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The Next The Black Series [Phase III] Finn Will Probably Be Disguised

We heard a rumor! You know there is a Finn in The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ line for Force Friday II (or shortly thereafter) right? You should probably expect a version of Finn in some First Order disguise and not in the common/standard outfit with open jacket. We’ve also learned that Poe Dameron should be in some captain’s gear too. But we should all wait to be sure when Force Friday II arrives!

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  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Can’t believe it took me nearly three years to realize what he reminds me of…….a stretched out Gary Coleman. Like they took him to one of those torture racks from the middle ages to stretch him out only things took a turn for the worse along the way.

    • Rykrof_Enloe


    • 6starwars

      You may be onto something. In some leaked script posts, one of Finn’s lines is “Whatcha talking about, Poe?”

    • Tim Mc

      That title has already been claimed by Frank Thomas. Former 1st baseman for the Chicago Whitesox.

  • EPC-421

    That’s one way to make a Finn figure more interesting.


      The other way is to make him sacrafice himself to kill Phasma.

  • Danny


    • What does that mean?

      • Danny

        Not impressed at all by another boring character’s figure. I’d much rather see more aliens, droids and/or vehicles. But who cares, TVC is coming back, right?

  • DarthXit

    Disguise? Still have no interest in another Finn. He is just boring character…

  • Jerrad C. Douglas

    I want that figure in 3.75″ and that’d give us custom options for a first order officer as well. Heck, I still want Cassian in imperial disguise too

  • Ulek Calus

    I’m not into scene-specific figures, so if this rumour pans out, it will be a pass. However, this might actually be the right decision considering how similar his standard look is to the TFA one. Will this one fare any better, though? Not too sure.

    • I saw it, so it looks like you’ll be passing. 🙂

    • Danny

      the real problem with the original Finn figure were the carry forwards, if his figure was only limited to one wave things would’ve been different.

  • CJ

    Maybe he’ll be disguised as a character that sells.

    • Roq

      Finally something you say makes sense. I’ll PayPal you a couple of bucks to buy an ice cream cone!

    • Jeff Wickson

      Nice comment !!!

    • Jimmy Griffin

      Featured comment!


    Is this controversial?

  • Coleman Miller

    This one looks like it might sell. Hope it does, we still need Cassian in disguise too

  • Thundrstruckd

    Just another pegwarmer.

  • Paul

    Wait so does Poe in his captain outfit mean Poe in his x-wing outfit?

    • Brian B.

      Maybe “‘Captain’ Poe Dameron” just means his regular outfit? Similar to a “Sergeant” Jyn Erso type of thing?

  • Funtomaz

    It makes sense. If his regular outfit in TLJ is too similar to the one he wore in TFA it won’t sell at all. A disguise version will probably sell better. I’ll add it to my display cabinet.

  • Caleb Amos
  • xdeathmedicx

    Maybe it will come with better acting

  • General Hux

    Ha! Already have seen it. 🙂

  • Boba Fettuccini

    If they don’t oversaturate case assortments or carry it forward wave after wave, we’ll be golden.

    • Echo87

      Yeah, like one per case, every 10 cases, and we’ll be Golden for sure! 🙂

    • CT-7567

      I expect the same as last year. The first two or three waves that go out will be fairly easy to get. Anything past tgst will basically be an online exclusive. That’s how it was last year, anyway.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    I would hope Hasbro wouldn’t so stupid as to release another Finn or Poe in outfits we’ve already bought! It’s bad enough the hero outfits are boring.

    • CT-7567

      I can’t believe they’re releasing pilot Poe in the basic line. I never actually got the one with the X-Wing, which is what the new one looks like, but I have the SA TBS one so it’s disappointing. I’d prefer the one that comes with the Ski Speeder as the basic figure.

  • Benster Piszczek
    • Danny
    • CadeSky

      Why oh why are they still doing the black and red boxes? I was really hoping that after two years they would change that.

      • Echo87

        Honestly, its the worst packaging in the history of SW. Ugly colors, all the languages splattered on the front, the huge warning, just atrocious on every level.

        • Funtomaz

          I suppose there are regulations that mandate warnings clearly visible on the box such as “don’t dry your wet cat in a microwave”. This label is not on the box by choice.
          As for the languages… Hasbro wants to save money, producing different boxes for each and every language version is probably too expensive.

          • Tyler Frechette

            Hahahaahah “don’t dry your wet cat in a microwave”, that killed me

      • CT-7567

        Agreed. I wish my FN-2199 figure had the extended stun baton.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Figure looks better than the actor in the outfit.

    • shane

      That’s what I thought as well.

    • CT-7567

      I’m really not a fan of Boyega. But the figure does look neat. Especially with the stun baton.

  • DarthXit

    Both the new Finn and kylo are on Reddit collecting

  • Josuethefanboy_7
    • Darth_Rizzen

      Thanks! ?

      Given how “well” unmasked KR is doing at retail here, I suspect a similar fate for the “new” version.

      • CadeSky

        Maybe it’s because I don’t own the TFA unmasked version of Kylo, but I think that this one looks pretty cool. Might actually buy it.

