of the new Photo Real face print technology, are there any plans to revisit previously released human figures?

    * TBS6 figures have rather ugly holes in the legs due to the way the double hinged knees are installed. Bandai’s and Medicom’s figures don’t have the holes. Are you planning to bring TBS6 up to speed in this matter?

    * Could you please plan your wave case assortments and solid cases better? Solid cases of Leias have killed the 40th anniversary line at retail.

    3.75 inch:
    * Care to explain why Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer is $50 in the USA and $109/$135 in France ? These are regular retail prices from TRU and Carrefour, not importers.

    * Is 3.75″ Super Articulated actually coming to Europe? If so, when? 2017? 2018? 2027?

    Vehicles (both scales)
    * Plastic quality for certain elements (wings, cannons) has been questionable since 2015 (TIE/SF in both scales, Poe’s X-Wing, TIE Striker, TIE Silencer). Are you doing anything to remedy this situation?

    • TorynGlavin

      “Is 3.75″ Super Articulated actually coming to Europe? If so, when? 2017? 2018? 2027?”


    • regissuire

      I was so shocked to see Kylo’s Tie at 109,95 euros ($122) earlier today at my regular supermarket (Carrefour), this is the only last jedi toy they have (no new figures at all except the usual zuvios, resistance trooper etc rotting since 2015) How can they expect to sell any ??? Those premiums prices are madness, the ships are twice less quality than old ships pre-2012 era but are twice more expensive. Even I cannot afford to buy these….

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Same here.

        There was nothing for TLJ either at my local Carrefour except for the TIE Silencer at the bottom of a shelf. Almost missed it. It didn’t even have a price tag.
        I burst out laughing when I saw €110 on the price checker, and promptly put it back.

        Hasbro can’t peg the insane price on the retailers this time as all of them are at €90 or above. Which means that Hasbro’s manufacturer price is grossly inflated compared to the USA, at least for France.

        Here’s another question for Hasbro, courtesy of Owen Lars:

        • regissuire

          lol, so true 😉

  • Jaken Wraith

    6in. Now that SDCC is over, and the Diorama was a huge hit. Have they used any of the feedback to make selection’s for some smaller, Diorama pieces?

  • Jeff Wickson

    6″ Line: Plans on Ewoks or Gungans…..basically more creatures/aliens from the SW universe. Also: Any chance of a re-do on R2-D2, he is undersized.

  • Jeff Wickson

    Black Series 6″: Will there be a 20 anniversary series for The Phantom Menace in 2019

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    1 – For the 3.75 line, can you please stop making figures with split torsos? Not only do we buy less to customize, but the hard plastic often discolors quickly over time, and in some cases the color of this plastic doesn’t even match up with the color of the “soft” plastic arms and/or legs. This all results in figures moving slower at retail.

    2 – Can you pease stop with the T-crotches on the 5poa stuff? It’s such an eyesore… even to kids. This makes a lot of people buy less!

    3 – The 3.75″ SA figures sometimes are overly articulated. These figures don’t all need ball joint hips and waists. Can we please go back to 2008-2009 in terms of the standard articulation quality for “SA” figures?

    4 – Can we see the TBS centerpiece dioramas in 3.75″ scale please, and make them interconnect to make larger environments?

    …. thanks Paul. 🙂

  • lowell

    Since Rebels S4 is ending, can we get the Ghost that’s compatible with the Phantom I released in 2014 with a removable Phantom II and figure of Sabine as her appearance in S4 included ? Also, what about a Fang Fighter, TIE Defender, Nightbrother Gauntlet fighter (was Maul’s, but Ezra’s now, used in Battle of Atollon. And any other Rebels figures or vehicles eyed for the future? This is all for 3.75, by the way.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Yes, our window for getting a Ghost is rapidly closing.

    • Art

      Yes please! We need the Ghost!!

  • Nigel James Martin

    Not figure related, that allowed?
    Really want to know what the future holds for titanium black series ships and micro machines?? Will we be getting anything for TLJ, even if it’s a shorter run like R1 got

    • Mother_Talzin

      Yeah, I hope this gets asked, I’d like to see some variety in the questions, not just action figure related.

  • Darth Bre

    Will hasbro be sticking to sa and 5 poa or can we move towards proportional articulation as and when needed? Then have the old 5poa line turned into a legacy line to cover minor chacters, rebels, clone wars, eu etc again with better articulation?

