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TARGET Exclusive TBS6 [P3] Rogue One Three-Pack $24.99 At BBTS!

Wow. These must have under-performed BEYOND expectations. JTA sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has the TARGET exclusive TBS6 3-pack for a mere $24.99. You 6″ people better start stepping up to the plate!

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  • There still on the shelf at my Target… along with the Zuvios.

  • Andrew R

    $60 was just too much to put up with for the exact same Jyn Erso that has clogged pegs for months now. Should have done it as a two pack with just Cassian and the Death Trooper.

    • Exactly.

      • Xo Tica

        Should have just done it with 2 Deathtroopers in my humble opinion.

        • JAL

          Or 2 Death Troopers and Krennic even. They could have given one of the Troopers Jyn’s stormtrooper doll.

          • Michael W

            And Krennic in his poncho.

          • BB-Mate

            That i would have bought for sure

    • Aric

      I agree. Cassians and Jyn’s in their own boxes were a measly $3.84 on clearance at Target, maybe they should have picked some better figures.

  • Roq

    Liked mine at $15 months ago. 60 was way too much.

    • Xo Tica

      Man if I could have paid $15 , I would have bought 6 sets and thrown away all the Cassians and Jyns.

      • Roq

        Have someone here buy you them.

        • Xo Tica

          Shipping is going to hurt along with customs charges.

  • Funtomaz

    Paid full price ages ago… we never get any of these discounts in Germany. The 3-pack had one surplus figure no one needed which probably hurt sales.

    • It’s all sarcasm. But I am glad you paid full price.

      • Xo Tica

        We will see what happens next year with TVC2 ,whether many buyers will wait for store reductions ( note I didn’t say collectors).

    • Xo Tica

      I also bought the Bandai kit which I need to find time to build.

  • Xo Tica

    Overseas collectors find it difficult to step up to the plate due to many reasons. First, these silly exclusives are for US stores. Secondly if they are imported into our countries they are by small E Tailers and the prices aren’t pretty.
    I stepped up to the plate paying the equivalent of $91 . How about Hasbro stopping stupid exclusives or making them open to the rest of the world.
    I only bought the set for the Death Trooper specialist, but later on I did buy the Bandai kit version. And I’m waiting for the Mafex version to ship towards the end of the month.

    • Roq

      Aren’t you getting the Japanese stuff imported?

      • Xo Tica

        No, that has to be ordered from Japan or ordered through Amazon UK and shipped from Japan.Thats how we get our SH Figuarts, Mafex, Bandai model kits.

        • Roq

          Yeahh…. Still importing..

          • Xo Tica

            Yeah I’m importing it myself as opposed to retailers importing ( which they can’t because of licensing restrictions)

  • SteveU1

    This set would of been a top seller if it were 3 death trooper specialist. The jyn
    Is what killed this set. At least now the specialist only cost me $25 each lol

    • The politicized #wheresrey made them panicked to prevent #wheresjyn.

      • SteveU1

        Lets hope hasbro learned the hard way and Rey in not repacked in every wave again!

        • Brian Beck

          5 imperial credits says she will be. she has 2 different outfits to promote after all 😉

      • Brian Beck


      • CT-7567

        Look at all the female characters in the initial TLJ waves. Three basic figures and the A-wing pilot. That’s almost as many female figures as Kenner made in 7 years. 🙂

        • Nick Dickens


          • CT-7567

            I like the look of Paige the best. The name of the A-wing pilot makes me sad. Some people might think this is stupid, but it reminds me of my dog that passed away last winter. I named him Talyn after the living gunship from Farscape. For short we called him Tally. 🙁

          • Nick Dickens

            I know what you mean. Names and places often have connections to them.

      • Nick Dickens

        I think you’re right on the money.

  • Danny

    That’s for how much I bought it when I found them on clearance…

  • Todd Hofherr

    i paid full price, even though it had to include Jyn, a duplicate to me. Getting the Cassian figure dressed in his >>standard<< movie wardrobe was the reason I bought the set.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    still going strong for $60 at my local Target . they’re like 10 deep

    • Matthew Leuck

      Same here. None of the Chicagoland Targets I’ve been to have put this on any kind of clearance.

