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Step Right Up And Get Your Star Wars CLEARANCE Here

Once again, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. JTA Facebook friend Michael B. sends us a shot of an upcoming TARGET reset. Do you see anything out of balance here? Is the unsold Star Wars toy volume so high that TARGET needs to devote this much retail real estate to sale merchandise? TVC fans: you’re going to have to step up to the plate next year and affirm to retail that we mean business.

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  • I think TARGET has a much bigger problem on their hands. The reset blueprint refers to the Star Wars aisle as “Boys Action”. Sound the alarm!

    • BB-Mate


    • Oh no! At least I’ll have Forces of Destiny.

    • Paul, I know you’re being sarcastic, but I have to disagree with you here. Target is wrong to label that aisle as such. Boys aren’t the only ones who play with Star Wars action figures. Grown men play with them too.


        I think the Grown men are they only ones buying……

        • Brian Beck

          Lol, but true. the good news though at a target last week there was a mom with her about 5year old boy getting figures, and I chatted them up for just a min, and how he loves SW, I squatted down to him to tell mom the new stuff comes out Sept 1.

          it was nice to see someone of a new generation getting this stuff.

  • This is pretty brilliant of Target. It will save them so much time if they just put the 6″ product directly on clearance.

    • You better be careful before that inflammation goes right to your big toe!

      • nomadscout

        Better his big toe than his, uh, other part.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    hahahh WHOA this would explain why my targets aisles now resemble those of a disheveled k-mart…they are letting anarchy ensue before this massive reset. ive been seeing transformers in the DC toys, etc hahahaah geez target get it together

  • I hope the toy aisles aren’t filled with “junk” like they were for TFA. Especially at TRU. Ever since then half the Star Wars section (if not more) is non-Hasbro stuff by other companies that I can’t even tell you the name of. Clocks, BBQ tongs, giant figures that don’t do anything besides look hideous. It’s too bad they don’t fill those entire aisles with the stuff people actually want.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      yea that stuff should be somewhere else. it infuriates me to see the growth of merchandise so much that it’s mistaken for “toys”

    • Dont knock the tongs V.

    • Simon P

      Agreed, TRU especially is over 50% junk in the SW isle. Although I do collect the Jakks big figures, so I don’t mind those. That being said, they are waaaay overstocking them, especially the 31″ ones which are too big to sell high quantities of.

    • Danny P.

      Making room for the new XXL shampoo bottles

      • Alice Charlie Scoles

        I like the shampoo bottles-not all but most

        • CT-7567

          Some of them are definitely ok for what they are. The first one I got was Vader in 2013 and it’s not terrible. In fact it reminds me of the vintage 12″ Vader. I got a few for Rebels, but don’t really have a space for them literally or in my budget. I probably would have gotten the RO line, but most of them seemed to be exclusive to the Target box set.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Great points, it’s not all Hasbro crap. Lots of oddball junk that nobody wants has been produced. Disney totally cashed in, retailers suffered.

    • CT-7567

      Excellent point, Victoria. Way too much unnecessary merchandise for Star Wars nowadays. Lucas had a merchandising team that was pretty on the ball. I mean, BBQ tongs and lightsaber chopsticks? Really? And a whole line of pet toys? Whose going to buy their dog a perfectly good SW doll to chew on? I have to admit I wouldn’t mind getting the Chewbacca bandolier harness for my dog. But SO much of this stuff is just a cash-grab.


    The answer is yes, there is that much SW stuff left. Target at Harlem Irving Plaza in Chicagoland has this exact set up. They have rows of the Old Han TFA wave and the Krennic wave spread across three end caps AND the main aisle. It’s pathetic.

  • Sithewok

    The local Target here doesn’t really *have* any Star Wars merchandise. Not Hasbro, at least. A few 6″ Parka Cassians, but that is all the stock they have had for months. No 3 3/4″ at all.

  • RumSleg

    At Target in Concord NH last Saturday I got a 6″ Jyn Erso for $4.94. And a Hera POP for $4.48. 3.75″ figures were $3.98, but the pickins were slim.

    Meanwhile, the 6″ AT-ACT driver and the Jyn/Cassian/Death Trooper 3-pack were still at regular price and seemingly not moving at all.

    • CT-7567

      The three-pack is down to $17.98 in my area. I think I’m going to grab it despite already having Jyn and the Deathtrooper. I actually love Deathtroopers and the Specialist is the better looking figure. Cassian is a nice looking figure too. I hope they still have them. Tgey only had four left last week. I might actually grab Ezra’s Speeder Bike and the FO Walker if they’re cheap enough. I wish I could find the Y-wing Scout Bomber for a nice clearance price. It’s a great ship designed before 2012.