  • Mbraze

    Please can you explain why you still use the name “The Black Series” and what does it mean? Why is it still being used when things like “Shadows of the Dark Side” were so short lived?

    I ask this because to me, it does not make me think of any kind of ‘premium’ collection, and I cannot stand the red on black packaging. Thanks! 🙂

    • CT-7567

      Good question. The 6″ line needs to be rebranded. A new name and boxes similar to the old Kenner 12″ figures. Or at least something like the OTC or TSC packaging that emphasizes black and silver. Nice artwork or ACTUAL PICTURES of the characters. Hasbro, TBS is support be collecto quality, but the human likenesses and lack of accessories is disturbing. If you want longtime 3.75″ collectors to truly embrace the new scale, it should be a 6″ version of the quality we got in TVC. The first two waves in 2013 are how it should be done. You give Han Solo two pairs of hands, but no alternate hands for Jedi Luke?

  • Darrell Hardy

    Will they consider 6″ scene specific multipacks? Twin or triple packs for all the sagas lightsaber duels would be cool or perhaps sets similar to the old Han & Greedo cantina exclusive. Be a great way to get older figures too

  • Darth Bre

    Will we see the return of battle packs e.g rogue one blue, red, gold squadron, strike team packs?

  • Caleb

    Why isn’t there a PORG with everything. Or better yet, Jar Jar build-a-figure?!

  • Kalzeth

    Can Hasbro talk more about their ecommerce plans to make figures available to collectors all over including theouout the us and internationally? More on amazon, more on hts, etc

  • matt

    Are there more 6″ prequel figures in the pipeline?

  • darth gorilladust

    Did Hasbro give up on the Black Series Titanium vehicles? It appears the line may have ended with #33 Death Star.

    • Stew

      Im also suprised that we have no new information on what is coming next for the titanium vehicles. They are my fav series by far.

    • Aldo

      Paul can you please ask this? I love that line….

      • CT-7567

        That die-cast Death Star is a work of art. I’d like to see one without the laser effect. Or even a ROTS”skeleton” Death Star and ROTJ”incomplete” DSII.

    • Todd Hofherr

      Yes, I’ve wondered the same thing. Meanwhile, HotWheels is pumping vehicles out en masse.

      • Stew

        Thats exactly what makes me sad. Nearly the same ships, but they have even more now. I dont really like them, also i cant stand the packaging. But some ships actually look better. Titanium black series boxes just have style. I hope Hasbro does not let us down. I was so happy, when they released the vehicles. So much great vehicles to go!

        • ARC-77

          The hot wheels ships seem more toyish to me when compared to the titanium series, if that makes any sense.

          • Stew


    • Mother_Talzin

      Hopefully someone asks this…I’d like to know the status of the Titanium line and Micro Machines line – both were absent from FF, are they on hiatus, or being released later?

    • ARC-77

      Yes! The recent Titanium series ships were all really nice and I want the line to continue.

  • William Warner

    For the Vintage Collection what characters can we expect to see from the Original & Prequel Trilogies?

  • Darth Your Mom

    How will TVC wave slots be determined? Will it be a formula like: TVC repack/TBS repack/R1/TFA/TLJ/Han Solo? Or something else?

  • Wayne Collins

    Who picks case assortments, and what thought process goes into choosing the repacks?
    I could list examples of poor choices on each and every assortment ever released in 6 inch, but for example, to keep it recent, why did they decide to reissue Kylo Ren (a character that is on clearance with an almost identical figure), Snowtrooper and AT-AT Driver, over Darth Revan, Scariff Trooper and Emperor’s Royal Guard. PLEASE PUSH THIS NEXT POINT, do they not realise, that the three they choose will peg warm, and the three I choose would probably have sold as strongly if not better, than the new character in wave 13…. so please what is the thinking behind this!

  • Wayne Collins

    Also why the short lead time from preorder to shelf. I understand it to a point for new film street dates, but Would they not stop the ridiculous situation of the 40th anniversary wave 1 & 2 being so ridiculously under produced, if they had sought and allowed preorders just before, or when production commenced? This way they would have seen demand, which they were not expecting, and been able to add more production to the line, whilst it was being produced? All they have done with 40th, is strave the market, and given a lot of power to scalpers.

  • Wayne Collins

    FInal one, why the boring red spine to the box? Surely they must be aware people collect these boxed, so why not add character art to the spine? It makes no sense to leave it plain red.