  • Jon Morgan

    The problem is that at $60 the set was already way over priced with little to no accessories. Look at the 6 inch Marvel figures, those guys come with loads of extras even parts to make more even bigger figures. Most of the Black Series are poorly painted and even the weapons are warped in packaging. Quality of the figures really aren’t worth $20, $15 should be more like it (personally $10) and this set should have started at $40. I mean the box even looks terrible to display. The main release of Cassian was an outfit he wore all of 10 mins…and sucks because he is one of my favorite new characters from Rogue One. A good option would have been 6 Inch Jyn in stolen Imperial outfit, Krennic and Cassian in Imperial uniform or even Jyn as a child and Krennic with Death Trooper. All in all after finding the 40th anniversary figures I think I am done with 6 inch, I have moved on to Bandai model kits. So much better and about priced the same. I just finished this model, not yet painted.

    • Xo Tica

      What’s your favourite Bandai kit at the moment? I love C3PO and DeathTrooper . I thought about getting the Scarif Trooper , but the idea of putting on the decals and my lack of painting skills made me leave it.

      • Nick Dickens

        You will do all right. You could buy a cheaper model and practice. Have faith in yourself and you will be good.

        • Xo Tica

          Thanks for your encouragement.

          • Nick Dickens

            Your welcome most welcome.

      • Jon Morgan

        So far it has been R2 but I just got 2 First Order Stormtroopers and they might be running a close 2nd. The decals are a pain but another cool addition from Bandai is water decals and regular stickers. I have only used a few included stickers on K2-SO and Scariff trooper and they look marvelous in application. Don’t be afraid of your skills, do or do not there is no try! Sorry, it’s really pretty fun learning how to age and what technique works best. Trial and error but always a good time to me.

        • Xo Tica

          Last week to keep my nephew occupied I got him to build R2 which he did an excellent job so I let him keep it and told him to go and build BB8 when he has time.
          I would love to see Bandai release some more Astromech droids and the DeathStar Droid.

    • CT-7567

      I agree about TBS prices. Every time I get a 6″ SW figures for $10 on clearance i feel like i got my money’s worth. I got Unmasked Kylo for that price and I actually really like the figure. I never would’ve bought the second version of Rey with the lightsaber if it wasn’t on clearance. For what Hasbro gives us in quality and accessories, $15 is what they should cost.

      • Nick Dickens

        That Kylo Ren is a joke. Terrible likeness. It’s expensive for a good mangled Vader helmet. Not worth it at all.

        • CT-7567

          I actually like it for a$10 figure. My Starkiller Base Kylo is still MIB and the other 6″ version I have is the masked one. The one with the incorrect light saber and inferior scarf. With the unmasked figure I popped off the head and ticked the good under the plastic scarf piece. I don’t think it looks bad at all. That first Kylo is terrible, IMO. In fact, I was thinking of using the head from that figure on the unmasked body. It was definitely a mistake for Hasbro to use soft-goods for the hood. A removable plastic hood, similar to the RO basic Kylo would’ve worked better. I can’t believe they aren’t including a masked head for the new TLJ 6″(and 3.75″ for that matter) figure.

          • Nick Dickens

            Yes that first one sucks. I think the arms are particularly bad. When I got it last Christmas I thought it was a bootleg figure it was that shoddy.

            You know why they won’t include two heads? Get you to buy an all new ‘unmasked Kylo Ren’ again for TLJ.

      • Jon Morgan

        Totally agree with you.

      • Xo Tica

        I buy the odd clearances figure now and again for army building or present for my nephew. I have done a quick 15 minute custom a few days ago .

        • Brian Beck


          • Xo Tica

            Thank you very much.

          • Brian Beck

            just so you know, I just ordered one of those for $5 from amazon (I was placing an order for other stuff) to steel your idea 🙂

          • Xo Tica

            I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

        • CT-7567

          Very nice. Is that any specific character?