        • Darth_Rizzen

          From what I can see, if you remove the soft goods and “shawl” from the TFA unmasked KR this is pretty much what you get.

          The bulky solid plastic cape doesn’t look great on photos IMHO. I’m surprised they didn’t just reuse the soft goods cape from the 40th 6″ Vader.

          • CadeSky

            You’re right, the cape does look big. I know a lot of people really prefer soft goods, and I get it, but I usually like molded plastic better. I feel like more often than not they screw up with the soft goods. 40th Vader being an exception, of course!

          • Darth_Rizzen

            I tend to prefer soft goods, especially for highly dynamic characters, but I agree that Hasro’s track record with fabric cloaks and capes has been poor, so far. Only 40th Vader and Ben Kenobi looked good to great.

            Conversely, opting for plastic capes for characters that don’t exactly do kung fu (Bespin Lando, director Krennic) was a wise choice.

            Making great looking complex soft goods outfits for 1/12 scale is very much possible, but probably not on mass produced toys where output and cost cutting are key.

            Mezco’s One:Twelth line or Rickhor409’s custom outfits show what can be achieved in this scale, but the price points and production numbers are just not comparable with Hasbro’s.

          • CT-7567

            Do you have any Mezco Trek figures? They look amazing. 6″ really is the dominant scale for most properties now.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            I don’t, but I have seen Kirk and Spock up close and I agree that they are remarkable. It’s Hot Toys quality, only half the size and much cheaper.

            I do have Mezco’s Joker. Great figure, probably based on the 3D cover art for the Joker #1 comic book.

            1/12 and similar scales have been used for quite a while by Bandai, McFarlane toys or Neca, but I agree that it seems to have become the standard.

      • max rebo

        “but he got a badass scar, that changes everything”

        • Darth_Rizzen

          A sentient scar, too!

          It can change shape and position at will… ?

      • CT-7567

        I got that figure on clearance, but I actually like it. The scarf and lightsaber are better the first Kylo.

        • Darth_Rizzen

          I actually used this figure for parts.

          I gave the head and improved plastic shawl to Starkiller Base KR , and the soft goods to MAFEX’s unmasked KR figure. Huge improvements all around.

      • darthmo

        I feel like Kylo right now needs to be propped up by bringing in the knights of Ren. Like he should be part of an ensemble to further his character.

        • Darth_Rizzen

          It’s a sad situation, really.

          Star Wars has a quite a few examples of compelling villains with hidden agendas and troubled histories (Revan, Legends Thrawn, Anakin/Vader), and there was potential for KR as a big bad who’s powerful, yet not quite sure that evil is the way and whose goal isn’t 100% clear.

          The character’s initial appeal has been badly damaged after TFA. Even people around me who defend the film concede that KR’s temper tantrums are off putting at best and that he doesn’t do anything worthwhile.

          I guess they’ll have to bring up the Knights of Ren at some point, if only to tie up that loose end. But I don’t expect much character development from there, to be honest.

          • darthmo

            I liked that fact they weren’t trying to outdo or make a badder villain than Vader, it was an impossible task so humanising Kylo for me especially as a wayward kid seemed like an interesting idea. But for me his power relies on the larger group dynamic via the knights, at least that would be far more interesting to have a group of villains than rely on a singular main villain again.

    • Funtomaz

      All the figures look improved compared to their TFA versions. The skin tone is much more natural.
      Kylos plastic cape looks weird though… much too broad on the shoulders? What’s the deal with that?
      The Finn figure would sell even better if Hasbro added an alternative headsculpt as an accessory so we can have a generic FO Officer type character instead of Finn 😉 No, this choice of action figure for Finn makes much more sense, it looks nice.

      • CT-7567

        Do you think it could be one of Vader’s capes? I would think Kylo would have visited Mustafar at some point and raided the closest.

        • Funtomaz

          It doesn’t look like one of Vader’s capes. Unless he had it retailored. His cape looks quite different.

        • Matthew Vandebogert

          It doesnt appear to be 1 of Vaders on screen capes. But i agree on him going to Mustafar unless the Emperor made sure the Empire kept it out of the records. Or Vader abandoned the castle altogether as hus hunt for Luke intensified and had it(castle) destroyed?

          • CT-7567

            That castle was a highlight of RO. I’d love to see Kylo go there. The second Dark Empire comic had a castle on Coruscant for Vader called “Bast Castle.” I always found the idea of Vader living in solitude in a big castle intriguing.

          • Matthew Vandebogert

            Definitely. That would be great if part of Kylos training was to search out Vaders castle on Mustafar. I liked the EU having Vader in a castle aa well.

      • Andrew Wirshborn

        OR – FO Officer 4 pack from Amazon or EE.

        Just change heads and maybe some paint apps for rank or something. It would be an interesting army builder like they have done with the Troopers and Clones already

    • CT-7567

      Thanks. 🙂

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Sweet: an extended Z6 stun baton (better 2 years too late than never I suppose) and a usable body for customs.
    That should sell a bit more than the previous one (won’t be too difficult).