      • RumSleg

        I’d buy that 3-pack for $17.98, even though I too have the Jyn and two Death Troopers at this point. (Aside: I was really surprised that the Death Troopers remained so easy to find even after Walmart had them down to $9.84.)

        I bought Ezra’s speeder on sale at one point. It’s nice, for the right price. No interest in the F.O. Walker, though.

        Check Hasbro Toy Shop (and the eBay Hasbro Toy Shop) for the Y-Wing Scout Bomber with Kanan. They’ve got it for like $7.49 plus $1.99 shipping. That’s a steal for that great little ship, plus a figure.

        • CT-7567

          I was surprised about the Deathtroopers too. I even saw Scarif Squad Leaders at Target for $10. I love the design of both and would think the figures would be big sellers. They certainly were in the Walmart line.

          • RumSleg

            Maybe there aren’t many 6″ collectors who are army builders. :-0 Maybe because the scale and regular price don’t lend themselves well to army building. :-0 >:-{

          • CT-7567

            Probably. I was tempted to get a few extra Deathtroopers and Scarif Squad Leaders when they were on clearance, buy they take up a lot of space.

      • STARWARS’77

        Hasbro Toy Shop is selling the y wing bomber for $7.97.

        • CT-7567

          Thanks. Their shipping is atrocious unless you get enough stuff to qualify for free shipping. I need a couple AU figures too, so I might grab the Y-wing.

  • Thom Andr

    My local Target in Seattle has looked like that for months now. Haven’t seen a 6in figure since maybe December… Full pegs of Ezra on his speeder.

  • baghutch

    Retail is doing their summer resets. Target can’t put out new SW until Force Friday. It makes a perverse sense to just hold the space in August that they need for Sept.

  • ctwins3688

    After 40 years of SW how do they still miscalculate demand by so much? 6in Cassian and Jyn are all that are left and they are EVERYWHERE- I cant comment on 3.75 because that’s not my forte, but common sense tells you if you’re going to overproduce something, overproduce the troopers, which customers are more likely buy multiples of

    • Hayden Tribbett

      My target has alot of at-at drivers

  • PorgAddict

    Target never devoted this kind of shelf space for non-clearance Star Wars. What makes them think they can clear up the space for clearance! How dare they!!!

  • Hayden Tribbett

    Clearance section will consist of the following figures
    5 POA Rebels Leia figures
    every titan figure
    6 inch andor (Not a bad figure for army building)
    6 inch jyn
    and the AC-TC

    • James

      ACTC still $19.99 by me, when will these go on clearance

  • Bedrohen

    My local Target’s Star Wars section is nothing but 6inch Jyn and maskless Kylo Ren plus a ton of 5POA junk that has been sitting there since 2015.

  • CJ

    Maybe Star Wars Clearance is the name of Hasbro’s next brilliant toy line. It’ll be bigger than Star Wars Angry Birds. And Star Wars Command. And Star Wars… Choppers.

    • Star Wars Clearance is the name of the next anthology movie. The Hasbro toys will do battle with Star Wars Legos in a Cannonball Run-esque comedy, fully armed and operational with more product placement than you can possible imagine.

    • HanSoloMio

      CJ you always get me to laughing! Thanks.

  • DJAubain

    Any idea if/when the Rogue One 6″ 3-pk will hit clearance? These have been sitting at $60 forever and all of the Targets around me still have dozens upon dozens taking up shelf space.

    • Danny

      I found mine at half off, this was before the summer. As we move closer to force Friday I’d expect these to be discounted in most if not all stores.

    • Is this a “what’s wrong with the Star Wars 6″ collector” poster or something?

      • If it were 3.75″ most would jump on something similar in concept to this but the higher price and the fact that I assume most don’t need 1/3 of the pack (Jyn) makes it a tough sell.

    • It’s already on clearance on Target’s website.

    • Big Rich

      Mine here in Lacey, WA are still $59.99 and not moving. I’m always standing by.

  • JAL

    I can totally believe that. My Target has tons of TFA and Rogue One 5poa, a shelf full of the shampoo bottle figures, pegs full of Rogue One 6″ and AT-ACT Drivers, and just tons of other “junk”. Most of it is all clearance priced with the exception of their exclusives. The Big Fig 2 pk of Rey and Kylo is full price. The 6″ 3 pk is full priced. The sad thing about this is this stuff is all they have gotten in the last year. I haven’t bought a single Star Wars item from Target. Oh wait! I take that back. I finally broke down and bought the 4 pk with Two-Tubes for $11.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    This is expected when the 3.75 quality sucks and the 6″ case ratios are mismanaged.