          • Xo Tica

            No particular character, but I wanted to create a female Sith Lord. I used Marvel Legends Black Widow by pulling of her hair. I then covered her with Kylo Rens cloak and put a few stitches on the hood to get it to sit better.. The parts on her chest and the belt outer skirt came from a DC Scarecrow figure.
            Thanks for your comment

    • Nick Dickens

      I’m so glad you’ve found the Bandai kits. They are perfect aren’t they. I can’t wait to get the BRILLIANT General Grievous.

      • Jon Morgan

        Oh man just finished K2-SO I bet Grievous is gonna be great.

        • Nick Dickens

          The Fwoosh have a great review of it. The cape is both fabric and sculpted plastic for where it goes around the shoulders. It doesn’t look as though it has the iconic pockets he can put the lightsabers in. But that’s it’s only fault. It doesn’t have the marbling, but that can be added easily enough. You can add a nice light wash with a little silver in it to give that sheen to it.

          • Xo Tica

            I saw the review of it a few days ago. I agree with with your points . It’s a shame that in small scales Grievous has always been hit and miss. I’m still waiting for SH Figuarts to release theirs . In the meantime I have the Disney Store version which is still in his packaging. The best versions I’ve seen were the Kotobukiya which I was stupid not to buy and Sideshow Collectibles. Both versions as you know sell for silly money.

      • Xo Tica

        I’m waiting for Grievous to drop price, he’s very expensive at the moment. But he does look great.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    Somebody at Hasbro should be fired over this Jyn repack. It made no sense whatsoever.

    A Cassian Deathtrooper 2pack would have made 1,000% more sense.

    • CT-7567

      Exactly. Just like the Poe and Riot Trooper set. I like that set a lot. Poe is excellent and I love the 6″ FO Stormtrooper. Getting a new Poe and a trooper with extra accessories made that set desirable to me. When I first saw this set I already had two Jyn figures.

  • ctwins3688

    Just paid $25 for a loose death trooper specialist on eBay last week :/

    • CT-7567

      That’s a shame. This set is $18 at Target. 🙁

      • ctwins3688

        A shame indeed- Unfortunately these are still $60 at all targets in Arlington, VA, and the only one I wanted was the DTS- with that said I’ll still likely pick one up when they go on sale and will donate the Jyn/ Cassian figures to charity or something

  • Greg Romine

    My Target still has them at FULL price.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    She looks much better without the scarf imo. I put it in the big ole accessories bin that is about two tins full now.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    That’s what it should have been to begin with.

  • CobraSaboteur

    The real, real problem with this set is that it’s a 3pack. Could this set have been better designed? Absolutely. Would the set have sold better as a result? Absolutely. BUT…the inherent problem is that it’s a 3pack of 6in figs and it retails for $60. Until the black series comes out with a 3pack assortment that is truly stellar (think the superb 3.75 Evolutions sets for ex) I believe they will always find their way to clearance inevitably, due to price point alone.

    I bought this set on a day one, knowing FULL well it would find its way to clearance and almost a year later, my local target is sitting on 8 of these in the clearance section. Surprise surprise. I bought it on day one for two reasons (2 reasons that don’t resonate with most collectors i imagine) and that’s because A) I am a MOMC collector so while I knew this set would find its way to clearance, the odds of me finding a mint box almost a year later is less than zero and B) I can afford to pay msrp for the lines I collect-circle back to reason A.

