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A First Look At Some Brand-New, Never Before Seen Figures!

Today we bring you a first look at some brand new The Black Series 6″ figures thanks to a friend who was able to find them in the Target system. Come take a look at some other never before seen figures after the jump! Special thanks to JTA reader and friend Brandon!

UPDATE: Images have been removed.


Let’s begin with a new addition to one of everyone’s favorite parts of the 40th Anniversary celebration… new The Black Series 3.75″ Titanium Die-Cast figures! Wooooo! (The images may not be crystal clear, but they are clear enough to get an idea). You might remember we had originally reported some additional characters for the Die-cast series in January, and it looks like that is panning out! 

Kylo Ren with Helmet Accessory

Captain Phasma


Next up, We have have a first look at a new The Black Series 6″ Trooper that is possibly the first Target Exclusive that we have been hearing about and Luke Skywalker with Ach-To Environmental Piece Exclusive as well!

“Tango” Black Stormtrooper Target Exclusive with Staff/Whip

Luke Skywalker with Ach-To Environmental Piece

Now, These are just what have been located in the Target system so this is only an assumption that they are the exclusives, but it is really looking that way. You may remember another report from January where we hinted at some other new deluxe Environmental figures coming out (…Snoke), and Hasbro kept their word. It looks like Target may be taking over the environmental deluxe figures from K-Mart, which is a smart move in my opinion considering many are closing and Rey, Kylo, and Jyn can be found for pennies on the dollar.

So what are your thoughts on this? I really love the new exclusives and it really makes sense to have the Luke/Ach-To deluxe set. I just wish it came out earlier, but better late than never, right? I know some people really enjoy the Titanium 3.75″ figures, so you’re bound to be happy for some new additions. What do you think about these new ones?

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  • Tim

    Wait, will Luke be available separately? 2 different releases?

    • Yes, this is a Deluxe release. Like Starkiller Base Rey and Kylo Ren and The Jyn Erso one. So this one will likely be called Ach-To Luke Skywalker or something

      • Tim

        So it’ll be like the Kmart ones you just mentioned? 1 general release and 1 exclusive with environment piece and possibly some minor change?

  • GIBBS v2

    That Luke looks like he was supposed to arrive with the last movie.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      Yeah, It’s pretty shameful that TFA is the only film that never got a single Luke Skywalker figure in any format. Even ROTS had him as a baby that came with Obi-Wan.

      • RumSleg

        What about Bespin Luke from TFA wave 1? 😉

    • Yeah….this definitely should’ve been with TFA, but they can pull it off since the movie is starting up right at the end. Shame really… I can’t believe we had to wait so long for these.

  • Captain Yorr

    I can’t wait to add every single new figure to my collection! Elite series and all. The best part about all these exclusives is I see no WAL-MART. GREAT coverage in these. I have not seen these anywhere else.

    • Yeah, no walmart is always a good thing. No one else got these images yet 🙂
      It’ll be easier to get everything if you got some people giving you a hand! Force Friday will be mayhem! lol

    • General Hux

      Just watch Walmart somehow get the best exclusive out of the entire TLJ line, and it never comes to retail…Hypothetical but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it happened. Lol

      • Brian Beck

        I’ve been thinking the same thing.

  • PorgAddict

    Joy. More titaniums that looked like they got puked out of a smelting plant. And Indy Court jester stormy.

    • GIBBS v2

      Ha! Nothing but the highest quality Lead for Hasbro.

      They look like these wax figurines I used to get at my local zoo. You fed the machine a buck and it melted/molded it right there in front of you. The quality looks about the same.

      • PorgAddict

        All I want to know is if I am getting a 6″ Black Series Porg on Ach-To. From what I’ve seen so far it would be the best of the bunch.

        • MicroCapo

          Porg comes with Chewy I think ☺️

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Chewy porgs? I love a good porg chop or pulled porg sandwich. Yummy!

          • JohnMorog

            The 3.75 one does… Not sure about 6″

    • Caleb Amos

      Literally was my exact response. Oh joy.

  • Zach Leahy

    That looks like a flying porg with deluxe luke. Otherwise idk what that black orb is

    • PorgAddict

      It better be, it better be.

    • A second mechanical right hand for grabbing…

      • Zach Leahy

        But the hand is made of super soft plastic, at least on the sdcc release. I doubt that he’d need a new hand. But I do see the shape of one now so that may be it for reasons unknown

  • RumSleg

    Colin, you’re doing it wrong. No pictures! And no clear statement of facts. This should be a post about a dream you had with clue words in bold, and tags like #target #exclusive #tfalukewithenvironmentpiece. So that Hasbro doesn’t catch on that you’re revealing product info early.