  • rusty_t

    Question specific to 6″ Black Series line:
    One of the most iconic scenes in STAR WARS is the cantina scene.
    Aside from the main characters Luke, Obi-Wan, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO, the only characters from the cantina made in 6″ Black Series is Greedo.
    When will we have more cantina characters, including the band members.

  • mg1138

    What about releasing 3.75 figures with great environmental pieces or diorama parts again? Like during the 2002 Saga line for example… Things like the Hoth Tactical Screen or the Cantina Bar parts were so cool! And maybe throw a little Force Link chip in them with cool original movie sound effects, would be fun for kids and all! Are you considering this kind of idea for the future?
    Thanks again JTA for all the work you do on our behalf!

  • Han solo’s flying gloves

    When will we see the back of the card design / has it been finalised / or the same ?
    Sorry if this has been asked already,as I have not seen it.
    And the retailer exclusives is a good question imo,I certainly hope not!

  • Marc

    Would you consider a collector panel to help you make decisions? You obviously listen to us, how about a select few to help you?

    • CT-7567

      Excellent idea. I always thought that the job they gave Tom Hanks in Big woukd be a good idea for real toy companies.

      • Marc

        Ha ha never thought of it like that. I always go on about stuff like this on my podcast.

        • CT-7567

          What’s your podcast called?

  • mg1138

    Another 3.75 question: if you are planning to release new SA droid figures, do you have the legal possibility to borrow the new Protocol Droid BAD sculpt from Disney Parks? Using it for characters like 4-LOM would be perfect, like JTA already suggested.
    And on the same subject; if you are releasing astromech figures again someday, can you please go back to the BAD sculpt instead of the controversial Bar2-D2 sculpt after the EE 6-pack disappointment? Thank you!

  • Noah Spencer

    When will we be getting a 6″ General Grevious? Is he on the plans to be made?

  • Tim

    1.) Can we expect more original characters in the Black Series line? Like a 6 inch Nien Nunb or a re release of R2D2

    2.) Is Vice Admiral Holdo or E8 Ackbar on the table for 5POA?

    3.) Will we get an E8 Version of 6 inch General Leia?

  • TorynGlavin

    1.) Now that the 40th Anniversary is passing can we begin to see some Prequel and Clone Wars characters brought into the line? In both scales!

    2.) What is being done to ensure that collectors who aren’t based in the US have fair access to figures which are exclusive to stores that don’t exist in our home country?

    3.) What is the likely retail price for the returned TVC in euro?

    4.) Will we ever see a return of multi-pack lines, rather than just sporadic releases? (I’m thinking battle packs, comic packs, the Geonosis two packs etc etc)

  • LadyFerry

    Dear Hasbro,

    1) When can we finally expect the new in-scale Darth Vader TIE Fighter which was tooled less than 10 years ago but was shelved due to other commitments?

    2) Why do you of late continually insist on making micro-vehicles & ships for the 3.75″ figure line, I haven’t bought ANY Hasbro Star Wars vehicles for years due to the horrible micro-isation of all vehicles and ships. Don’t get me started on your horrible ‘Nerf’ phase …

    3) What is it with the absolutely hideous face paint applications on most 3.75″ & 6″ figures?

    3) When will you finally revert back to making larger sized vehicles & ships such as the AT-AT & the BMF? I haven’t bought any Hasbro Star Wars vehicles for years due to the micro shrinkage of all vehicles and ships!

    Michelle (aka LadyFerry) …

  • Diego

    What is going on with the last wave of the Walmart exclusive TBS 3.75?
    3 local stores looked as if they had a case incoming and then the cases never arrived.
    One store told me the shipment was delayed. Why are some boxes street dated and others not? Was the street date for other online stores once Walmart loses exclusivity? When can we really expect to get these?

  • Jimmy Griffin

    Can we expect 3.75 TBS figures repacked in TVC to have some additional accessories (interchangeable heads for Kylo, hands and a lightsaber for Rey, anything for Jedi Master Luke)? A return of comic packs, and if so can we expect them for less that $30?

  • CT-7567

    Is it to late to change the first wave of TVC so it’s not all repacks and doesn’t doom the future of the line? If not, can Hasbro add some accessories and minor changes like an unmasked Kylo head, bare hands and a lightsaber for Rey?

  • CT-7567

    Paul, now I really feel that I should’ve gone to HASCON. I would have liked to meet you. 🙂 Will Hasbro be selling the HASCON Rex on HTS?

