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Shocking! The Vintage Collection B-wing Fighter Found At TJ Maxx For <$17

Holy BLEEP! Look what JTA reader Derek H. found at his local TJ Maxx discount chain store! The former Kmart exclusive B-wing Fighter from The Vintage Collection has wound up there for a mere $16.99. This item is 6 years old at this point. How is there stock still hanging around? The B-wing Fighter vehicle would easily be $49.99-$59.99 in today’s market! Let us know if you see these in your areas as well! We’re very curious to see how widespread this is!


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  • GIBBS v2

    Just once dammit I want to score like this! What a find!

  • Wampa

    Looking for a TJ Maxx this weekend. Awesome find.

  • Alientek

    Possibly stock from all the K-marts that were closed, and took a while to be liquidated and distributed to discount sellers. My wife is always up to going to Ross, TJ Maxx and others, but becomes suspicious when I am willing to go as well.

    • I was thinking that initially, but I don’t think these were sitting in stores after 2012. They’ve been out of circulation for at least half a decade. This is utterly bizarre.

      • You know what, When i worked at K-Mart overnight in my teenage years, I could tell you that they had stuff from a decade or more earlier. I’m talking about the East Brunswick Kmart on Route 18. A friend and I were asked to overhaul the back warehouse one week at work and it was absolutely INSANE at the things they had. We had found things like Power Ranger Toys from the early 90’s, Transformers, POTF cases, CRAZY BONES, Pogs… was crazy. We ended up taking longer than we should’ve due to the things we kept finding lol They had no knowledge of what they had at all. The crazy thing is how they handled stock. If it didn’t get done at night, we sent it up the conveyor belt to the upstairs part of the warehouse to NEVER get scanned in. They had tons and tons of TV’s they didn’t even know existed. So I could honestly imagine that some Kmarts could have found things from even 20 years ago in their storeroom.

        • Well, if this isn’t the reason for retail is in the state it’s in, I don’t know what is!

          • lol exactly. And guess what? That Kmart is GONE now as you know. And they were selling TV’s from 2004 at their closing sales…that store was handled so poorly.

        • MaarekStele

          Back around 94 or 95, my cousin worked at K-Mart and they remodeled the store that year. He found an old Atari game and a bunch of early 1980’s GIJoe’s and a couple old Lego sets. I think he gave the legos and Joes to our younger cousins and he gave me the Atari game. I still have it some where here in a box. I remember him talking about them clearing out the stock room and found a bunch of old TV’s, he didn’t take one though because they were too big. They were the huge old school ones, in a wood frame. They were just throwing the old stock away, it was in the news about people fighting and going through the trash behind the store.

          • lol see… there ya go.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          yea my k-mart, while not as extreme, always had outdated stuff. they still had OTC stuff in like 2008 as well as figures from the VERY first waves of Toybiz marvel legends, its like a time machine. as of today they still have one (1) gi joe Zartan figure from the 2nd GI JOE movie

        • rusty_t

          Oh what would I give to go back in time to 1979 and the TRU on Rt. 18 in East Brunswick just to see those original SW figures on those pegs.

          • That’s the same TRU I went to on my 11th birthday in 1985 and bought all of the brand new “The Power Of The Force” figures. I opened them up when I got home, separated the coins, and then put then away for 10 years when Star Wars action figures came back.

  • CJ

    I think this is about what I paid for my second one at Kmart. Back when Kmarts were a thing.

    • Danny

      they are still a thing, they’re constantly on the news

  • Brian B.

    Funny you mention that, last time I checked, my local comic store has this for about $60. Also Rogue 2’s Snowspeeder for maybe $50ish.

  • Danny

    Fake News!

    • The likes of which we have never seen before! Sad!

  • icatch9

    This was my find. At a TJ in northern IL. I can’t explain it either. TJ doesn’t really have a “store room” for this to be lost in for years. My thought it was a return. Now we get sick to the stomach at the thought but a patent or grandparent wouldn’t think twice about it. So someone returns it without a recipet, they get $17 in store credit and I walk out with a big smile on my face! I went to a second TJ Maxx and nothing, I doubt this will be wide spread no matter how much we wish.

    • General Hux

      Where in Northern Illinois?!?! I live in Northern Illinois!