    • PorgAddict


    • Rivesjunctionite

      “Images have been removed” – see what we mean? Only talk in weird code backwards, like a Twin Peaks episode.

    • You can be a real jerk sometimes. 🙂

      • RumSleg

        I just need to never post comments after 10 pm. I get tired and lose my filters. 🙂 Sorry.

  • James

    Could TLJ Luke end up being a peg warmer like those Kmart exclusive environmental pieces? ?

  • Kinetic_Koala

    I know TFA doesn’t get a lot of love on these forums, but count me in as excited for the Kylo and Phasma Titaniums. Based on the fact that the Vader Titanium is the only figure I’ve never physically seen at stores, I think these will do fine. Finn screams peg warmer.

    Has anyone noticed that the upcoming TBS6 Rey Resistance Base is incorrect in regards to her arms? The figure has arm wrappings (like in the opening of the TLJ teaser), instead of the TFA arm coveralls. I expect we’ll also get a Resistance Rey with environmental base and the correct arms as a companion piece to this Luke.

  • Randy

    Glad that these new titaniums are all TFA characters, they can clog up different pegs instead of killing the action figure lines.

  • Fiery Little One

    That new Trooper has my interest. I hope that TRU takes this like they did with the AT-ACT Driver when it comes to Canada, assuming this is an exclusive that is.

  • Zack

    Would have preferred Finn having a lightsaber instead of a blaster, but a Kenobi lightsaber from that line works instead

  • Caleb Amos

    Ugh… Gag on the titanium series. I see them all over the place still and think they are hideous. Literally nothing good about them. MAYBE the stands. But even then why would I buy something just for the stand?

  • General Hux

    Well, I like the Executioner Trooper but it’s TBS6 so I don’t care. 🙂

    • CT-7567

      Hopefully coming in 3.75″. I wish we were getting that trooper in wave one instead of another basic Stormtrooper.

      • General Hux

        The normal Stormtrooper has a slightly new design though so it makes sense to release that first.

        • CT-7567

          I guess. Im just getting excited for the movie and want some newer stuff. But you’re right. Plus I have about eight regular 5poa FO Stormtroopers already.

          • General Hux

            I have over 10 so I’m set as well 🙂 but I won’t mind getting a few more. Hopefully the executioner comes in the later waves.

  • I get to buy Luke again to get the rocks? *sigh* Hopefully he at least has the face printing and maybe a porg. That would get me to buy him.

    And yeah, those Titaniums are looking great. Clearly they will be the hallmark of our collections.

    • RumSleg

      I don’t want that Luke just for the rocks. But I would buy that Luke instead of the basic 6″ Luke if there was a cool companion piece coming also. (Presumably Resistance Rey?) But by the time I know what the companion piece is, this will probably have sold through. So I won’t end up buying either. 😛

      • I already have the SDCC release, otherwise this would be the one I’d get. Maybe it’ll be a little different like Kylo, Rey, and Jyn were.

  • Jason M

    Don’t care

  • Nick Greene


    Do you think this same friend can find the LEGO sets? I have some DPCIs for them but no names.

  • Lando Griffin

    FF checklist:
    3.75″ Figures (MSRP $7.99)
    Rey (Jedi Training)
    Poe Dameron (Resistance Pilot)
    Kylo Ren
    Finn (Resistance Fighter)
    First Order Stormtrooper
    Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
    General Hux
    Rose Tico (Resistance Tech)
    Paige Tico (Resistance Gunner)
    Chewbacca (With Porg)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Emperor Palpatine
    Princess Leia Organa (Hoth)

    Deluxe Two-Packs (MSRP $14.99)
    Rey (Jedi Training) & Elite Praetorian Guard
    Han Solo & Boba Fett
    Darth Maul & Qui-Gon Jinn

    Deluxe Figure Sets (MSRP $19.99)
    Rathtar & Bala-Tik
    Probe Droid & Darth Vader
    Wampa & Luke Skywalker (Hoth)

    Vehicles (MSRP $29.99-$49.99)
    Resistance A-Wing With Reistance Pilot Tallie

    Canto Bight Police Speeder With Police Officer

    Resistance Ski Speeder & Captain Poe Dameron
    Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer & Kylo Ren (TIE Pilot)

    Miscellaneous (MSRP $29.99-$199.99)
    Force Link Starter Set (With Kylo Ren)
    BB-8 Mega Star Destroyer (With Supreme Leader Snoke And Elite Praetorian Guard)

