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A Rumor Report Right Before Force Friday II

Are you still obsessed with scrambling for the latest Force Friday II news and reveals? Are you bored with seeing all of our rumors come true? Yawn! So are we! To break up the monotony we have something more exciting to share. Because it’s the day before the Force Friday II madness begins, we thought we’d finish off the last day of the ‘year’ with a new The Black Series 6″ rumor. Are you in? Then click through for more!

The collecting community has been asking Hasbro for a while now about Prequel Trilogy figures. As you know, these characters are few and far between in the 6″ line. The recently released Qui-Gon Jinn is sort of a “litmus test” for the Prequel Trilogy’s performance at retail. That’s hard for us to believe. Most legacy collectors just want stuff from Episodes I through Episode VI anyhow. It seems Hasbro would rather have new Star Wars Entertainment Disney characters shelf-rotting sometimes doesn’t it? Anyhow, if things keep coming up roses there are two figures that Hasbro may just have their sights set upon making for the 6″ line.


Mace Windu is “rumored” to be right around the corner in The Black Series 6″ line. So is Padmé, although, our sources can only best describe her as wearing her “action outfit”. Our best guess is her white outfit from Attack Of The Clones, but it’s also a possibility it could be Padmé based on her appearance in The Phantom Menace. (If you recall from our SWCO interview, Hasbro had wry smiles on their faces when I asked about this version of her specifically.) Either way, both versions of her are fair game. The takeaway here is that she is in development, in one of these two outfits.

As with ALL rumors, you should take this with a grain of salt until confirmed by Hasbro, or just wait for another site to post it and not credit the origin of the rumor. That always works too.

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    LOL, I like how they are tepid on the prequels, they should tepid about the sequels. I’m surprised Padme has not showed up yet.

    • Geoff Brown

      I don’t really understand how anyone thinks the prequels are better than TFA. Have you watched AOTC lately? That movie is a pile of hot garbage. It was bad then, and it hasn’t aged well. I’d still be all for both of these figures, but still.

      • 11Eleven11

        AOTC is ROUGH. No doubt about that at all.

      • Sevenkdr

        I concur. I think: AOTC < TPM.too

      • AOTC is a pile of hot garbage. Now you understand how bad we think TFA is is we say AOTC is better than it.

        • Geoff Brown

          I simply cannot fathom thinking AOTC is the better film. The acting is easily the worst I’ve ever seen in a blockbuster movie. The effects are horrendous. The plot is terrible.

          Say what you will about the plot of TFA being a rehash or whatever (I disagree with you, but to each their own). The acting and the effects are at least of a much higher quality.

          • Kinja

            Agreed. AOTC might be more original than TFA, but no way is it the better film. I can’t really think of any cringe-inducing moments in TFA. Maybe some eye-rolling “humor” from Finn in a couple spots, but AOTC made me cringe hard several times. The fireplace scene alone should be enough to banish AOTC to the phantom zone.

          • Steve Stuber

            The only cringe-inducing moment are the “Quit holding my hand!” ones. Why does Finn feel the need to grab her hand??

        • Darth Lumberg

          Paul, you didn’t like TFA? When did this happen? How come you never mentioned this before? lol

      • Mike_5555

        AOTC is still my least favorite, but I prefer both ROTS and TPM to TFA. And I didn’t hate TFA. I enjoyed it for the most part. There is something or some moments I like or even love in every Star Wars film.

        • Jimmy Griffin

          What is your favorite part of your least favorite film (AOTC)? For myself, I’d have to say the confrontation between Obi-Wan and Dooku when Obi-Wan is captured.

          • Mike_5555

            That scene is definitely a highlight, and a perfect example of Dooku’s potential that was largely wasted in the end. I legitimately enjoyed the Arena battle and seeing the beginning of the Clone Wars. I love the shot of the clone forces assembling on Coruscant as Palpatine watches. I liked detective Obi-Wan and his investigation into Jango Fett and the conspiracy surrounding the clone army, even it was poorly executed at times. Jango’s battle with Obi-Wan is another highlight.

