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New Developments Regarding The Black Series [Star Wars 40] Wave 2

So, what’s the deal with The Black Series [Star Wars 40] wave 2? You heard Hasbro say wave 1 is basically done, but wave 2 is on the way now (from our SDCC Q&A). Much of this is 100% accurate, then again, we said the same thing as well also. What you may want to be reminded about is that for wave 1 solid case packs for Han Solo and Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) are still coming, so this first set of figures is not truly “done” from that perspective. But most collectors are much more concerned with wave 2, and rightfully so. (more….)


Yes, Hasbro is also correct. Wave 2 has shipped and if you remember from our store reports recently, that has pretty much come and gone. Some people found them, many others did not. We can absolutely and unequivocally confirm from our sources that wave 2 is completely out of stock domestically from Hasbro. No one who orders directly from Hasbro domestically will be getting any more mixed cases of wave 2. But all is not lost and there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

Larger accounts that order directly from the factories in China may see remaining orders get fulfilled as there are likely some still in the pipeline. But if you don’t already have the figures pre-ordered (at these larger accounts) you’re probably out of luck. For all other smaller retailers/etailers, in short, if you still have them on pre-order then there’s a good possibility that your retailer of choice will not be receiving any more stock to fulfill them.

The last and final possibility (which isn’t in motion as of this post) is that Hasbro could send some of these figures back into production if there is enough demand. But with the focus on The Last Jedi now, that seems unlikely too.

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  • rusty_t

    I’d prefer to walk into a brick and mortar store and buy figures, but I never saw any of wave 2 in an actual store. Unfortunately, that means I mainly have been pre-ordering all my figures as soon as they are available on some of the online shops. I got my wave 2 the week Dorkside got their first shipment and that’s who I’ll probably continue to order from. I miss the days when I could walk into a toy store and buy the action figures I want without having to hunt. The hunt can be fun, but after a while it gets tiring. I assume most of us have other commitments and responsibilities and we can’t keep haunting the toy aisles every day.

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      Ordering online is the only way now.
      And if you want them in good condition, order from BBTS, Dorkside, Empiretoyshop, ToweringToys, etc. I have not seen 1 case of 40th Wave 2 in any brick n morter anywhere!

      • BCYa

        I have seen one figure from Wave 2, a single Death Squad Trooper at a Target. It’s pretty lame.

      • drink2mny

        I had a pre order in way back in May for BBTS and nothing ever came. I emailed a couple times and had very short emails back telling me to wait. The estimated arrival time went from June to July to now this Estimated Arrival: 3rd Quarter 2017..

        Don’t think I’m seeing this show up..

    • MicroCapo

      I highly recommend Entertainment Earth. Both waves I ordered late, and as they guaranteed, they both came and in C9+ condition. They are “grandfathered” in with Hasbro, so they get from Hasbro direct, versus a distributor like most other eTailers. Companies are unable to get stock directly from Hasbro anymore, however EE had a relationship with them for so long that they are one of the only online eTailers to still get stock direct, which means the items come both quicker and in larger quantities. Partly the reason they get exclusives too, over other smaller stores like Dorkside. In fact, a lot of the smaller etailers actually get whole-sale pricing from EE, so you’re almost ordering from EE anyways. The thing is, EE always prioritizes their MSRP individual sales, so if you order from them direct at MSRP, you rarely (if ever) have any problems, whereas an eTailer may order from EE and you order from that same smaller eTailer, you could wait longer or get left in the dust.

      • Xo Tica

        Here is a question for you? Do they stock any of this years SDCC exclusives? Or do they have to wait until Hascon is over. Because a couple of E Tailers here in the UK have them in stock, with non of the HTS bull which US collectors have to put up with.

        • MicroCapo

          Unfortunately I do not believe so. Only the con & HTS. ToweringToys (another smaller eTailer) had a limited stock of the Rey / Luke 2-pack and a handful of Thrawns but they sold out within 45 mins.

          • Xo Tica

            I certainly don’t understand Hasbro, with their distribution .

          • Paul B

            Nobody does .

          • shane

            Neither does Hasbro.

      • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

        But EE will make you order the full case, repacks and all.
        How many Starlords do you need? lol

        • MicroCapo

          I need 10 Starlords for the same reason you need 10 R2D2’s. 😉

        • MicroCapo

          But in all seriousness, it’s all down to personal preference I suppose.

