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More Rogue One Products Finds At Five Below

It’s just so sad to see this sometimes. But if you’re looking for cheap Star Wars figures you can head to Five Below where they have Rogue One Two-Packs for about the price of a single figure. No more 5POA Hasbro. Now let’s get those TVC figures out there! Special thanks to JTA reader Michael O. for the news!

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  • EPC-421

    Oh my $5 for two figures, what a deal!
    Whoever said Wave 3 and 4 will probably show up at 5 Below months ago may be actually right.

    • Aric

      i think so as well. I was at Five Below the other day, and they had stacks of the Captain Phasma/Finn and Stormtrooper/Baze Malbus 2 packs for $5 as well. Seems like so many extra make it here months later. Doesnt hurt to save money on each figure down the line.

  • SteveU1

    Most of this stuff never even made it to retail anyway. Sad. I hope vintage collection isent a mess

  • JohnMorog
  • CJ

    I’d pay five bucks for those Rogue One alien two-packs. But I’m not going to go out of my way to look for them.

    • CT-7567

      It’s totally understandable if you don’t like 5poa, but if you have a Five Below nearby i highly recommend the Pao and Moroff sets for $5. The articulation may be lacking, but the sculpt on both the aliens and the troopers are top-notch. Maul is a nice figure too, especially for $5. Seventh Sister is terrible.

      • Jimmy Griffin

        I think $5 is a good price just for the Darktrooper and Shoretrooper in those sets.

        • CT-7567


      • flipfriddle

        Moroff is super cool and until I can find a Wampa for my son, he’s a good stand-in for Hoth adventures.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    I got the Baze/Stormtrooper 2 pack at WalMart the other day for $7; that was a good deal, but $5 would have been even better.

  • Zarco Rey

    That’s unfortunate. Not for the Hasbro toy line, but for me, I might find myself in a 5 Below and buying these.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      Friends don’t let friends buy 5POA. You are better than that, Things will get better if you just hang in here.

      • Zarco Rey

        But they’ll never make Seventh Sister with super articulation or Mouthy McLizard! I think I sort of almost care about those characters. Maybe?

        • CT-7567

          She’s actually a pretty bad figure. Impossible to pose without a stand, yet no peg holes in her feet. She can’t hold her weapon very well either. I really like Maul however and the set is absolutely worth $5. Any of them are. The RO two-packs, imo, were very well done. Pak is an awesome figure. The basic Deathtrooper, Moroff and the Scarif Squad Leader are also very cool. Of course, this all depends on whether or not you like 5poa. Bit the sculpts are all solid on these. Every set is an absolute steal at $5. The only one I never got was the Poe and Snowtrooper set. I’d probably get that for $5 jystvto have them all, but that Poe is terrible.

          • Brian Beck
          • CT-7567

            You also got her to hold her saber. Mine always falls out of her hand. Still, it’s a nice looking figure. Her and Maul are without a doubt worth $5. I can’t believe anyone would pass on those sets for that price. I mean, even if you prefer SA, it’s only five bucks for two figures and they’re all great sculpts.

          • Zarco Rey

            Yeah, I got Baze/Stormtrooper today, it’s a good pack for $5. That stormtrooper can sit down! Sad when that’s impressive for a 5 POA figure, but…

          • CT-7567

            How can he sit down?

          • flipfriddle

            They had one of those Poe/Snowtroopers at the 5Below I was at.

          • CT-7567

            I’d actually get that set for $5. I passed on it because the Poe figure looks terrible and I already have two versions of the Snowtrooper. For $5 it would be worth getting just to have a complete set of the two-packs.

  • Keith Maurer

    That is a great deal. To bad it got them already. I managed to get them on clearance though. I actually got the first wave of figures $4 each and the 2 packs first wave for $5 on force Friday last year at my local Walmart as they never reset the price on the upc. I doubt they will make that mistake again. They have already reset the shelfs and jacked the price back up on the 3.75 black series probably for the new stuff coming in. So many Finns and Princess Leia’s.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      More Finn’s on the way. It’s not that his 3 3/4 and 6 inch figures don’t sell but none of them do at any scale. Just not a very popular character and never will be. Kids today just aren’t into midgets with fat heads.

      • Matthew Leuck

        He seems to sell decently in my area, but I think Hasbro grossness overestimated the demand, thinking he’d be “the main character” of The Force Awakens. If 10 million people want a figure of a character, that’s awesome- if you make 20 million of them, though, that’s a problem.

  • Coleman Miller

    Just the 2 packs?