          • Jimmy Griffin


      • Paul

        AOTC is definitely the worst of the prequels, but it does have Padme in her most action-“y” outfit

      • Darth Lumberg

        I like TFA and for my money TPM is the worst of the prequels. The only part worth watching is the final 25 minutes. The rest is boring and unnecessary. AOTC isn’t bad if you take out ALL of the “love” scene garbage between Padme and Anakin. I like the Obi Wan CSI investigation to Kamino and the intro of Jango and battle there. The Geonosis arena battle is pretty amazing as are all the fantastic ships introduced. The stupid factory sequence where Threepio’s head is severed should have been an extended deleted scene. ROTS is a GREAT film. I’d consider buying Mace or Padme for sure.

      • SID

        ROTS is by far the worst. Its like watching the most expensive toy commercial ever made. You feel dumber watching it. Its soo off the rails it killed star wars for nearly a decade to me….. “hey wasn’t that war we never saw incredible? Wow everything an everyone is a joke now so lets have a bad dream an kill all my friends…. Because I’m supposed to be bad now? Oh yeah don’t forget the lightsabers”

  • Batorr

    I didn’t realise how much I needed a Padme 6″ in my life.

  • HanSoloMio

    JTA! The best Star Wars rumor mill on the internet!

    • We just have to pretend that they’re rumors.

      • Tyler Frechette

        You’re going to get YOURSELF in trouble!

  • Josh M

    Must have Mace Windu!!! And I don’t even like him as a character that much lol!

    • Paul

      It’s unfortunate that he’s just not that great a character, at least in the films. In clone wars and in the old EU he did fare a bit better.

      • Mike_5555

        Both Dooku and Mace Windu were underdeveloped and underused characters in the PT. I mean you have Sir Christopher Lee and Sam Jackson. They should have had more to do. I’ve written extensively in some of my TCW reviews about how Dooku’s storyline in the PT is a massive missed opportunity even if I like the character enough as is.

        • Paul

          I agree with both of these things. I think Dooku certainly needed more depth as a character as he comes off as fairly two dimensional in the media provided.

          I do like in Dark Disciple how they show Mace, and by association many other Jedi, has become tainted by the war to the point that he advocates assassinating Dooku. That along with his final unwillingness to follow the rule of law and trying to kill Palpatine hints at a character in conflict with the code he has followed for decades. Which is interesting and compelling but it isn’t clear or even present initially. It just comes about after years of additional material is created.

        • Steve Stuber

          Well, Dooku is pretty much in the movies a total of 5-10 minutes (a lot of it he is standing around) and is mostly talked about otherwise. I wished either Grievous had been eliminated completely and that would have been Dooku’s role (yeah, the plot would have to be really changed) or Grievous would have been introduced in clones as well.

      • Josh M

        I just started digging into TCW. Hopefully it’s as good as everyone says 🙂

  • Tom Chorlton

    Oh thank goodness. Next I’ll want one of those crazy ep1 outfits for Padme. So this also makes me less pessimistic about a PLO Koon in the future.

  • AllThePowa

    Australias TRU facebook page is livestreaming the new products unveils right now. It’s officially here guys 😀

  • Darth Parsley

    This is great news we need more Prequel Figs in all scales for Black series.

  • Mike_5555

    Good. Padmé is long overdue, Mace too actually. I hope we see more prequel/TCW figures moving forward.

    • CT-7567

      I’m not a huge Padme fan, bit you’re right. She’s still my least favorite lead female character after Leia and Ahsoka.

      • Mike_5555

        Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of Padmé either but she is a main character. She should have had a figure by now.

        • Paul


        • Simon P

          Ya, she’s Luke and Leia’s mother. Embarrassing she’s not out yet.

        • CT-7567

          Agreed. Are you going to any of the midnight events tonight? I just saw a Resistance Speeder and Force Link put out early at Walmart this morning. I grabbed Rebels season three, btw. They only had two copies left on DVD, so I just got it. I’ll probably get the complete set on Blu-ray after season four is over. I plan on getting the complete TCW on Blu-ray. Only problem is that last time I looked at the set it didn’t seem to have the sixth season.