    • Oh sure, you want to meet Paul. I see how it is.

      • CT-7567

        Lol. Obviously I’d like to meet you too, Chris. I’m really regretting not going to HASCON. That Rex is beautiful plus I could have met you guys. 🙂

      • Jimmy Griffin

        I’d like to meet you Chrisswa…so we could talk about how cool nomad is.

        • CJ

          Nomad is so cool, you guys.

  • Stew

    Will the titanium vehicle series be continued? They sold great and there are so many great ships for the future.

  • Ryan Meddaugh

    Please return to 3.75″ Playsets…Not necessairly as elaborate as the BB8 Playset which is cool and I did buy- but more like what we got with POTF2 Endor Bunker..Hoth..Death Star etc.. Add an exclusive Figure or 2 and a Price Point from $50-$75 depending on the set. Possibly Retailer or online exclusive. Like a combination of Battle Packs and Playset meets Cinema Scene. Could also make sets build on ones that bought sep. form 1 big display/Playset. Start with (1) From each Film to Commerate The Saga (Vintage Packaging!): examples:

    ANH: ULTIMATE DEATH STAR PLAYSET (6) Interchangable Sep. Playsets that when combined create 2 Levels of The Ultimate Death Star Playset/ Display.

    Set 1- Control Room with R2-D2/C-3PO with Commlink
    Set 2- Space Walls/ Shiny Black Floors with Stormtrooper & Imperial Droid
    Set 3- Detention Block Rescue and Control Station with Han Solo Stormtrooper /Imperial Officer “Where are you taking this thing”
    Set 4- Trash Compactor- Includes Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper/Monster & Chewbacca
    Set 5-Final Duel with Wall Panels/Closing Door includes Vader & Obi-Wan
    Set 6- Imperial Conference Room- “Large Window” with Grand Mott Tarkin & Princess Leia
    ******Down the road Cantina/Mos Eisley would be another choice.

    ESB: Hoth Rebel Base w/ Tactical Screens & Battle of Hoth
    ******Down the road Bespin Cloud City and Star Destroyer would be another choice.

    ROTJ: (6) Interchangable Sep. Playsets that can be standalone or when all are purchased Form The Ultimate Jabba’s Palace. (1-2 Figures included)
    *****Down the road: Death Star 2 and Battle of Endor

    TFA: Battle of Takodona or Starkiller Base & Final Snow Duel
    TPM: Battle For Naboo /Theed Palace or Complete Jedi Council
    AOTC: Geonois Battle /Final Duel /War Conference Room
    ROTS: Palpatines Office/Senate and or Utapu Battle

    Just some ideas..

  • Dan

    Any chance they will do a releases on POTF cards with coins for the upcoming 3 3/4″ VC? Also is there hope to get TLJ version of the AT-AT? Vintage style would be most appreciated. Last question could Hasbro please produce a reasonable sized Sail Barge and Star Destroyer?!?!? I would do a preorder like the He Man castle a few years back.

    • Van Nostrand

      Oops didn’t see your post so I asked the same question regarding POTF. I hope we see that!

      • Dan

        No worries. We need to start an up vote petition to have these questions asked. 🙂

  • bnicks87

    As was brought up in the post about the TVC Snoke, is Hasbro going to correct the logo font used for TFA and TLJ on the cardbacks?

  • CJ

    Are they discontinuing the My Little Pony blind bag scale?

    • CT-7567


  • CT-7567

    HASBRO, Please do mail-away promotions in TVC. An exact replica of the rare Kenner Yak Face figure would be awesome. Especially with the coin. 2018 is the 35th anniversary if ROTJ. The 2010 Rocket Fett was a great mail-away and I think giving collectors a shot at a replica Yak Face figure would be great. Anyone else agree? Even if it’s not specifically Yak Face, mail-away promotions are always fun. If they do them they definitely need to use the stickers like they did for the VTSC wave with the coin set. So you don’t have to damage the card for proof of purchase.

    • Jimmy Griffin


  • Josuethefanboy_7

    Will there be improvements on the 6 inch figures like the paint throughout the figure and not just the face and are we going to start seeing figures with more than one eccesory?

  • Sevenkdr

    Would it be possible to work out distribution deals with the big box stores so they don’t have the same figures from the first wave on their pegs for 2+ years? If an average customer was just going into Target/WalMart regularly. they would have no idea about the full assortment of figures Hasbro releases. If customers saw more variety and new products in stores, they would probably buy more.