    • Brian Beck

      they have the ‘shampoo bottle’ figures also.

    • flipfriddle

      No they had singles of 5POA TFA figs too. Zuvios, FO TIE pilots, and Poe’s mostly. No troopers at mine.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    People going to FF this year, Pay heed.

    • Brian Beck

      While I get the sarcastic humor in your post, here is why I’m still going to go all out on FF:
      1) I want new stuff now.
      2) We have no idea what might become the next Fenn Rau, rather have it in hand then wished I got it.
      3)Hasbro *might* be learning their lesson from the past, and not over produce these things, so there could very well be not that many out there—of note to keep in mind is the Han Solo movie comes out a few months later, with its slew of new toys, so make less to now to not ‘clog the pegs’ for the reset of the next movie.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    1 – Drop the stupid-@$$ oversized weapons
    2 – Stop doing split (hollow) torsos
    3 – Add in a handful of additional articulation points

    …then this stuff sells better. Get it together, Hasbro.

    • CT-7567

      I actually really enjoyed the Mission Series packs st $10. They felt like they were worth the money. Especially the Rebels2014 sets. Even the 2013 5poa figures that most people hate, the best ones were in the two-packs. Like the awesome Jango Fett, CW Maul and ROTS troopers. I like 5poa, but part of the deal when they came out was that it was a budget line. $5.99 was a good price for single figures and it made the MS sets more if a good deal at $10. I chose t get these two-packs at full price because I wanted them when they first came out. I also like them. Some of the best RO figures are in those packs. But seeing this makes me sick. I don’t even want to add up the $$ I could’ve saved by waiting. Now I’m wondering how much stuff I should actually get on FF.

      • Super Amigo

        Besides the “golden times” of Legacy and TVC, 2013-14-ish is my favorite Star Wars collecting period. Actually, during the LC y TVC I bought all, but was more focused on Superhero and MOTUC toys, 2013 I really, fully enjoyed.

        It was transitional, for sure, and we all knew what was coming, but it was like some idyllic time to collect: parents could buy their child a real Star Wars figure (or 2) for the price of a candy store toy, just because. And we collectors had the 3.75 Black Series which was no TVC, but kept us well busy and entertained.

    • Zarco Rey

      Seeing the animated Guardians of the Galaxy figures, five or six inch scale, they have the basic 5POA plus ball joint elbows. (So 9 POA) And they are $8 figures.

  • Jeffrozup

    These are also $7.90 on clearance on Target’s website.

  • CT-7567

    Ok, this makes me angry. I pay full price for this stuff and now it’s $5? Five Below sells single TFA figures for that much. I realize they can’t sell stuff for more than $5, but man is this annoying. $30 for two of each set and now I could get them for $10 for two? I didn’t mind seeing the basic 5poa figures at Target for $3.99, because I wanted them when they were first released and four dollars isn’t that bad. But a loss of ten bucks for every two-pack I got is infuriating. And you can’t just sit and wait for stuff because it’s not always clear what will go on clearance. I waited for the ships and got them for a very good price. If I had waited for, say, the Thrawn wave when I saw it I’d never have gotten them. There’s just no way to win except by not buying anything.

    • Jimmy Griffin

      It can be really frustrating when you really hunt for a figure, find it, and pay full price for it only to see it peg warm and go on clearance later.

      • CT-7567

        Definitely. But $5 for two is a very good deal. And the figures are good if you can get past the limited articulation. I really feel cheated for buying these sets last year. I’m also questioning the wisdom of buying the new FF two-packs. I really want the one with the Praetorian Guard and the Maul and Qui-Gon set. But the idea of buying them not to have them go n clearance is really bugging me. I REALLY wish I knew the best way to try and get the last TBS wave. It has better(I assume) versions of Rey and the guard as well as the other two figures I would want the most from what I know about TLJ. Of course, they’ll get repacked in TVC so even getting those before next year might be a bad idea. The problem is not knowing what will sell and what will be HTF.

        • Jimmy Griffin

          I know if I see Luke and Rey in TBS final wave I will get them for fear that I won’t be able to find them in TVC. But then if I see them in TVC I will want to get them because of the packaging and to support the line. It seems that, by and large, the 2 packs aren’t usually too hard to find; except for the occasional Zeb/Chopper scenario.