    6-Inch Scale Figures (MSRP)
    Hera Syndulla
    Rey (Jedi Training)
    Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Kylo Ren
    Darth Vader (Reissue)
    Stormtrooper (Reissue)
    Snowtrooper (Reissue)
    AT-AT Driver (Reissue)
    Poe Dameron
    General Leia
    Elite Praetorian Guard
    Centerpiece Assortment (MSRP)
    Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
    Darth Vader (Tantive IV)
    Exclusive 6-Inch Scale Figures (MSRP)
    Tango – Black (Target)
    Clone Commander Gree (Toys”R”Us
    Supreme Leader Snoke With Throne (GameStop)
    Elite Guards 4-PK (GameStop)
    6-Inch Scale Vehicles (MSRP)
    Rey’s Speeder With Rey (Jakku)
    X-34 Landspeeder With Luke Skywalker

    Roleplay (MSRP $99.99-$149.99)
    Captain Poe Dameron (Black Leader) Helmet
    Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX Lightsaber
    Titanium Series Helmets (MSRP $14.99)
    Victor Guard/Tango Red

    There’s one big piece of information worth pointing out, and that’s the fact that Snoke’s apparent base of operations is going to be referred to as a “Mega Star Destroyer” – at least on the packaging. It’s curious that the design for that hasn’t leaked out just yet in spite of a lot of marketing-based leaks making the rounds. But when it hits – along with items that aren’t covered on this list – we at Star Wars News Net will be sure to keep you covered.

    • Nice of you to repost MY list here which SWNN transcribed from MY PDF preview *eyeroll*

      • Lando Griffin


      • Lando Griffin

        I just replied, but put your URL, so it needs to be approved. I tried posting your report earlier today, but nobody approved it. I usually do credit the URL. Forgot. My bad.

      • Mark

        Hey there I just tried posting the entire link earlier, but no one would even approve it. That is totally not cool though since I usually credit the URL. Thank you Yakface for the scraps! 😀

        • We were sleeping. And generating a 300-image gallery into the late hours of the night. We’re not 24/7 you know!

          • Mark

            Dang it Paul I was making fun of Lando Griffin’s triple post with the same but different content! I guess you have to see this thread in context…

      • CT-7567

        Jayson, I told you in a reply on your site that I had seen a post of the actual list. I saved it just in case, but certainly wouldn’t repost it as I said. I just wanted you to know about it but that was before I saw what this guy did. Transcribing the list as just not cool. Please don’t drop the project, however. Those lists have become a tradition for FF. Don’t let one person’s mistake ruin something you worked hard on, man.

      • General Hux

        Oh gee, really? I understand why that would be extremely bothersome, I hope you can still release it, it is VERY helpful. 🙂

    • STARWARS’77

      Mostly right except the MSRP of Forcelink bracelet. All those vehicles are $29.99 except Kylo. He’s $39.99

      • And there’s the inherent problem in plagiarizing information when A) info is not complete and B) the info has not been revised in to a final product.

        I guess it’s a moot point now because I’m halting the project.

        • RumSleg

          You’re canceling the checklist because an internet jerk ripped it off? 🙁

        • Do you want me to remove his post?

  • Jaken Wraith

    But who is going to connect to Jyn Erso’s Exclusive Base? WIll K-Mart get 1 more? WIll Target take that planned Exclusive? It did state on K-Mart’s site that Jyn would connect to an upcoming Figure.


      I bet they had a um uh I don’t remember his name, Jyns boyriend planned but then Kmart pulled out when they realized they were getting screwed with bad exclusives.

      • Carbonite_Hydrates

        Casio Keyboard was his name.

    • RumSleg

      Yes, I hope the companion to the Jyn exclusive doesn’t go unreleased. I wish somebody had remembered to ask Hasbro about that at SDCC.

  • Jawa scavenger

    Good, Finn arrives in the Titanium Series, the line’s dead…

    • CT-7567

      I know. It’s unbelievable. Why not Rey? Finn is the most epic peg-warmer of all time. In my area, Zuvio sells more. And rightfully so…he’s a more interesting figure. Especially the 6″ one.

      • Tyler Frechette

        It’s not going to get better for him either, now that everyone know’s he’s a huge racist and a race baiter. He’s no Lando or Mace that’s for sure.

        • CT-7567

          Agreed. Do you really think he’s racist? I think what he said was racially insensitive. I’m still wondering if he’s actually a racist.

          • Tyler Frechette

            Maybe not, it doesn’t really matter. It was classless and in poor taste.

          • CT-7567

            Agreed. I suppose what he actually said is what really matters. I was never crazy about Finn as a character, but that statement just made Boyega seem unlikeable.