      • icatch9

        This was in Vernon Hills, but I live in Lake Villa.

        • General Hux

          Okay, thank you! I was dreading you might say the TJ Maxx location by where I live, that would be my luck! 🙂

    • OMG. I haven’t seen you comment here in forever. I thought we lost you.

      • icatch9

        Never. I’m on your site several times a day. Just haven’t had much to add to the conversation. I’ll upload the receipt tonight, it just says toys and books so not concert for the nay sayers. Besides if I was going to pull some fake out I’d of used the BMF. Really ticked some people off!

        • I totally believe you, you haven’t given a bad report yet, but there are some people who will never believe without proof.

    • You should also post a picture of the receipt because no one is going to believe you. Trust me, I know from experience. 🙂

    • The_Kilted_Fett

      Hmmm… I’ll have to check out the McHenry one later today.

  • Epic! Congratulations to Derek; you’ve kept hope alive.

  • Michael Hawkins

    My local Rite-aid drug store still has a POTF 8D8 droid and ugnaught hanging on the pegs. That’s what? More than 15 years old?

    • That’s IMPRESSIVE!

      • Boba Fettuccini

        Mine had POTF2 stuff up until maybe 2013. I distinctly remember one in the south side of town had the POTF2 EU stuff with the 3D dioramas in the package, but for whatever reason, Rite Aid prices action figures at $14.99, so it’s no wonder they don’t move.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      dang the best my closest rite-aid can do is holographic emperor on the lil droid stand with legs and gungan warrior from the red and white legacy collection

    • Jason Attewell

      Nearly 20 years old! Why are they still on the pegs, buy them!

    • Take a picture of ’em.

    • Brian Beck

      I did’nt even know they sold toys. (adds to list of stores to now hit this weekend)

    • CT-7567

      How much are they charging? I think I’d buy them if I saw them.

  • localfromiskalon

    Awesome find, Derek. Congrats!

  • Zedrick
    • Hazzbro Jonez

      i cant stop laughing at this

  • General Hux

    Knowing that this was found fairly close to me makes me hurt…A lot. 🙂

  • Keith Maurer

    Likely a fluke. A return or sitting in storage forgotten. A walmart near me busted out a bunch of Star Wars figures from about 5 years ago. Look at how long Target held on to the Wolf pack. I seen a Rite Aide near me still has a Padme from who knows when. Sometimes these things sit in storage likely in a bin of random stuff when they redo these stores and then are forgotten until some back room cleaning is done. I will still likely take a drive to TJ max just in case. It might be as one commenter noted something purchased from a Kmart close out or something similar.

    • Diego

      I’m going to have to start checking Rite Aid.

    • CadeSky

      I have heard about Rite Aid having some mysterious old treasures before and figured I would stop in at one that is close to me. Didn’t see any SW stuff, though toys I did see were VERY old and overpriced. I remember seeing some Power Rangers stuff that was super dusty and had yellowed plastic.

      • CT-7567

        I found a figure from the first Thor film there. It was $14, so I passed. Glad I did because i found those super HTF figures at Five Below for $4. Very underrated toy line.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    I predicted something like this when Amazon excavated that TIE Interceptor a little while back. There is no telling what kind of stuff is lying around.

  • Jebediaah

    Just got back in town and coincidentally was at the TJ Maxx in Ithaca, NY. Nothing remotely cool like that there.

  • MaarekStele

    sounds like Rite Aid/CVS. I’ve found toys in there that haven’t been in stores in over ten years.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Almost had a heart attack when I thought this was the 34 year old version from 1983, Still very impressive though and I hope he bought it. I only have the POTJ one.

    • CT-7567

      I missed that one. I have the TVC one and the Dagger Squadron one. TVC B-wing is definitely a nice vehicle.

  • Mike Robinson

    If I found a BMF at TJMaxx for half off the original retail price I would freak out!

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    I bought my daughter a B-Wing a few yrs ago. I found it at Tj maxx for $17. Im amazed that its been found for same price 4 yrs later. Great find

  • DarthTaco

    On my recent lego run I took a pic of what the 3.75s looked like in this one store I was in and saw jon vander that ive never seen before and there were 2!