    How about a collector’s subscription service with different tiers for 6″ and 3.75″? Truthfully, the toy hunting has gotten tedious. The harder toys are to get, the more I want to just stop buying them..

  • Josh M

    I would like Repacks of the 3.75. I didn’t get to this party until about a year ago, and would like to find these for a decent price. Thanks JTA

  • mic windu

    Hasbro please stop the 5poa experiment and merge the line, make all 3.75 sa. It will save resources and collectors mental well being.

    Will you ensure TVC will be easily available in the UK (around the world) black series wasn’t and the only way to get your product was to pay above rsp.

    The repack figures for TVC are not strong choices for the first waves, can you consider new sculpt? Perhaps original trilogy characters?

    Can you consider making previous 5poa characters into SA, General Hux, TFA troopers, Han brown jacket, Admiral Raddus, Base and Chirrut to name a few.

    Lastly thank you for bringing back the vintage collection

  • mic windu

    Can you consider cancelling every single line and concentrate all your resources on 3.75 vintage collection.

    • Rykrof_Enloe


  • Jebediaah

    Hasbro, please make the card color on the upcoming 2018 TVC Hoth Rebel Soldier the correct orange color like the original Kenner version. We won’t confuse it with VC68, we promise.

  • BB-Mate

    What is the future of the Centerpiece line and the 6 inch vehicles? Any indication for what is coming up next? Love thoses seriea and the centerpieces are very impressive!

  • Andrew Wirshborn

    3.75″ – Any chance of doing more wide release or exclusive multi packs. Like the Yavin Pilots, Endor Pilots, Ewoks or the older Evolution Packs.

    Would be a great way to get more of the background characters, cantina Aliens, Jabba’s friends, New Pilots, the various Troopers etc.

    I love me some pilots and would have loved for the two Jedi multi packs to have had a better release so I could have grabbed ’em

  • John Ingham

    since the comics are doing good any chance in getting more comic packs new and old and maybe try and do book packs could be interesting

  • John Ingham

    when i say book packs i mean a book sampler and 2 figs

  • Shane Davidson

    It’s been very frustrating over the years to obtain exclusives from their toy shop, resulting in ridiculous prices on the secondary market. I’ve noticed on those high demand items that it indicates limit 2. Why can’t you change your policy to limit 1 so the rest of us have a chance to obtain one at a reasonable price.

  • regissuire

    Concerning 2015’s 6″ black series figure number 10 Resistance Trooper. There are 2 versions of the helmet, a green and a red variant. What is the error / correct version ? Or was it an intended color variation ? Movies stills only show the green helmet.

    • regissuire

      I have looked hard on the net for an answer but couldn’t see any post related anywhere, so I would love to know. I collect intended variations but generally disregard variants that are “color error” from the factory and such … If anyone has any clues it would be welcome, I don’t need two resistance troopers unless Hasbro meant them to be two of them … I also understand this question is not the priority for everyone lol, but it’s just that I think it is pointless to ask Hasbro which figures are coming (“stay tuned !”) or pointless to give them suggestions again and again and again for them not listening at the end (“great idea, you’ll be happy!”) lol

  • Russell Carriker

    Does hasbro have any plans to release more large/deluxe creatures in the 6″ line? I thought the Wampa and Tauntaun 2-packs added some much needed visual diversity to the collection. It would be great to see them explore more creatures/droids/characters that don’t easily fit in the standard packaging…who wouldn’t make space for a 6″ scale rancor?

  • flipfriddle

    3.75″: What’s with the dearth of vehicles and playsets? Even re-releases would be preferable to what we have now. TFA vehicles were of poor quality and over priced. Comparing Poe’s X-Wing to the Toys R Us exclusive X-Wing of a few years ago is like night and day. We know you guys can make awesome stuff. I want my son to have awesome Star Wars toys and not be limited to used stuff on eBay.

  • Santos Lozano

    Hasbro, are you going to address the problem we currently have going on with not being able to get specific figures we want due to not enough production, and having to pay crazy aftermarket prices for them on ebay?