          With EE, I notice I usually get my figures first, I’ve never had an order cancelled or delayed, and truth be told, the difference is only $15 more and you’ll get 8 figures versus 6. Un-touched cases. The other retailers take out the repacks, and profit off re-selling them while up-charging you for the 6 you need to complete the wave. $24.16 per figure versus $19.99 per figure ($144.99 / 6 figures or $159.99 / 8 figures).

          In reference to the Marvel Knights wave, you get two Daredevil’s and two punisher’s for only $15 more. Pretty good deal imo, could be re-sold, made into customs, or used for trades.

          • CT-7567

            EE cancelled my order for the highly in-demand Jabba’s Skiff Guard from the 2013 orange phase of TBS. It’s the only TBS figure(3.75″) that I never got. Oh, also the Scarif Trooper.

          • shane

            Brock Starsher ? I need him too, he needs released again. Another TVC idea, but I’ll take him anyway except pay the scalpers. It’s just too much.

          • CT-7567

            Yeah. I have a weakness for remembering the names these background guys were given in the EU. EE cancelled as VC SA cancelled my pre-order. The Scarif Trooper and that figure are the only TBS figures i missed. Technically, I chose not to get about seven of the Walmart line figures because i already have them in other lines. Before figure prices were raised above $10, I would buy repacks to have a complete set. Like TBS Threepio or Dak. I’ll buy TVC repacks for that reason, but at $13-14 it’s too expensive to do unless it’s for something important like TVC.

          • shane

            What are you looking for on FF ? I don’t know if you saw the pics of the BB-8 Flagship but I think it may be fantastic. It sounded stupid at first but the thing is HUGE ! I have all these FO Troopers laying around posed with a crappy TIE at this time.
            It seems like the perfect display piece for the First Order.
            That, and Kylos ship and I’m looking at a really cool FO display. What do you think about that ?
            Again I thought I was done with 5 POA , but now I’m not so sure.
            I don’t know whether I should wait for clearance or just buy the darn thing.
            I think it depends on the price.
            I saw a price of 200 euros, which is ridiculous.
            What is that , $150 ?
            Not paying that. But I think I’d pay $100.
            Best pic is on Facebook for the clearest image but it’s still too small to get a really good look at this thing. I’ve been wanting a cool playset for a very long time now.

          • Paul B

            Why did they have to make it in the shape of BB-8 though ?

          • shane

            That’s why I thought it was stupid at first. And I still need to get a much better look at it. But if I have it displayed, it’s just gonna stay open. Doesn’t bother me like I thought it would. Again, it really depends on the price too.

          • CT-7567

            I saw the pics from the link over at Yakface. It actually does look cool. Do yet if it’s $200 cool. I’m wondering if the reverse side opens. Plus, is actually the size of BB-8? The only vehicle I’ll probably get on FF is the A-wing. The others seem overpriced and with RO it definitely paid to wait. I got the TIE and U-wing for $20 and Hera’s A-wing for $7. I’ll probably get the badic figures and maybe two of the two-packs. The Han and Boba one might have to wait. The recent posts about RO two-packs at Five Below really burned me. And I really like the figures in rgose two-packs. Especially the Pao and Moroff ones. What I want most is the SA TBS figures and I still don’t know the best place to look for them.

          • shane

            I might buy Kylo Rens Silencer assuming the wings aren’t warped or something. Definitely getting the A-Wing. If the Flagship is $200, I will definitely just wait.

    • Brandon

      Agreed 100%.

  • I’ve had a Jawa on pre-order through BBTS for a few months now it seems. They delivered the DSC but the not the Jawa. By random, blind luck I went in a Target one Friday morning and found some 40th figures on the pegs (2 DSC, 2 Jawas and 2 C3POs.) I bought a C3 and one Jawa. I kept the pre-order in though. If they make good on it it’ll give me one to trade out or sell. I wonder if it’s possible that Hasbro did better with their products in the years prior to the Disney’s involvement because they didn’t have to be concerned with new films coming out every year full of new characters and vehicles?

    • Carbonite_Hydrates

      During the prequels with very few exceptions – the best versions of figures were released at the end of the movie lines and in the years between movies.

      In the two years of Disney we haven’t seen the toy lines go on long enough to reach these points. Or continue into those between years at all.

      • Matthew Leuck

        Hasbro seems very overwhelmed and under-prepared for the whole movie-a-year situation. They were probably too cheap to hire additional staff that would have helped the situation.

        • Carbonite_Hydrates

          It doesn’t help that every theatrical release from Episodes 2 & 3 in 3D, and all the new Disney films have had their release dates moved around.

