Kylo Ren - Hasbro - The Force Awakens (2015)
Star Wars Collectible News, Photos, and Reviews Puts New TBS 6" Pages Up! gives us a look at some of the new figures coming out on Force Friday II and they’re in stock for a Sept. 1 release. They have Finn (First Order Disguise), Kylo Ren (Episode VIII), Rey(Jedi Training), And Luke (Jedi Master). What do you think about them now that we get a good look at them. Thankfully it isn’t the same old Finn!

UPDATE: These images have been removed.

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  • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

    32 Euros? Ouch…

  • thelastwookie

    I can’t believe they’re making another unmasked Kylo.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      Really? It’s Hasbro, Man. They set the bar pretty low for the last 5 years.

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      He has a new costume. Plus The new head sculpt is way better.

      • shane

        Except I don’t see a scar man, no scar.


    That’s over $37 USD!!!

    • Darth_Rizzen

      Welcome to Europe, my friend. ?

      €32 isn’t bad for European prices, actually. €35 to €40 is closer to standard, here.

      • STARWARS’77

        That’s a cool Disqus thumbnail.

  • Eric Jobe

    No lightsaber with Luke. Interesting.

    • Matthew Leuck

      Hard to tell- as with Rey, they might not want to spoil something from the film. I like Luke better with a green saber…

  • Matthew Leuck

    Finn is actually the best of the bunch, though the painting of his eyes (as has been the case with many recent figures) is badly done, and looks cartoon-ish. I’m hoping they quality control on SOME of the Lukes is better, or improves- he just looks more like Bob Seger than Mark Hamill, and I think that is mostly the paint job’s fault- the same with Rey and Kylo, but they still look much more like they should than Luke does. Kylo looks good besides the just-OK head, but I’m wondering if his cape will be able to rest lower on his shoulders than is shown- in the photos, it makes it look like he has linebacker shoulders.

    • ctwins3688

      By the looks of it I think the cape comes off, so it may just be poorly displayed in the picture

      • Brian Beck

        it comes off like Krennics, per info from yakface.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      He’s probably just having a breakdown……takedown…..

    • thelastwookie

      Mendelsohn and Driver could both use some more meat on their shoulders.

  • ctwins3688

    Why are they STILL so bad at faces

    • SlothFromHoth

      I saw the Marvel Legends Star-Lord/Ego two pack at TRU today, and I couldn’t believe how much better Chris Pratt looked in that set compared to his previous Hasbro figures. Same for Kurt Russell. Gives me hope that they can start hitting that level on all their figures in the near future.

      • Boba Fred

        And that’s why my money is going to Marvel Legends till TVC makes its return. ML have better paint apps, sculpts, and the articulation is by far better than 6″ Black Series will ever offer for the same price.

        • rebelsfangirl

          That’s simplistic. Every TBS6″ character has a unique sculpt, whereas nearly all ML figures are re-used. Articulation is a mixed bag too, TBS6″ has the same level of articulation as a lot of ML characters, and unlike ML it has a female figure with double elbows.

          • Jaden Korr

            Agreed. Plus, at least to me, MLs seem to be made of a cheaper feeling plastic. As they say, you’re paying $15 for the figure and $5 for the BAF part.

            And as excited as I am for TBS6 to start using the face print tech, I just hope Hasbro steps their QC up with it, as the MLs I’ve gotten that use it have been really hit or miss. Like my Gamora, Nebula, and Elektra are jaw droppingly fantastic, but then my Hela has one eye that’s crystal clear and the other is a smeared mess. And for some reason (I don’t know if the printer was low on ink or something), my Ego, Loki, and Punisher have a strange green tint to their eyebrows (and don’t get me started on why they gave him single jointed swivel elbows and bicep swivels!).

      • Hardcore F’n Mudd

        Ego and Starlord are fine, but check out the recent Gamora, Loki, Nebula and Hela Legends.
        The head sculpts are absolutely outstanding.

    • rebelsfangirl

      Not for much longer thankfully, the new face printing technique they started using on ML is coming to TBS6″ next year.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!


  • Michael W

    If the hat is removable, customizers are going to go crazy over that Finn. It actually could be hard to find, especially if it has been relegated to a later wave.

    • Wayne Collins

      Wave 2 apparently.

  • hammyhamster
    • bnicks87

      This is the most intense comment I’ve ever seen. Good job, sir!

    • shane

      Your comments rock ! As ever. This dude was one of the biggest highlights in the movie.

      • hammyhamster

        Shane, you know that I’m one of the most level-headed guys in here. I’m always preaching love, understanding and support, but when I saw this… I just couldn’t take it anymore.

        I don’t like speaking in absolutes, but TR-8R was the one true character in TFA who inspired us all. He stood up to the bullies. He tried to make a difference. He unified us.

        Thank you for your support and never give up hope. TR-8R will be with us. Always.

        • shane

          He is so much better than Phasma. I don’t think Lucasfilm intended that.
          Whoops !

    • Roq

      Oh, sweet dark lord. Thanks for my first eye roll of the morning.

      • hammyhamster

        And thank you for my first “this guy is the life of every party” thought for the night.

        • Roq

          I highly doubt that.

    • Hardcore F’n Mudd

      This comment brought to you by too many energy drinks

      • hammyhamster

        How many energy drinks did it take to post that comment?

        • Hardcore F’n Mudd


          • hammyhamster

            Cool, bro. I hope that your profession is more physical than mental as if you need 7 energy drinks to complete a sentence then you may not be long for this world.

            I’m always here for help, though. Profesional assistance is my bag. Glad we met. I can help.