          • CT-7567

            Oh, I’ll definitely get them in TBS final wave. I have a tradition that goes back to ROTJ where I get a fee figures after seeing the film. Unfortunately, after seeing TFA my tradition was kinda ruined because all I could find was an AU Chewbacca and a 6″ Guavian(6″ is ok but my little tradition is definitely for 3.75″). Last year I just didn’t open a bunch of RO figures from FF and saved them for the movie. That’s what d like to do with the four figures in the final TBS wave. I’ve already resigned myself to having to buy repacks in TVC, so four more won’t kill me. I really want all four of them and I’d rather get them in time for the film and get another of each in TVC. Unfortunately for my little tradition, getting the figures months early isn’t the same as seeing the movie and going into a store to grab a bunch. 🙁 Wth today’s distribution, it’s the only option. My concern is for the 5poa stuff. I thought I was so clever by not buying the TIE Striker for full price. I got two of each vehicle, which would’ve cost $180, for $80. I happyha about that because the Striker is definitely not a bad vehicle and worth $20. I even like the U-wing at that price. But I really got burned on the two-packs by getting them when they were full price. If I find the SA TBS Rey and Praetorian Guard, I’ll probably hold off on that you two-pack. Han and Boba Fett can wait too. I really do want Qui-Gon and Darth Maul. I’ll probably still get that set. This two-packs at Five Below thing is pretty unprecedented in my experience. The best deal I’ve ever gotten there on SW figures is $5 for one. Especially HTF figures like the 2012 TCW Fox and unmasked Kylo from TFA. I found a good amount of TVC figures there for $5. But two figures for that price? That’s such a good deal. Especially considering that the RO figures are some of the best 5poa figures Hasbro has made.

          • Jimmy Griffin

            That is a nice tradition; but, yeah, there’s just no way you can count on anything (you would want) to be in the store 3 months later. But maybe I’ll take a page out of that book. Maybe I’ll get some 5POA and TBS stuff on FF, open the 5POA stuff then and wait til Dec. to open the other. My B-day is also in Dec., so it can be like a present to myself as well. I got my Resistance base Rey (a very good 5POA IMO) at 5 Below. That was literally the first place I found her; not at Target, TRU, or WalMart. It was earlier this year.

          • CT-7567

            Resistance Rey is an excellent figure. Great find. I found her and the others in that wave at retail at the beginning of 2016, but it wasn’t easy. I recently got an opener of the FO Squad Leader Stormtrooper and my only Unmasked Kylo at Five Below. I’ve actually found a lot of good figures there in the past. But the TFA figures were the first SW figures they’ve had since the TPM 3D stuff. Finding Commander Fox there was awesome. He was going for $35 at the time. I found a bunch of TVC figures there too, but only extras. I had them already but couldn’t resist them for $5. Oh, I forgot I did get my only INC there. I ended up getting an opener in TBS, but I’m glad I found one on the vintage card. I thought the days of good deals on SW figures at 5B were over after tgat, though. They never got any of the 2013 or Rebels 5poa figures.

          • Brian Beck

            I had paid an “amazon price’ for her, then squealed like a little girl when i found her at a Kmart. just yesterday I stopped at an outlet store called Ollies for s&g’s and it was next to game stop. they had 10 of her on the peg !

          • Jimmy Griffin

            I only ever saw her at 5 Below and a little later at a terminally ill K-Mart.

          • Brian Beck

            makes me wonder where the heck all the Akbar and (guy from the raid) are !

          • Jimmy Griffin

            You never know, I found a 5POA unmasked Kylo at Dollar General back when they were really hard to find.

          • Coleman Miller

            Same here! Plus got the FO Stormtrooper commander with it.

    • Matthew Leuck

      If I were a major retailer, I’d be pissed- most of the Targets in my area still have these for $14.99; this product is less than a year old, and already being sold on steep discount at closeout retailers.

      • I used to blame Hasbro FULLY for distribution issues, but in recent years I believe that aside from poor case assortments ratios, they’re basically blame free. Retail is the new “Hasbro” when nit comes to destroying the Star Wars brand at retail. I just believe that ty retailers should only be selling toys. I think we’d have a lot less issues if that right was taken away from Walmart and TARGET…. maybe even Amazon.

  • Matthew Leuck

    Went to a Five Below near me last night; looked like they got in 2 cases of the Finn/Phasma wave (with re-shipped Baze/Stormtrooper). Bought 4 Baze packs and one Finn one. Get it together, Hasbro.

  • Brian Beck

    went to 4 stores and found them at 2
    I’m building a new imperial base, so army building I’ll be 🙂

  • If you live in the UK it might be worth going to John Lewis, they had the two packs for £5 and the single figures for £2. Picked up the Pao set and several single figures.
    I’ve never seen Maul or the Baze packs though.

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