          Rogue One was supposed to be followed 5 months later with The Last Jedi. That must rain havoc on the preparation work Hasbro is doing. And most likely explains why were had the 40th Anniversary 6″ figures.

      • CT-7567

        True. I remember really liking the POTJ TPM Obi-Wan. I actually still like that figure. The best Anakin in the ROTS line was the Sith eyes one. And the burned to hell one.

  • Robb

    I have them on pre order from BBTS but it has been months and I doubt they are going to be able to fill the order.

    • I don’t know is BBTS is considered big enough to directly get their stock from the China warehouses.

      • tc14droid

        I don’t think they are, as they have not offered the other FOB figures such as Galen Erso wave solids or the new 2-pack that you posted links to on EE’s site yesterday.

        Han & R2 40th solids do not appear to be FOB (free on board/direct factory orders).

      • CT-7567

        Does Tunghori ever sell 6″ figures? Seeing how in-demand these are, I could easily see some Chinese factory making some “after hours” samples. Then again, they’re all coming in the boxes so they might not be worth it. Bootlegs of older TBS figures are pretty prominent now. The one that really surprises me is the first TBS Vader. I didn’t realize that figure was desirable enough to be worth bootlegging.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    my closest FYE got a full case in last thurdsay (a week ago) 2 DSC’s left. my closest target still has a lonely Jawa and DSC.

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      FYE still exists!? That’s the real news!

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        yea i know right?! hahah. yea i actually have 3 large stores in my area, 2 in malls (one being a brand new re-model/re-opening) and a large stand alone store. all still going strong, all heavily stocked with new stuff

        • JohnMorog

          I was just in the mall that has one around me and I didn’t even think to check…

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            went by today 1 DSC left. i may grab it to open. i almost have another open set to display on the stand using red box tusken and 3p0 and blueline chewie

  • Thaingu

    sigh. I never really saw Wave 2 here in Montreal, Canada…i still see the occasional DSC and Jawa, but that’s it. Never saw an R2 40th either.
    actually, here are the things i never saw at retail in the pas year:
    -AT-ST black series
    -Ponda Baba-sandtrooper-tusken raider-prototype Fett black series wave
    -most of wave 2 40th anniversary (had to order them online at a premium…)
    -ERG-Lando Black series 6” wave

    Yeah, like many, I loved to go on a toy run and find stuff at retail….makes it hard to so when you never see stuff….

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    You know what depresses me? How woefully unprepared for combat our soliders and cops are.

    They should listen to that paragon of masculinity Mr. Rian Johnson with all his years of combat training and replace their uniforms with sippy cups.

  • Xo Tica

    Wave 2 still hasn’t hit the UK or Europe. What’s going on? Is wave 2 going to hit during Force Friday? A sad state of affairs, if you are waiting for TVC2 for next year I would be truely worried by Hash*t ?.

    • I have 3po and Chewie, Han and R2 all at preorder from FP due on various days in Autumn. I passed on the Jawa (will pick it up eventually) and got the Tusken in the regular packaging. The Commander I still need but will probably pick up the regular boxed release.

      • Xo Tica

        I have the wave on preorder as well with another company. It seems like an eternity waiting for any news about release date. On top of that there is the TBS6 wave 1 and 2 for FF where there are no pre orders available yet.

      • David Harrison

        I also have those on order with FP along with Artoo who they say it’s arriving in October but I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • CT-7567

        Forbidden Planet has actual stores in the UK, right?

        • Xo Tica

          Yes they do . But there are 2 organisations called Forbidden Planet which offer mailorder and have stores.

        • Yes three or four but most just use the website.

  • JohnMorog

    Hasbro produce figures that are in demand?? I’ve never heard of such an insane notion.

    • Xo Tica

      Yes those figures which are in demand by scalpers.

      • JohnMorog

        Gotta love the law of supply and demand! ….

        • Xo Tica

          Yes we collectors demand , and Hasbro never supply.

          • JohnMorog

            Nail, meet hammer.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    I’m not concerned about wave 2.

    It will be ordered by French retailers as soon as they sell off their legions of remaining Leias…

    Bottom line, wave 2 will never make it to France. ?

    Oh well, at least we did get wave 1 (and piles of Legacy Vaders). Other European countries weren’t so lucky.