  • Bill T

    Is there a contingency plan in place to ensure distribution of TVC is at least comparable to a decade or so ago? Myself I never bought any of the 40th anniversary Black Series because I couldn’t find them, and The Force Awakens 5POA’s I did want, I found for the first time at Five Below last week at $5 each. It is well documented how collectors feel about the current state of distribution but, this can’t be effective for Hasbro or retailers from a logistical, economical or public relations perspective.

  • RamblingBeachCat

    Any chance of seeing a figure (in 6″ or 3.75″ scale) of Embo packed in with his companion Marrok?

    I know I’m probably one of the few people who desperately want this, but I think once folks saw it–especially with the characters’ expanded role in the novels–it would sell exceptionally well.

  • Brian Beck

    This covers all their scales:
    1) Distribution issues
    2) Having enough stock for their own web site-HTS
    3) Distribution issues

  • Van Nostrand

    Any chance of any of the last 17 figures, like Yakface or Imperial Digintary, showing up on a vintage-style POTF card?

  • Coleman Miller

    1. Will we get the Comic Packs back? It’s fine by me if we get the toys & no comic book, but a story on the back of the card would be great & save reprinting the comic book.

    2. How many Vintage figures will be released in 2018 & will that number be higher in 2019?

    3. Will some of the 6 inch figures like Darth Revan & Emperors Royal Guard be released again in another wave?

  • Golden_Rod

    1. Is there an updated ETA on the implementation of face printing tech on the 6″ line?
    2. Are there any plans to rerelease previously 6″ figure releases the with new face printing tech?
    3. Will this faceprinting tech ever be applied to the 3.75″ line?

  • ExarKun777

    1. Will you release more vehicles from the new 3.75″ TVC? (We want them please).
    2. Will we have 3.75 ” comic packs again from Legends characters? I think this is the best way to release them with out interfering with the new TVC and with The Last Jedi lines. Thanks!

  • Steve Corbin

    Can you ask if they are going to flood the market with wave 1 of the vintage collection, or if they will give a more moderate run to ensure they do not clog the pegs with reissues before the new goodness gets put out. In the past the first wave seems to come out in larger numbers and does not bode well for future waves if the first wave is clogging the pegs.

  • TonyE

    Need a clear answer to whether or not the upcoming TVC will have pre-punched cardbacks as in the 40th Anniv. 6 inch line or not. If you punch all cards during production, this levels the playing field amongst retailers like Walmart/Target and specialist sources who can sell you out of the case without the card punched. If there are going to be punched versions sitting at brick and mortar stores, with the ability to purchase unpunched off ebay and more collector-oriented sites I will forgo, as in in-package MOC collector, buying them from your big retail buddies.

  • Zachary Hering

    Can we ever expect a six inch Pong Krell? Also is the rest of the 6 inch rebels in the works?

  • Tom Chorlton

    “We’re excited for the return of the Vintage Collection. However, do you have any concerns about the first choice of characters, given that they can all generally be found at marked down prices al Walmart right now?”

    • TonyE

      I can’t fully support this argument people keep making about how they are already available at Walmart. Are they? Are they on vintage card at Walmart right now, cause if so I have not seen them. They are discounted in part because of bad packaging and no one buying them. Won’t be the when same figures are on vintage cards. Also, for those who bought into the 3.75 Black Series and want to also purchase the upcoming TVC, they are indeed repacks for those people. I have not purchased one 3.75 Black Series, and thus for me, TVC in 2018 will not contain repacks.

      • Tom Chorlton

        Not everyone is a carded collector. I’m concerned that this choice of figures is not going to sell very well due to those figures already being still readily available at stores at a discount (at least at the stores I went to over the past weekend). I won’t be buying a single one, since they’re all repacks. *IF* my supposition is correct here, and they do just sit on the pegs, the stores will not receive any new material, and the Vintage Collection will potentially die prematurely.

        • TonyE

          I totally get that, I do. When a carded collector hears something like “well they are already at walmart on discount”, its like no, they arent. But yes, for a carded collector this would be the case only.

  • Alexander Gates

    Is the MicroMachines line done? Or more to come?

  • DarthCanabis

    my apologies if this was already asked….

    Will the HASCON exclusives be available on the Hasbro website? If so, when?

  • mz

    With rebels ending and the clone wars still missing some characters will they’re still be any chance of getting these characters in possible 6in or 3.75in form? For example we already have a 3.75in rebels crew and some in 6in but will we get them in TVC form and have SA with them and in a realistic form similar to the clone wars characters a few years back? And with the clone wars will we be able to return to getting some characters in realistic form as well like cad bane or the jedi temple guard with SA and possibly some more in the 6in other than Rex at the moment.