          • Tyler Frechette

            Yea I’m not emotionally invested in his story arc at all

          • CT-7567


  • Vader Hater

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more underwhelmed with Star Wars products like I have been this past year. I think we’re at the end of our collecting euphoria in the Star Wars realm. TVC is going to be the only think keeping real collectors interested going forward. Even then I wonder if that will really be enough to keep them interested.

  • Echo82

    lol Finn.

    Pegwarming: 2015 – 2???

    • AllThePowa

      That would be right.

  • hammyhamster
  • Gloriouscollector

    Wow Hasbro you really need to keep these secret until Sep.1?

  • Shoretrooper

    More Titanium 3.75″?? NO. WHY?!!?

    • RumSleg

      I was surprised that the initial five seemed to mostly sell through. But since they did, might as well sell more!

      • CT-7567

        Yeah, but Finn? I mean, really? If people don’t want him in SA and 5poa 3.75″ as well as 6″ and 12″ and DES Die-cast two times over, why the hell would they want a statue of him?? And again, no lightsaber? Really?

      • CT-7567

        I got them all except Han. I like them. They’re neat statues. Idk why people that only like actual action figures would care about them or want them. The Han is terrible and I passed, but the rest look pretty good locked together on display. I only saw Vader once, so someone else likes them too, apparently. I’d probably get Ren and Phasma, but there’s going to be too much regular stuff. Those ones I can see ending up on clearance or at Five Below.

        • Im hoping for the droids to show up.

          • CT-7567

            Me too, actually.

  • So… no BS 3.75!? ?

  • SID

    that trooper is neat (hate all these “new” weapons) but that luke is 100% buy, I’m sure its going to look sick on display with other figures. Now I MIGHT actually buy something on FF

    • RumSleg

      I’d be more persuaded to buy that Luke if I had an idea what the companion might be, or if there’s a companion piece.

      • CT-7567

        Probably the exact same basic Rey figure with a plastic rock. Jyn never got a companion piece.

      • SID

        I for some reason doubt it will have a companion piece. Luke is enough for most people and Hasbro milked releasing it this long anyway.

  • Thorswars Itxaso

    That Finn Titanium is going to be Hot-selling this Autumm, grab it while you can…

  • grugz

    hope they sorted the elbow issues on stormy

  • Boba Fettuccini

    Only good thing about the titanium figures is the effects pieces.

  • LadyFerry

    yawn ..

    • Elf_Jedi

      As Green Day would sing: ” wake me up, when September ends ….!”

    • shane


    • Tyler Frechette

      Seriously though. Ain’t nobody care about metal statues. ESPECIALLY new trilogy ones.

  • Derth Nadir

    That’s not a whip, by the way. He is holding his energy staff upside down…

  • Andrew

    This is getting ridiculous. We’re three weeks from Force Friday — just reveal the toys already, Disney.

    • JTA should become an eBay page and then we could reveal all we want we suppose.

  • Sithewok

    Since I missed the pictures, does the 3.75″ Kylo come with the burnt Vader helmet? That would be reason enough for me to actually pick it up…

  • Eradicator

    The secrecy Hasbro/Disney is trying to hold is stupid (lack of a better term). Create some hype by showing these things ahead of time. If people don’t know what is coming there is less of a chance they will want to go out for Force Friday. Do a bit of promotion, get some people excited, sell some toys!

    • RumSleg

      There is no better term. 🙂

    • Long Snoot

      It makes even less sense when you realise that most of the characters look either very similar or exactly like in TFA.

      • RumSleg

        Yes. The leaked first waves of 5POA are actually pretty boring, for this reason.

        • CT-7567

          Luke in TLJ outfit will probably take another two years.

  • The above image of Luke has the same expression as me realizing that they are making more titanium figures. lol

  • ジョセフ

    Man I hope they fix the awful arms on the first order stormtrooper instead of just repacking them and doing repaints.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    old environmental pieces were $24.99, this one is showing $29.99. bumped it up $5 just becuase>? the black orb seems to be an alternate hand??????

  • Funtomaz

    After finding the photos on Google…
    I think I’ll pass on the Luke with the rock if the figure is exactly the same. Or I’ll pass on the basic release of Luke, which will be more difficult in Germany because you almost never get single figures online, only cases.
    The whip could be a cool weapon for the new FO Stormtrooper. I hope they improved the elbows…

    And why, oh why, all this stupid secrecy surrounding toys? Especially if one of the figures has already been revealed? Or is it to lure people into buying the regular release and only then telling the public that they have to buy the same figure all over again to get the environmental piece?
    This is silly.

    Stop treating everything like it’s a state secret. It’s only action figures and entertainment, not the plans to a nuclear submarine or whatever…

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