    I’m kind of thinking that I ain’t paying money to see this type of figure on my display shelf, though. I’m sure that SH Figuarts will do something better at some point.

  • Batta Man

    With TVC incoming how long can TBS6″ last…with crap dist. and clearance for these it’s got to be loss after loss. A 15$ SA on VC vs a 20$ 6″ in a silly box is a no brainer. Hope I’m wrong but I give them 3-5 years(being generous)…I’m always wrong tho…sigh.

    • CT-7567

      6″ will win out because TVC will be too heavy on repacks. Plus you get people seem to prefer 6″ and the new SW films are definitely targeted at a youthful demographic.

      • Tyler Frechette

        I hope you’re wrong…

        • CT-7567

          I hope I’m wrong too.

  • David Harrison

    I’ve seen the figure on Victorias Cantina Instagram and it looks first class.

  • Xo Tica

    Now Disney are copying ‘ Driving Miss Daisy’.

  • CadeSky

    I’m honestly surprised that Finn’s “normal” look is so close to the TFA costume. I would say that it’s pretty safe to think that Hasbro realized that there’s just no way that they could rerelease “Basic Finn” again!

  • 6starwars

    I wish Finn would just stay with the FO this time. It would be a great excuse to have his character blown up/killed off by the Resistance. I don’t mind Boyega, but Finn is a useless, filler-type character.

  • Now that’s a great disguise! The First Order will never recognize Finn dressed up like that.

    • JohnMorog

      I thought the bad guys were all supposed to be white? He’ll never blend in.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    Well, at least he’s in a different outfit; maybe they won’t produce 10 million of these in 3 different scales that will be still be warming pegs 2 yrs later.

  • LadyFerry

    Cuter than Jayne Cobbs’s woolly hat! Do yourself a kindness and buy loads of PORGS!!!

    • CT-7567

      It is rather cute. I wish TBS 3.75″ Rey or Luke came with one.

    • Jaken Wraith

      As long as they don’t have some very “odd” sound or something, i think these guy’s have the Ewok’s beat for cuteness. Porg’s are going to get huge i bet, think we will be seeng alot of tie-in promotion’s putting Porg’s in all kind’s of “real world” situation’s.

    • darthvaderdisco

      The thing they call Porg!
      He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor.
      Stood up to the Order and he gave them what for.
      Our love for him now, ain’t hard to explain,
      The hero of Ahch-To, the thing they call Porg!
      Now Porg saw the Mudders’ backs breakin’.
      He saw the Mudders’ lament.
      And he saw that Snoke takin’
      Every dollar and leavin’ five cents.
      So he said, “You can’t do that to my people!”
      “You can’t crush them under your heel.”
      Porg strapped on his hat,
      And in five seconds flat,
      Stole everything Snoke had to steal.
      He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor.
      Stood up to the Order and he gave them what for.
      Our love for him now ain’t hard to explain,
      The Hero of Ahch-To, the thing they call Porg.
      Now here is what separates heroes
      From common folk like you and I.
      The thing they call Porg,
      He turned ’round his plane,
      And let that money hit sky.
      He dropped it onto our houses.
      He dropped it into our yards.
      The thing they call Porg
      He turned round his plane,
      And headed out for the stars.
      Here we go!
      He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor.
      Stood up to the Order and he gave them what for.
      Our love for him now ain’t hard to explain,
      The Hero of Ahch-To, the thing they call Porg!

    • hammyhamster

      And for those of us who have no heart? We never find anything cute. We will have our moment, but it seems sadly not with these.

    • darthmo

      LOL! This is so ridiculous I want one!

  • CT-7567

    I’m not buying a bunch of Finns, Kylos and Huxes in multiple formats because they’re all in black uniforms. I want diversity in my figure’s uniforms. 😛

  • Jaken Wraith

    Cool, i like the 1st Order Officer Unifrom’s. I kinda’ figured they do something with different with Finn this time around since his “normal” outfit is very similar to his in “The Force Awakens”.

    • Tyler Frechette

      I don’t, personally. I think the caps look stupid compared to the old Empire ones. The collars look stupid too, like a button-up buttoned all the way up with no tie.

  • LadyFerry
    • Long Snoot

      Glad to see that Snoke is actually taller than normal humans, as rumored.


        LOL he will not be able to sit on his throne.

  • Long Snoot

    Wouldn’t it be wiser to disguise as a Stormtrooper? I mean, he’s wanted from the First Order since he escaped the Finalizer.

  • Jaken Wraith

    This is the 2017 assortment: TFA Unmasked Kylo, TLJ Kylo, TFA Finn, Disguised Finn, Zuvio, Edu Cassian & Jyn Erso. If you go to TRU add the Tank Driver to the mix.

  • Fiery Little One

    Huh, well, I could use him to fill out the ranks in my First Order troops.

  • OfWolfandMan

    Looking at that picture I’m expecting Forest to say “I’m sorry I ruined your 6″ Black Series party.”

  • darthmo

    Oh, not another Star Wars disguise scene…?!

  • Tyler Frechette

    Boring. Where’s Jyn and Cassian? Would rather see them in disguise.

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