          • SID

            Won’t ever miss free swag from TRU. I’ll be outside the Dartmouth, ma one… Just hope I don’t have to fight off the collage kids etc. Not planning on buying a thing. I’ve learned from 2 years now to wait and pay less… Heck a local WalMart already had half of the stuff out and the only thing I bought was 5x Tie Strikers on clearance $11 each.

    • Paul

      One hundred percent. At the very least, in addition to the characters listed in the article, the main battle droids, Grievous, EP 1 Obi, EP 2 Obi and Anakin, a new Yoda that has the swivel hinge elbows instead of the double jointed elbows with no bicep swivel, Sidious, Dooku, and maybe a couple of other jedi; Fisto, Secura, etc.

  • I’m still in hibernation mode like Mumm-Ra until TVC returns.

    TVC Luminara!! The ORIGINAL TBS friendlier looking figure, not the stern looking one we got. Dammit! I know Mary Oyaya and not once ever seen her all scowling, she’s like the polar opposite of me!

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    Id be Happy with getting both of these figures. Hopefully we see more Jedi made. Along with specific Clones. 5s is a must have. I know theyve moved away from the prequels mostly. Yet there are a huge mix of fans of both the prequels and TCW. I think this fills a need for both types of fans. While they dont look like the cartoon versions it was TCW that gave alot of these characters “life”. Plo Koon went from a cool looking alien that gets shot down in order 66 to the Leader of the Wolffe Pack and beloved friend of Ahsoka. He helped Anakin on multiple missions as well. Same with Luminarra and Gree. From quick shots in the films to a smart but almost cold Jedi and her clone commander that was loyal and brave. I could go on and on. I think theres still life in the Jedi and Clones. Even the droids. A deluxe droideka would be stellar.

  • Paul

    If they do ATOC white outfit Padme I hope they do her with her full outfit and the shawl, and don’t do what S.h.Figuarts did and just give us the arena battle version. I’m not against the arena battle ripped version but would prefer it as a variant and not the standard release.

  • mic windu

    Any 3.75 sa news/ rumours?

    • Tom Chorlton

      All the figures you may or may not have bought over the past two years from Rogue One and Force Awakens will be available again on Vintage cards! If you don’t buy them, then the line will fail and it will be YOUR FAULT

      • mic windu

        Depressingly I already know this. Asking if there is any news for the ‘niche’ area I only collect in! Can’t believe 3.75 is so under represented…

        • Tom Chorlton

          Yeah, sorry, I figured everyone here knows. Imagine a kid on a street corner yelling what I wrote a la “EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! THE NAZIS HAVE INVADED POLAND!” kinda thing.

  • Jen and Jordan Nader

    There a little bit of shade in that last sentence? Hmm… I wonder..

  • Kinja

    TBS6 rumor reports make me sleepy. Wake me up when TVC2.0 rumor reports start happening.

  • Axonrey

    Speaking of Black Series, are we expecting that last wave of 3.75 to be available on Force Friday?

  • Andrew R

    Between this rumor and the official pictures of the new store exclusives finally hitting, my day is made. Now to find them all.

  • Beast

    Bring on Jar Jar Binks as the next Prequel 6″ figure. 🙂

    • Funtomaz

      I would buy a 6 inch Jar Jar. 😀

      • SID

        Say what you want about the character with all the color/detail it would I’m sure look great in that scale. Would it sell? If they kept it a numbered exclusive or he came with another figure (battle Droid).

        • Funtomaz

          The Prequels had great design. Jar Jar could look really nice. Many hate him, and yes, he’s annoying as no other Star Wars character, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a 6 inch action figure of him 🙂 And you’re right, make him an exclusive if necessary.

      • AAA

        I’ll second that^^^

  • Ryan

    Paul, you salty bro? ?