    • Xo Tica

      Those Legacy Vaders are going to rot on TRU shelves because those imbeciles don’t like reducing certain merchandise. How much are they ? €60 ?
      TRU stores here in the UK pulled nearly all TBS6 figures a few months ago , with the exception of the Vader Legacy Pack, Hovertank Pilot. No one knows why.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        €50 “only”, actually. Not that it makes much of a difference in terms of sales. ?

        The 6″ situation varies in different TRUs.

        The one in Paris La Défense has no RO and no Hovertank drivers, but still piles of TFA Zuvios, Guavians, Finns and Pilot Poes.

        The one closest to home has leftovers from Rogue One wave 1 (nothing beyond that) and Hovertank drivers, but Zuvio and friends are gone for the most part.

        What never changes is the Legacy Vaders and 40th Leias gathering dust…

        • CT-7567

          Wow! They should donate those to charity. Zuvio is actually a very nice 6″ figure. I have an extra that I got for $6. I’m saving it for donation at Xmas.

          • Xo Tica

            A really under rated figure, I bought mine very cheap.

    • Funtomaz

      Funny, my local TRU here in Hamburg had no 40th anniversary figures left, other than a few legacy Darth Vaders…

      And it’s interesting to read that TRU UK also pulled all 6 inch figures (most of them), since the same thing happened in Germany a while ago. And no one knows why! A reset for Force Friday? TRU will no longer carry the figures in Europe? Does anyone know?

      • Darth_Rizzen

        No pulling of figures here. Too bad, in a way. I’d really, really love to see something different on the pegs!

        • Funtomaz

          The shelf for 6 inch figures is now occupied by an army of Jakks BB-8s, not a pleasant sight either 😉

          • Darth_Rizzen

            You don’t miss the Zuvios and Finns, do you? ?

          • Funtomaz

            Not at all 😀 I never need another Finn action figure! Or Jyn… or Cassian…

          • CT-7567

            I’d buy an SA Cassian in his Eadu outfit. 3.75″ that is. I rather like the 6″ one.

          • Funtomaz

            Yes, Eadu Cassian is a fine figure (ignoring face paint apps), he was just repacked too many times. I also like the Kmart exclusive Jyn.

          • CT-7567

            Agreed. I’d buy an SA figure of her, too.

      • This year in TRU/Lisbon only had the RO exclusive trooper in 6” line, and most of the time it was far from all the rest of the SW merchandise. Disney store was the only place that seamed to have more figures but it stopped before Revan. “El Corte Ingles” (Spanish retail) had the one case wave 1 40th anniversary (and a bunch of 40th vaders) so I think Spain got more figures than most.

        • Darth_Rizzen

          Han and Tauntaun… I’ve never even seen this one in regular stores. Only at importers where it was not cheap, needless to say.

    • I believe one case arrived in Lisbon… only one Luke remains…

  • Paul B

    I just need the Jawa.

    • Xo Tica

      I need a handful and Sandcrawler

    • CT-7567

      What do you think of the DSC? I was very surprised by how much I like that one. Unfortunately, I need the Jawa, Tusken and Threepio. Then again, I think I’m done with 6″ anyway. It’s too much of a pain to find, plus there’s so many coming out that there’s no way I could afford 6″ and TVC next year. I would like to get those last three 40th figures, Lando and the ERG. As of now I’m behind 11 figures from the Revan wave to the ERG wave. The only figures I’ve found beyond the Krennic wave are the four 40th figures I have and a single AT-AT Driver. Plus the Target AT-ACT Driver.

      • shane

        Don’t forget about that Sandcrawler. I can just imagine it coming out just right exactly when I’m broke or something.

        • CT-7567

          The Disney Sandcrawler?

  • Xo Tica

    What I find amazing is that we have an interview from SDCC of those 2 Hasbro dudes who seem to live in cloud cuckoo land . They know nothing about distribution problems or care. The company is in control of the bean counters who only think about the next quarter. What’s the point of showing merchandise that a lot of people will never see. Hasbros Japanese competitors have better distribution ( even if some of it is through 3rd parties). How about Hasbro just pulling out of all countries outside of North America , because they DONT CARE.

    • shane

      What is some company bought the Kenner rights ? Because they did care, take over that name, you take over that attitude.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Wave 2 was pretty easy for me to find in Stores, i have multiples of all the ones i wanted to have multiples of. Wave 1 was the tougher Wave for me to complete locally. I literally only ever saw 1 R2, and that was from a Case i had pulled from the backroom of a Walmart. I have a Walgreen’s now that has a couple Ben and Luke’s left. I just hope the EE Pre-order’s for R2 come thru. Waiting on that now for an “opener” R2.