    Hasbro never listens to their fan base any more. It’s all about making a quick buck. Retailers got royally screwed the past two films with merchandise… Especially with TFA. Product for TLJ seems improved but several of the figures in the first 5poa wave are gonna pegwarm. Where’s the cool aliens? Good army builders? Sad.

    TVC is obviously coming back as a desperate attempt to regain retailer confidence due to so many miscalculations by Hasbro…. but we should all expect them to screw that up as well. There is no reason to expect the current Hasbro team calling the shots to right this ship. I will have very low expectations for anything and everything with the brand until they either replace some of these people or actually prove they are capable of effectively running the brand.
    And yes, much of this trainwreck is Disney’s fault too.


      I agree with every word written Ry.

      It still surprises me when I see the giddy fans get their lightsabers ignited when Hasbro says something they want to hear. After 5 years of neglect, starvation and truly sub par product why is there this instant renewal of confidence in them without proof? As I said in previous posts, the only reason Hasbro “wants” TVC to be a “conversation” is to salvage their sales numbers and save their jobs until they can jump ship. Like Ry I have had and still have zero confidence in the current team. Evans is no Derryl DePriest

      Wampa and Probot are a nice starts but lets see them deliver and how they turn out. The preview line up in TVC is a microwave reheat meal of already bad food (TFA). If that’s what they start out with it’s already behind the 8-ball.

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        Agreed wholeheartedly.

        And on another note, my son and his friends have no interest in the 5poa stuff. They see my older figures nd prefer those, and truly complain about the suckage that is currently being marketed towards them.

        • “the suckage that is currently being marketed towards them”

        • shane

          Your a good father !

      • CT-7567

        Well said.

    • Honestly I don’t think we’re going to be seeing as many aliens/droids/army builders for TLJ in either scale. Remember all those Astys, Zuvios, etc. that clogged pegs for years? Of course you do… you can still find them at your local stores. I think it’s going to be a more stringent focus on main characters this time around. Just my personal expectation.

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        Same can be said for Poes and Finns too… the most common theme, I believe, is the figures are horrible. What’s made Star Wars figures so desirable in the past was good quality, great variety, kind of affordable, and decent distribution… I don’t believe we’re really seeing much of any of that in years for the 3.75 line.

        The kids market has also shrunk… Hasbro likes to blame the adult collector market when things go wrong but a lot of the retail disaster is also from kids not being interested in this that much. Much of that is because most of the kid geared toys in the past few years have been lame.

        Disney also needs to quit being so snobby in how they allow product reveals. It kills the hype.

        • CT-7567

          The SA Poe in his flight suit is actually a really nice figure. The basic TFA figure was ridiculous. This new one looks like the TFA X-Wing pack-in. Definitely better than the banana-visor Poe, but I already have the SA one so it’s not really very exciting to me. I like the look of Paige, but Rose looks boring. At least they’re new characters. Obviously Luke is my most wanted, but again, he should be available in SA the same day. Rey looks ok, I’m just not a huge fan of the character. Same for Hux. I’d say Rey, Luke, Paige, Hux and Kylo are the ones I’ll be looking for. I like Threepio but already have that sculpt two times over. I’ll probably get Chewie, but the more I see him the more he looks like the AU figure with a possible new head sculpt. Why not make the Stormtrooper an officer or something? One thing I really lijed about Rebels and RO figures was the different versions of Stormtroopers available alone or in two-packs. I actually like the ships, but there’s no point in overpaying for them when it’s basically a guarantee that they’ll be on clearance by early 2018. If I had bought two of each of the TIE Striker and U-wing at full price it would’ve cost $180+ tax. I got them for $80. And as far as the whole”pay full price for the health of the line” argument, I don’t apply that to the 5poa movie lines.

    • CT-7567

      Agreed about TVC. A lot of people are so happy that their precious SA figures are returning that the reality of the situation eludes them. Don’t get me wrong, I want the new TVC to be awesome. But I expect it to be much like the Walmart line. I think they’re grossly overestimating the power of vintage cards.

  • nomadscout

    It would have been better if someone tried to squeeze the “E” in on the same line.

    • But it’s e-Star Wars clearance, you know, like e-commerce or something.