  • Steve Stuber

    Qui-Gon’s a “litmus test” for prequel figures you say (or they say). If only that wave was readily available at retail…
    I’m sure Padme is the Geonosis one. It’s the most boring outfit she wears in the whole trilogy and Hasbro seems to love making her. I’d have preferred a Theed Invasion Queen Amidala (might cost $25 though)
    I think the main Jedi and Separatist/Sith leaders (meaning Palps, Dooku, Grievous, not Nute et al) would be in high demand.

    • David Strohmenger

      If there’s a Think Geek store in your area, they have it. I only saw Qui-Gon and Lando though. I bought Qui-Gon and it’s the only 6 inch figure I own.

  • Funtomaz

    Too bad most serious collectors already have a 6 inch Mace Windu and Padme in Geonosis outfit…
    If the figures will get photo real tech they might compare with the Figuarts versions. If not.. then I will not buy them, sorry, even though I’d love to get more prequel figures. But why not Kit Fisto, some of the other Jedi, why the exact two figures Figuarts already released?
    If I buy them then only to show Hasbro that more prequel figures are always welcome. Much more welcome than most ST figures, honestly.

  • DarthDoonald

    Is there a force Friday 2 checklist somewhere with what stores have what?

    • check yakface for a list, or yahoo as lots of pics

  • SlothFromHoth

    “The recently released Qui-Gon”

    I wouldn’t know, the last “new” wave of Black Series I saw came out last Force Friday…

  • Phil

    FINALLY, a figure I want to buy in 6″ – Padme! Hopefully, she’s coming once the new PhotoReal technique is in play. Of course, watch her be the last release under the old.

    I hope it’s the purple Invasion dress, because it’s an under-represented and pretty design. She’s a Queen!

    And on the topic of Padme, can I just throw this out there: for her next Vintage/3.75″ figure, can we please get the Rainbow dress from AOTC? That design is utterly gorgeous, and has never been attempted by any company (right?).

    • skywalkerskater11

      That outfit would be awesome for TVC! I would also love to see the Meadow Picnic and Loyalist Committee gowns from AOTC, and the green velvet gown from ROTS.

  • JediJones

    The white outfit is probably too “sexy” for the feminazi contingent, so they’ll go for the TPM one to get her more burkaed up.

  • I’m CRAVING PT figures lately. Please, Hasbro. Give us some more!

  • skywalkerskater11

    Ugh…if I waited all this time for a 6″ Padme only to have it be her Geonosis outfit AGAIN, I’m going to be so disappointed. I mean, I’ll buy it, because Padme is my favorite character, but why can’t we have an outfit that hasn’t been made yet?

  • TheSegaMan

    I’m all for this. Padme has been long overdue and the same goes for Mace. Hasbro’s total focus on the newer films and the original trilogy was fine there for a while, but it’s time for the prequels to get some love again.

  • Fiery Little One

    Mace would be a pick up. I’d need to know what outfit Padme comes with.

  • General Hux

    Great!! This line desperately needs to be more diverse.

  • Igdo

    I’d rather have Padme in her Queen outfit from Episode I. One of my favorite designs.

  • Diego

    I’ll put money on it being Queen Amidala with full face paint.

    • skywalkerskater11

      That would be awesome!

  • Ulek Calus

    About time! I’ll buy both characters on sight. Can’t go wrong with Mace Windu, and either of these Padme outfits are great choices. Geonosis is more iconic, though, so I’m leaning towards that.

  • Funtomaz
    • Seronious

      Are those the prototypes? If so those are pretty freaking sweet.

      • Funtomaz

        These are the SH Figuarts versions of the characters. I suppose quite a few collectors already have them.

  • David Strohmenger

    It’ll be the AOTC outfit. They did it in the 3 3/4″ Black Series and that’s the outfit she wears in Forces of Destiny. I’d rather get an outfit from The Phantom Menace since it’s my favorite SW movie. My vote would be Padme in her Tatooine outfit.

    • skywalkerskater11

      I’d be happy with literally anything other than the Geonosis outfit. It’s way overused.

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