  • localfromiskalon

    1. I realize the main focus has to be on new media, but could you please consider older, pre-Disney media for the 3.75 inch line? The two Ewok movies (the 4th and 5th Star Wars movies ever) as well as the Ewoks and Droids cartoons contain quite a few main characters that have never been made before in any format, and would make great toys and would sell very well. This could probably be accomplished with multi-packs, such as the previous Ewok five-pack, only focused on the movies and cartoon characters.
    2. Please consider a return of Comic Packs for pre-Disney comic characters, possibly using a mini-comic format to reduce printing costs.
    3. Please don’t give up on trying to make at least one of the Tonnika sisters.

  • regissuire

    About 6″ Black Series Packaging : I always thought the latest red box design was a perfect fit for Episode 7 as the widow box on the front was cut with a nice shape looking like the number 7. Now I can see this design sticks again for Episode 8 which seems now less appropriate. What prompted Hasbro’s decision to keep that 2 year old design active for 6″ Episode 8 figures, whereas they did change the cards’ design for the regular 3.75″ figures (nice job by the way, I can see the number 8 stylized in the new basic cards!) ?

  • Matthew Leuck

    Micro Machines and Titanium Series: Are there any more products planned for the Micro Machines and Titanium Series vehicle lines? Will the Micro Machines Kylo Ren transforming playset ever be released?

  • Ryan

    When will Hasbro offer an action figure subscription service?

  • John Mitchell

    Will we ever get a BMF scale Rebels Ghost or maybe the Twilight from Clone Wars? What about a proper scaled Ghost 1 and 2? What about a BMF or bigger scaled Y wing.

  • PeakOB1

    Hey guys thanks for doing this
    1.) will the TVC kylo Ren have the unmasked head along with the mask? It fits perfectly on the current super articulated body and the unmasked version of kylo was very hard to find for a lot of people!
    2.) I’m seeing two different, hair colors on the six inch Rebels fleet trooper
    Is this an intentional hint as to a variant perhaps?
    3.) why no Finished Dr Aphra at hascon?
    4.) Is this lot we are seeing in the case for the 2018 TVC infact, wave one and can you tell us if the number of figures will vary wave by wave?

    Thank you! great job so far, keep up the great work!

  • Daniel Preece

    TVC soft goods Jawas?
    TVC grey “Death Squad Commander”?
    TVC Blue Snaggletooth?

  • I’m probably too late but Hasbro, please consider reviving the GI Joe brand for retail. New characters, new vehicles and some new story angles would be great. Duke, Flint, Snake Eyes…we loved them but they need to retire with honors. You pulled it off 35 years ago and I think you can do it again.

    • TonyE

      I agree with this. The vintage-style GI Joe 25th back in 2007-08 was some of the best toy hunting of my life. That’s what got me back into toys after growing up, and helped rekindle my interest in collecting Star Wars. If they got the packaging right I would love to get back into modern GI Joe.

  • Stew

    Hey Paul, when will we get the information from your Q&A?

  • Nick Dickens

    Been too busy to get a question in. I’d love to Hasbro for some special occasions to pack the 6-inch figure with the 3.75″ one as a special treat.

  • TonyE

    Not sure if this should be directed to Hasbro, perhaps Disney I guess because of licensing. Whatever. I would like to see Super7 take on the sequel trilogy with a Re-Action style 5POA in those 70s and 80s-style molds they do for Masters of the Universe right now. I think it would be a neat gimmick in a limited run and I would buy that up.

  • pan

    Hasbro, please add the figure wave on the back of your 3.75 packaging!
    It’s something that’s sorely missed – the current backs of cards are awful and after such strides you’ve made with the moulding of the figures, it let’s them down!
    Being able to see what we’re missing in the collection for young and older collectors is part of the fun!!!
    Add the figures to the backs like the days of old!!

  • pan

    Hasbro, please add the figure wave on the back of your 3.75 packaging!
    It’s something that’s sorely missed – the current backs of cards are awful and after such strides you’ve made with the moulding of the figures, it lets them down!
    Being able to see what we’re missing in the collection for young and older collectors is part of the fun!!! Remember being able to tick off the figures you’ve collected?
    Add the figures to the backs like the days of old!!

  • MrStevie18

    It was good to catch up Paul.

  • Andy Fraser

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