    Case in point, Marvel Legends (the true king of the 6in figure medium) did many 3 packs since the line re-launched in early 2014 and they all failed from a sales perspective as I saw all of them find their way to clearance. The last (if memory serves correct) 3pack they released was the 2016 fall TRU exclusive “Avengers” themed set which contained female hawkeye, Sam Wilson Captain America and Uncanny Vision. Vision was desirable costume repaint of a desirable character that had never been released before and Kate Bishop Hawkeye and Falcon Cap had NEVER been done before in 6in. Not a bad 3pack at all, assuming you were interested in those characters right? Well…I can still find those sets rotting at my TRUs…

    Dwight Stall and the Legends team wised up and for 2017, they re-introduced the 2packs as a full fledged assortment again and with a MUCH more palpable price point of $40 a set (and smart character choices for the sets as well) they are selling plenty well. They’ve already done 7 2packs for the year alone and I’m sure they will easily match or exceed that in 2018. Smart character choices HELP no doubt but the price point of 2packs versus 3packs is what seals the deal.

    Also, just as an adjunct, I don’t need to be reminded that legends figs/waves amortize costs by reusing existing tooling while black series are almost always 100% new molds because A) that has no relevance to the points im trying to get across in this specific post and B) I’ve been collecting marvel & Star Wars figures equally, to a completionist degree, for over 20 years now so I know the history of lines and i am more than familiar with the industry at this point.

    Just my $0.02 is all.

    • CT-7567

      Why wouldn’t most collectors understand B)? I certainly don’t have the budget to collect all the lines you do, but I also go by the rule of two with SW stuff. I get stuff I want when it first comes out, but sometimes, when you know something is going to bomb, it’s worth waiting. This set is sitting in my local Targets for $17.98. You are totally correct about the boxes, however. By no means terrible, but a couple of slight scuffs and creases. I waited for clearance on the RO ships and I’m glad I did. They aren’t worth full price. I’ll do the same with TLJ, except the A-wing because it actually looks sizable. So you don’t ever open stuff? I find, with stuff in packaging or carded, it’s very difficult to properly protect. Dust us the enemy, but sunlight is worse. I read your recent post about moving. I imagine you’re going to have a pretty sweet setup of MOCMIB stuff once you get organized. 🙂

      • Nick Dickens

        I think as I’ve read from Paul elsewhere the initial hard to find Rey would have probably created Jyn to be created to what felt like such large numbers.

        I don’t think she was overproduced (and please don’t shoot me for saying this) but (and as my girlfriend said it doesn’t mean anything homoerotic) that most collectors are male and they prefer to get the male figures. Female ones don’t sell as much.

        • Xo Tica

          Your probably right and your girlfriend. I have no problems buying female figures if I like the character. I bought 2 Sabines and 2 Ashoka figures and I can’t wait for Hera and Jaina. But Rey and Jyn did nothing for me as characters and figures.

          • Nick Dickens

            I’m awaiting Hera with baited breath too. I hope we get an Inquisitor or two and I can’t believe I’ve forgotten the Imperial’s name… the new Fulcrum. He’d be great too. I can’t wait to get Grand Admiral Thrawn.

          • Xo Tica

            I haven’t seen the recent season of Rebels. Do you mean agent Kallus, the one with the mutton chops.?

          • Nick Dickens

            I do indeed. The Logan wannabe.

        • CT-7567

          Nick, I would never shoot you. 🙂 Obviously I mean never get angry at any opinion you express. I’ve known you ever since I started commenting on JTA and I like you. I don’t have a problem with female characters or figures. I have loads of them and not just from SW. When I was a kid and saw the original Transformers movie, I wanted Arcee and couldn’t believe they didn’t make her. My problem is with agenda-driven casting and storytelling. Idk if Jyn was overproduced, but she was definitely included in too many sets in every line. I really like most of her figures, but her inclusion in that three-pack was a mistake.
          Edit- I meant Arcee. Auto-correct has a mind of its own sometimes. 🙂

          • Nick Dickens

            That’s Ok. Arcee is still one of my favourite characters and I’ve not forgiven Michael Bay for shortchanging is back in 2009. ?

            I would like to think it’s not agenda driven but it will be to an extent. Like with Marvel.

            If Marvel had done it over time it’d have been better planned. Disney told them what to do and it tanked.

            No Marvel fans aren’t racist or misogynistic. It just so happened that most of the comics that they put out in the aims of boosting diversity were crap. They didn’t sell because they were rubbish.