        Is that related in any way to the e-HasbroSWTeamBS jive like “5POA is selling great!”?

    • I like how your sign reads better. Now I can see that it’s actually in the style of a ballpark barker:

      “Get your Star Wars clearance here. Two for a dollar. One dollar gets you two figures here.”

      • nomadscout

        I really feel that would be a huge boon to sales. Why isn’t this a thing?

  • Tony Diver

    I’ve never seen so much Star Wars product rotting at retail after a movie….


      I have since TFA. I can still find 70% of the line at retail 2 years later.

  • Todd Hofherr

    I haven’t seen any of the BS6 wave that had Chirrut and Baze, in any department store, and I live in a capital city. WHERE are those cases sitting??

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    Make sure you tell Hasbro to change pitchers and give us something to hit. We cant hit it outta the park with our wallets if all we get is pitches in the dirt. Collectors will come out. But Hasbro needs to give us something to root for.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    My best guess for Wave 2 far as TLJ goes in terms of the 3 3/4….

    1) General Leia
    2) R2-D2
    3) Supreme Leader Snoke
    4) Captain Phasma probably repacked with a staff
    5) Maz Kanata
    6) DJ
    7) Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo
    8) That crappy looking red guard
    9) Generic Resistance Trooper
    10) First Order variation

    Pretty surprised BB-8 isn’t included considering he was only available in the two-packs last time.

    Any takers? I’m only going by what we seen in the teaser and pics so far. I think Laura Dern’s character might be a stretch since she looks like a boring figure but she seems to be a main character in the film.

    • Matthew Vandebogert

      I say we revolt if we don’t get a Benicio Del Toro Star Wars figure.

  • Darth Maleval

    Target stores haven’t even been sent info regarding the September 1st reset. While this planogram looks hilarious and sad, it is just a place holder until then. The fact that the stores have that much Star Wars clearance is just ridiculous. Obviously, the younger audience they were targeting was not interested in it either. I think is just oversaturated with too much junk, Hasbro needs to just scale back to the basics.

  • Funtomaz

    It says “merchandis”, not “action figures”. There is so much rubbish on shelves. Here at my TRU you will find tons of these ginormous BB-8s (Jakks?), weird candy dispensers and other stuff no one obviously needs or wants. And much of that is not even made by Hasbro.
    We simply have too much Star Wars merchandise and weird stuff and big stuff no one needs or has the room for at home. This has to go. The sooner the better! 🙂

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      it reminds me of the episode 1 rollout honestly. there was so much stupid merch and so many useless stupid items it was insane.

      • Matthew Vandebogert

        Exactly. For a film while popular at release ut didnt have very interesting characters besides 2 Sith and 2 Jedi. Im not a TPM hater. But as far as action figures go. It wasnt until we got different droids,jedis, and CLONES did things get interesting. Having all this excess makes the few gems stand out but tgey get lost in the deluge of junk nobody wants.

    • It says clear as day “Boys Action”. They’re not peddling Star Wars oven mitts here.

      • Funtomaz

        Do those Jakks figures count towards boys action? What about those candy bowls and role play items? What I mean is, maybe everything that’s in the Star Wars toy aisle is, by default, “boys action”? Does someone who works at retail know?

        • Jakks figures would be in that aisle, but the hoe stuff is in a different section.

          • CT-7567

            Lol. What section is the hoe stuff in?

  • Indiana Skywalker

    Four weeks, twenty papers, that’s two dollars. Plus tip.

  • nick

    “Remember many Bothans died to bring us these plans…”

  • ashmodai

    It’s really bad when a store has to dedicate 8 feet in the main isle for clearance. Only time I see that much clearance in an isle is after Christmas.

  • Melonballer

    The Gig Harbor, WA Target had done its reset. Basically $4 for 5poa figures. They had Director Krennic, Hassk Thug, Rebels Leia, First Order TIe pilots, Resistance soldier, that sort of thing. Nothing mindblowing. I should have taken a couple pictures.