  • Funtomaz

    This is the situation in Germany: all pre-orders from etailers were cancelled a few weeks ago. And then, maybe two or three weeks later new pre-orders were opened and now it says wave 2 will be available in November.

    • Xo Tica

      It’s going to be very expensive just before Christmas when different waves of TBS6 and the exclusives start hitting. I hope you manage to find what you want .
      Have you got SH Figuarts R2 and 3PO yet?

      • Funtomaz

        Thank you! I imported the Death Squad Commander and the Jawa from the UK.
        I’m debating whether to get SHF R2 and 3PO or not… I have the Bandai model kits which fulfill my needs. I am somewhat disappointed that C-3PO has a dull coating and his neck is much too long. SHF could have given both droids some weathering so they more resemble the look from the movie. SHF R2 is fine, really good. But if I want another R2 I might get the Mafex, because he has the tray accessory and is really a great figure too. Or if I want another R2 I might order the Bandai set with BB-8. I’m looking forward to SHF Qui-Gon!

    • So this wave will not the in retail by FF II in Europe, is that it?

      • Funtomaz

        Apparently not, the 40th anniversary collection isn’t part of the TLJ marketing campaign anyway.

  • Darth Parsley

    I have never seen the Jawa, Stormtrooper, and Tusken Raider in the Stores in Northern California. Maybe well get another chance

    • Xo Tica

      Maybe you will see them in the future when Disney starts to reboot the franchise and remakes Epusode 4 again for a new generation. SARCASM.
      I really feel for collectors who should be amongst the first to get these figures especially when container ships travel from China and they dock and unload on the west coast . Or am I wrong.?

      • Paul B

        Why not reboot the entire OT, now with an all female cast?
        It IS all the rage now after all ?

        • John Titus

          Careful you’re going to have your posts deleted by the fuhrer.

  • Fiery Little One

    I only need the Stormtrooper and the Tusken Raider from this line, then I’m done with it.

    • Paul B

      The Tuskin Raider is in the Qui Gon Jinn/ERG/Lando wave

      • Fiery Little One

        Yeah, in this case I was kind of thinking ‘if I see this packaging first,’ which is 50/50 with anything not exclusive.

  • Simon Herivel

    You do understand thou that the largest toy maker in the world…..is Hasbro! No one else can come close to manufacturing the quantity….you also can not compare the early 2000’s to now as a lot has changed in terms of importing and exporting as well as manufacturing…..

    • I thought the largest was Lego… it turns out it’s Matel (acording to wikipedia)

      • CT-7567

        I thought it was Lego too. Then Mattel and Hasbro third. Guess I was wrong. 🙂

    • shane

      Plus, who could do it ? FUNKO ? That wouldn’t be good.

  • hammyhamster

    There was about a 2-day window where every Walmart in the Toronto area had wave 1 at retail and a near 1-week window with wave two. There’s plenty of DSC’S, jawas, lukes, ob1s and some leias available still. TRU is a mess with their distribution so I found stores getting them at different times.

    Walmart online in US and Canada gave me the majority of extras that I needed.

    So pretty much if you didn’t hustle to get the key figures you didn’t get squat

  • Wil Wright
  • Darth Maleval

    These are not even on the planogram at Target anymore, so not going to find them there. I see these being online retail fodder. I’d be surprised to see them in brick & mortar except maybe Gamestop or something.

  • AllThePowa

    Got upset when i found out both Wave 01 and 02 were OOP so i was tempted to sell my wave 02. But then i heard news of the solid case r2 and han, so i bought some leias, obi-wans and lukes (2 of each, because i have to make sure atleast one has a perfect card for display, and one for my legacy pack)

  • do you have any news this wave 2 arriving in Europe? do you know if Revan wave got here?

  • CT-7567

    The OTC was the beginning of Hasbro’s greatest modern era. The Saga Collection, TAC, TLC and of course TVC are , imo, the best lines Hasbro ever made for SW. OTCVOTC , for me, wthe beginning of something great, not the end.

  • michelalano

    I preordered from dorkside the moment it was available, way back in May i think, and my order still isn’t “canceled.” I emailed them a couple of times and they said they still have no official word, but it’s best to assume the worst. Still, I’m holding onto a sliver of hope.

  • GIBBS v2

    Did these become Force Friday items?

  • skywalkerskater11

    Any news about when exactly Jaina and Thrawn will be released?

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