            Which actually in the medium to long term will actually hurt diversity.

      • CobraSaboteur

        As far as my comment about my statement probably not resonating with most collectors, I meant this:

        1. Outside of the popular bandwagon bs that is “it’s cool to hate on 6in SW”…its exceedingly rare when I see collectors state they are happy with the value of the 6in figs. Since I’ve been collecting for over 2 decades now (and also haven’t been living under a rock) I know that $20 is the standard industry MSRP for the 6in scale. Since I recognize this AND collect 6in figures (across many scales) then by definition, the value is the value. I don’t see it as subjective, i see it as a static number.

        Since literally every 6/7in figure that is stocked on toy shelves, across all brands, is $20-23 (Neca being on the higher end) than I don’t need to breakdown every single figure on some value/price point merit system, I just need to determine if I want to collect/support the line or not. In turn, whether I collect the line or not, doesn’t change the fact that 6in scale commands a $20 msrp. Period lol.

        2. The other aspect was that I keep all my stuff MOMC and most collectors open. I know for a fact most collectors don’t understand/think it’s weird when collectors don’t open their figs. That’s all fine because to each their own and all that but I can make the same argument for collectors who open everything. You open the figure and put it on a shelf where as I just don’t open the figure…and put it on a shelf lol. Also, I do open plenty of stuff, just barely anything from Hasbro. I have NO room to display my MOMC collection lol so I have even less space allocated for open stuff so when I do open something, I tend to lean towards figures that have significantly more detailed sculpting and paint…which is like a LOT of companies…that are not Hasbro lol.

        • CT-7567

          I definitely understand you keeping stuff packaged. I usually get two and open one because I genuinely enjoy actually handling the figures but that also limits my budget for things like other lines. I think $20 is fine for a well done 6″ figure. I think that people look at other lines like ML and see a better value for that price. It doesn’t help when most TBS figures end up being $10 or less.

          • CobraSaboteur

            Legends sell better because the waves are beefier, they have a baf piece and it’s just a much more established 6in line than the Black Series. That’s not to say however that you can’t grab most of the waves of the year for $9-13 off of sites like Walmart and Amazon during their obscene holiday sales.

            Also, not for nothing, but in my parts (even before the clearance event most stores started to purge before TLJ), the only figures I would see on the shelf was your standard, over-packed cannon fodder, like;
            Jyn, Cassian, Krennic, Kylo, Flametrooper, Snowtrooper and Finn. Id also see remnants of Poe, Guavian and of course Zuvio. All things considered though, that’s not many characters for a line that’s numbering in the 40s at this point. If Hasbro didn’t constantly carry forward bad figs into subsequent waves and also stop double packing figs as much as they do, I think you would barely see pegwarming in general. That’s how Legends does it with most waves being 7 figs in a casepack of 8 and the double pack is usually a figure that’s going to be in high demand. Case in point, I must have seen, altogether across all retail, like 30 cases worth of the Sandman Wave but to this day, I barely see Symbiote Suit Spidey and he was the 2 per case fig. Pizza Spidey was 2 per case and that wave was super heavily shipped…still a $50-60 fig on eBay lol.

            That’s not to say that Legends doesn’t drop the ball with their case ratios sometimes because they do, but all in all, they do a MUCH better job at wave layout/design and double packing than SW does…

    • Nick Dickens

      A lovely sentiment. I will buy most things full MSRP or RRP as we call it. To support the line.

      One point I’m not clear on; If Vision is a repainted figure… what is it based upon? You said they’d not made a Vision before.

  • Jeffrozup

    These are clearanced at Target right now for $40 so they will keep them in stores for a month and then ship them to BBTS? I am assuming that is what will happen since BBTS is listing a preorder for September. Target is good at shipping out old clearance stock to other retailers. They do with 5 Below, Ollies, Marcs and now apparently BBTS.

  • Nick Dickens

    I understand your comments about the Vision now. 🙂

    Yes I think if the old ML model doesn’t work they should try the new model of two figures rather than 3 packs.

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