  • regissuire

    I am beginning to wonder why is it that star wars has become so unattractive to casual buyers that the products hit clearance so hard (well in the states at least, because you can still find 3.75″ and 6″ Zuvio clogging the pegs in Europe at full retail price and more) … Somehow it might just not be linked to just the quality of Hasbro products but also to the quality of the source material for the toys …

    I mean, look at the forthcoming TLJ line … Does anyone believe that a new character like Rose will not pegwarm HARD ? There’s nothing special about her as she’s just a second role girl in a bland mechanic jumpsuit, and I foresee the same fate as Zuvio on shelves for her… Even Willrow Hood had more appeal for sure and he was a joke for years amongst the collector community…

    The same bland designs that didn’t sell through TFA figures are being carry forwarded into TLJ figures, it’s like “copy-paste” … Men with leather jackets and pants or looking like your next door neighbor working in a garage, yeaaah, exciting lol … Of all the wave 1 characters, only Chewie and C-3PO are “exotic” enough to be exciting and feel like they’re from a galaxy far far away, but they have been overdone for years (the Porg will sell, though) … Luke and Rey are ok, but this is the same “Jedi” designs we’ve seen for more than a decade through all the prequels figures …

    I remember George Lucas was being accused of creating characters in the purpose to sell toys, but at least they were diverse and visually interesting and they sold ! … Now, having said that, if Lucasfilm / Disney can’t come up with interesting visuals for the new films, then it is Hasbro’s fault for not being able to translate these bland visuals into innovative and interesting toy features …

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Probably a mix… though Hasbro HAS good material to choose from with new media. But they choose to ignore so many great aliens and droid designs. It’s really bad.

  • Mike Robinson

    I’ll do my part when it comes to TVC at retail next year. I plan to buy at least two of each (one loose and one on the card for display), plus more of any troop builders. As long as they’re AVAILABLE at retail, I will BUY them at retail.

    • CT-7567

      Do you have the repacks from TBS already? I plan on getting two of each of new figures or repacks I don’t already have like the Hoth Trooper. For the repacks I’ll just get one of each to keep carded.

      • Mike Robinson

        Well, that’s a good point. I’m pretty much current on everything. If it’s a repack of a TBS figure , I would definitely want the TVC version for the vintage-style card. Then I would look to see if there are any slight differences that would make it worth getting one to open, or if it’s an army builder. Also, my collection is organized by scene, so I usually need several of certain figures to fill in everywhere. So it just depends on what they end up releasing. But I have a whole trench I could fill up with Hoth Rebel Troopers either way!

  • Alice Charlie Scoles

    Hasbro duped retailers via suppliers again!! The last movie to have a great launch was the animated Clone wars movie in 2008. I dropped 564$ in one night and then over 250$ the next morning at target–hear that Hasbro? 900$ in a 24 hr time period!! I would be lucky if I spent that much in 5 years now!!!

    • CT-7567

      That product launch was awesome.

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    What tge prequels and TCW did was make interesting looking clones and Tcw built on that and got us to care about the individual clone. Yoda started it in the 1st tv episode. Each Clone was different in the force and worth carrying about. So having Rex,Cody,5s,Echo,Bly and cool looking Arc troopers it made you want all the Clones. My daughter wanted to go hunt for Gree cuz he was 1 of her fav Jedis commander. It was a brilliant marketing strategy. Now collectors also love troop building. Tell me ee all dont have multiples if each OT troops. TFA introduced an interesting concept with tgeir Stormtroopers but made it a mystery. Finn was taken at birth and had his individuslism removed through programming. Kylo threatened s return to clones. So if tgey werent trying to be busy being clever hinting at a posdible Finns parents could be a big deal, then they could get us to care about them as individuals as far as kids go. Granted TCW had a cartoon every week. They have Forces of Destiny to try to sell dolls to girls(mostly) they could do shorts about First Order troops. Then make different style troopers. Get kids onboard and you will get the casual buyer. Everybody loves Rex. He is on clothes,backpacks,lunchboxes,you name it hes on it. Im sorry but Finn is no Rex. Rots didnt have rex but it had Cody,Bly,Appo,Thire and others. Eith troopers in different colors. Maybe the FO doesnt want colors on Armor. But it does sell. Thats why they need some other individual troopers besides Phasma. And give them different armor or accessories. . It could be the shot in the arm needed. There arent anymore Jedi. So we wont get great looking alien jedi. So we need troop builders to help move the lines instead.

    • CT-7567

      I love Rex. He’s on my toothbrush. 🙂


    All my Southern California Targets have removed all Star Wars toys and given them to Goodwill or other sources. Including Funko merchandise except the T-Shirts. The boy’s action figure aisle is 75% empty now. The only product they stock in the discontinued merchandise aisle by the bicycles is 40th Wave 2 6 inch, Rogue One 3.75 in 2 packs and Forces of Destiny are in the Marvel/Transformer/Ninja Turtle/Power Ranger aisle. The 40th are still $19.99. The 2 packs $14.99 and Forces of Destiny and T-shirts full retail price too.

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