    • Diego

      I’m worried about Hasbro being willing to get back into vehicles the way that At-St is sitting in most stores. Also feel stupid for chasing one down and paying full price early.

      • CadeSky

        The AT-ST was VERY easy to pass on at full price. I know that if we want the nice SA stuff to continue we have to “vote with our wallets,” but $60 is above that arbitrary amount of $ that I am willing to part with for a single item. There were probably 7 or 8 of these things collecting dust at my Walmart…nobody was biting. Then I happened to be there the day they slashed the prices to $30 each. That’s when I picked up my AT-ST.

        • CT-7567

          I passed it full price, but I need to check my local Walmart because they had a bunch of them. $30 is a good deal.

        • Mark

          Still not selling at $30 here. Once they hit $20 I’m in for a 2nd, maybe 3rd.

        • Keith Maurer

          Is that for the black series AT ST? When did they reduce the price at your Walmart? Was it yellow tag or red tag clearance?

          • CadeSky

            I picked it up over a week ago at this point. Believe it was yellow tag…they all disappeared at that price. Didn’t see anything left two days ago.

    • Jaken Wraith
      • You better be careful buy SA 3.75″ figures. You’re going to want to drop the 6″ line too!

        • Jaken Wraith

          Today i grabbed the Pao 2-Pack for $7. Almost grabbed another Jedah Revolt for $10. Really like the 5poa Pao, came out good. Marketplace Walmart has them at that price. The K-Mart close by is about to put out “The Last Jedi” stuff this early week. They re-did the entire Toy Section at that K-mart, and they have the peg’s and tags up for all the new stuff, but it’s completely bare all this weekend. New 3.75’s may come out, had the pegs for them.

  • Diego

    Woooooooooah – Keanu.

  • I gotta take a quick pit stop at TJ Maxx tomorrow!

  • My best ever TJMaXX find was a Marvel Universe Sentinel for $25, and it was the purple version! They had three and looking back I wished I had pick up another one.

    • CT-7567

      I never found much there. I got the MTT for $60. I actually love that vehicle.

      • Mark

        Lol I just posted about finding that at WM last year!

        • CT-7567

          What do you think of it?

          • Mark

            I love it! It’s a perfect representation of the improvements I would expect since the 80’s toys. Then you look at the TFA and RO offerings and it’s like someone took a time machine back to 1955, gave Hasbro a sports almanac and they forgot how to make quality toys in the future.

      • haha I found the shell of that thing loose just floating around (a torn-up box on the shelf below)and every piece that wasnt attached permanently was gone. I think there was a price tag of $20 just slapped on it.

    • Matthew Vandebogert

      I found them too along with Galactus. Great finds back in the day. I found the B-wing too. They also had alot of the htf Clone Wars mini rigs.

  • CadeSky

    Wow, I would be ecstatic if I found that B-Wing at a place like TJX and for a price like that. Great, great find!

  • I ran out to TJs yesterday as soon as I saw this story.
    No luck
    I’ll probably keep checking. I’ll try not to salivate as I enter the store.

    • CT-7567

      Sounds like a one-off thing to me. I’d buy as many as they had for that price. Such a nice vehicle.

    • Nick Dickens

      I bet everyone raced out after reading this.

  • Nick Dickens

    If I am permitted to swear, what the/how the f#### did this happen? Good grief!

  • Mark

    My only cool wtf story was when I found the MTT last year in my Walmart. I wasn’t collecting when it was first released so I initially thought it came out with TPM and had just been sitting around for 17 years!

  • Mark

    How many of you look around while taking shelf pictures… not because you think you look dumb taking shelf pictures but because you think that one guy walking in the aisle is going to snag the item while you’re focusing on it?

    • icatch9

      I’ve thought of this, but realize it’s a very rare possibility.

  • clubobiwan

    Someone returned this. I am curious did you open the box? There could literally be anything in there.

    • icatch9

      The tape was loose, I checked it. It’s all there!

  • Erik

    Just calm down until more than one is found.

  • darthmo

    Great find! This is the kind of excitement you want when you find unexpected items be them old or new.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Someone moved a Pallet in the back room that has not been moved in year’s probably, and sitting behind it was a B-Wing. I’ve found a few old Figures like that now, but a Ship would be awesome.

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