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Walmart Exclusive 3.75" Scarif Stromtrooper Squad Leader In Stock

Hurry, The Black Series 3.75″ Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader Is now in Stock

Update: Out Of Stock in less than 4 minutes, keep checking. He may pop back in

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  • Hazzbro Jonez

    you’ve gotta be kidding me ahhaahh! ahhhh i bookmarked it’s page and have been refreshing all morning during my morning break…..geeeezzzz ahahahahah.
    thanks for the heads up! ill keep trying

  • thelastwookie

    For 2 seconds…lol.

  • Brent Norton

    My Walmart still has a lot of these black series and they changed the price back to full. And still never got any of these Rogue One figures…How are you suppose to get these?

    • flipfriddle

      Scalpers always have cases of them on eBay somehow.

      • Danny

        Scalpers = walmart/target employees. That’s how they have cases…

  • RumSleg

    There must still be a ton of these out there in the pipeline. Maybe my Walmart will be flooded with Shoretroopers and Cassians on September 1.

  • Brian J.

    How can the Death Trooper still be in stock but this one is always out of stock? (I mean, I know why, but just expressing frustration.)

  • James

    It’s a good sign for sure. I expect it to pop back in over the next few days.

  • Mark

    Got 2. WM cancelled my Ponda/Sandtrooper order last week so hopefully these come through.

    • Andrew R

      I ordered three of the Scarif troopers a couple weeks ago and WM cancelled the order on me. Good luck.

      • Eric Leavitt

        I ordered 2 and had mine cancelled. I still have zero.

  • David Cruz
  • Luckily they still have deathtrooper for $11

  • Mike Robinson

    This is such a great figure. I was able to pick one up at a local toy show last month for $10. Still haven’t seen any in the wild.

  • Andrew R

    This figure is further proof of why I’m glad Walmart will be losing their exclusivity on these figures next year.

    • Darth Your Mom


  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    I never even saw the 5POA version of this guy once outside that two-pack of him.

  • JohnMorog

    Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper Stromtrooper

  • hammyhamster

    Only buying him as a TVC. I have patience. This time I’m using my knowledge to let Hasbro scratch my back for once.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    i think he’s done all the popping-in he’s gonna be doing today lol

    i shall keep trying! if not then tha’s 5 TVC purchases of the same character! take that hasbro! ahahahah

  • Rivesjunctionite

    That figures

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    I hope they make this guy with the kama waist cape in the TVC2018.
    It’s a cool take on the scout trooper, maybe they can shoehorn these guys into the Han Solo movie.

  • Josh S

    3.75″ Death Trooper is in stock now though!

  • julythrunov

    Royal guard is up for $10.83. Just grabbed some. The order actually went through (finally)

  • Ryan Naylor

    i have found about 10-12 of these guys at one of my local walmarts on clearance for $5. that was about a month or two ago tho

    • Eric Leavitt

      That is the problem with poor distribution. I go to Walmart 1-2 times per day. I have never seen one at retail.

  • SteveU1

    Anyone else find it amazing that walmart had the same Peg warmers for Over a year. Then they put black series all the way down to $3 and they still dident sell. So what do they do? A reset and now the same figures are back out at full price lol! And the pegs are still full of peg warmers. I hate walmart!

  • I still need a few more of this guy, as well as a sandtrooper and a death trooper. Will we see them in Sept.?

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