  • Andrew492

    I sold off my collection a couple years ago and I regret it but these are real tempting. I’ll probably end up getting Luke, Kylo, Snoke with his throne and his guards.

  • Ulek Calus

    I know it’s all about TLJ for the next few months, but mixed waves based on prequels, television, and EU always do much more to excite me. Of these, the only one I’m sure I’m buying is Rey.

  • BB-Mate

    My collection being centered on the military figures and sith my choice is limited to finn and I am not sure that I will pick him up.

  • zerobobby77

    WHAT?! NO ZUVIO!?!?

  • Brian J.

    Finn is the only one from this wave that looks cool/ fun. I’ll get Luke just because. I’ll wait for clearance for the other two because they are both more of the same!

  • I think I may just wait and spend Force Friday at The Lego Store shopping. If the next Lego UCS really is a new Millennium Falcon I’d rather have that then these. Damn, that Luke is really disappointing….

  • DarthTaco

    Kind of a boring wave….I’ll wait for them to be $9 at Walmart clearance this time of year next year.

  • Caleb Amos

    Have any sites added SA 3.75 yet now that they’re not exclusive?

    • shane

      Nope. That’s what I really care about.

      • Caleb Amos


  • Darth_Rizzen

    Still got the same old horrible paint applications on the faces.

    I mean… These shots are supposed to help sell the products? Seriously?

    At least the eyes are on the same level here… Check out Robokilla’s review of Rey on The Fwoosh: ?

    These just aren’t worth considering until Hasbro finally switch to their new, SH Figuarts style face printing technique for all the human figures.

    I wonder what promotions and exclusives will be available at the Lego Store for FF?

    • rebelsfangirl

      It’s true these figures are going to suffer compared to those that use the face printing technique. Sad really, these are good figures in terms of sculpt but they still can’t do the faces well with traditional methods.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        In this case we have figures that should have been given extra care: new looks for TLJ’s lead heroine and villain, and of course the long overdue (two years!) Jedi Master Luke figure. I agree that the sculpts look good. Rey in particular seems to be a major improvement over the TFA release. But paint wise, quite frankly, these have “We Don’t Care” written all over them.

        What’s infuriating is that they can do nice face paint when they try.
        In fact they already could back in 2013, TBS6 wave 1 Pilot Luke or Darth Maul are still impressive today IMHO.
        More recently, Ben Kenobi has excellent eyes, even though the skin lacks some texture.
        I used to think ANH Leia (2.0, not Major Iceborg) was also quite good, and one day I received SH Figuart’s Padmé. Ouch. ?

        • rebelsfangirl

          Yup. Though pilot Luke is far from perfect, and they always do aliens better lol. But yes they can do a lot better than this, even if faces have been their weak point for TBS6″, so it’s disappointing to see this level of quality right before the huge jump that’s coming next year.

  • Wil Wright

    Tempted to get some Kylo’s and set up a Game of Thrones – Knight Watch diorama! You’ve got to admit he’s looking a tad like John Snow!!!

    • Kraig Mclaughlin

      crossed with Snape!

    • shane

      Not sure if your kidding or not. Cause when you bring up GOT dioramas, I’m always listening.

  • rebelsfangirl

    Not bad, nice sculpts, pity about the faces. It’s going to be rough on the live action human figres released between now and when the new faceprinting tech replaces the current face painting method. Everyone knows better is on the horizon which makes these even worse to look at. Though Finn isn’t bad actually. The others are though. Really not liking the new Kylo at all. Luke is fine and Jedi Rey looks nice, going to have to repaint the face.

  • Joe G

    Is anyone else sick and tired of the “enemy disguise” gimmick? I have yet to purchase a single one of these lame figures.

    I mean, you’d think that an all-powerful Empire or First Order with the intelligence collection capabilities to track its enemies across the universe would have, at the very least, a simple badging system with a PIN to thwart the old uniform switch-a-roo trick.

    Geez, all creativity in Hollyweird is officially dead…

    • shane

      Agreed. It’s really played out and disappointing. They need to stop doing this in every single Dizney Movie.

      • Kraig Mclaughlin

        I agree. It was awesome to see Luke and Han don the stormtrooper outfits. I also thought Rogue One was a good nod to that. But come on, now Finn does it? With his face showing?

  • Jaden Korr

    I’ll be passing on this Rey and picking up the pack with her speeder instead. And as happy as I am with the slightly customized Finn I already have, part of me wants this disguised one just for the extended riot baton. I’ll probably get the Luke with the environment base, and I already have a scale 3D printed version of his lightsaber if Hasbro elects to leave it out. And I swear Hasbro keeps making incremental improvements to Kylo’s lightsaber just to temp accuracy snobs like myself.


    Looks like the Mouse Mafia got to Paul, pics removed.

  • James

    So whats the pegg warmer of this wave, hmm Kylo!

    • Wayne Collins

      Considering he’s the only carry forward to wave 2, Kylo will once again hog those pegs!!! You would think Hasbro would learn wouldn’t you, but I suppose as they are reissuing Snowtrooper and At-At driver in wave 2, over Darth Reavan and Scariff Trooper, proves Hasbro still have no idea how to pick a case assortment.

  • Wayne Collins

    I love it that nearly a week has passed, and they are still listed on Amazon!!!

    Hasbro must be tearing their hair out trying to get them removed, and being meet with some Indian Call centre worker telling them there enquiry has been passed on to another department and they will get back to them soon.

    Hopefully now Hasbro knows what it feels like when retailers and wholesalers are meet with a wall of uselessness when trying to get information out of them!

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