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Here We Go Again: Retail Breaks Street Date For TLJ Products

Here we go again! Retail seems unable to abide by street dates for another round. New Force Friday II product is being leaked. JTA reader and Facebook user Eric S. has found these items at his local Toys R Us. Bad TRU, bad!


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  • Roverguy

    Man… the more I see that samurai/shogun thing, the less it does for me. It just looks so out of place, like a b-villain from an 80s action cartoon that only lasted four episodes or something like that

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      it looks like a duck.


      • Nick S.

        Maybe it’s their way of paying tribute to the George Lucas disaster Howard the Duck???

      • flipfriddle

        I can tell that they took the helmet’s chin shape from the current First Order trooper helmet, but as soon as they added that vertical element over it, someone should have said “Looks like a duck. Start over.” Say what you will about George but he would have never let that get out of the sketchbook.

    • Keith Maurer

      You got that right. Looks like something from an old Power Rangers show. No detail at all. I dub thee the Big Red Mess. I hope the 3.75 figure has more detail but I am not holding my breath.

      • Kicker2

        Blame Rian Johnson for it.

        • Roverguy

          I bet that it was more of a ‘design team’ thing that was involved in this outcome. A process of horse trading in order to satisfy various big egos. Behold, the Pontiac Aztek of the Star Wars Universe

          • Kicker2

            But the director approves it.

        • shane

          I’m going to know within 30 min. of the film if I just hate Rian Johnson or not.

          • SID

            I’ve said that about all his derivative hack “films”. But vomiting out something again and calling it art is what built the house of mouse.

          • Kicker2

            Voice your displeasure to him in his twitter.

      • Assuming we will even GET a 3.75 figure. Who the hell knows, with Hasbro these days. I hope there is actual screen time for this one. If not, we are looking at the Zuvio of TLJ.

        • Keith Maurer

          I agree this will be another Zuvio issue. I wonder sometimes if they just put simple characters in movies just to crank out cheap crap.

      • zx_spectrum_30

        It was the lack of detail on the FO Stromtroopers in TFA that I found disturbing – just too clean and smooth, unlike the dirt and depth of the OT designs.

        • Keith Maurer

          I hear ya on the Stormtrooper. This red thing looks like no paint at all though. I think they will crank them out cheap and we will have another Zuvio issue.

      • shane

        Mabey it is just a crappy toy and it will look much better in the film, not holding my breath either.

    • Bens

      I think it’s awesome. And I hate most directions SW has gone since Jedi. Depends how it is on screen of course.

    • shane

      Or a more poor design from 80s G.I. Joe cartoons. ( Definitely not knocking on that show though ).

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    evening coat Kylo and Duck-Guard

    • Sevenkdr

      I have a feeling they thought this would be the new cool Star Wars character, and there will be lots of different figures of this guy.

      • Leonard Shaw

        There are also 2-3 other, different “Praetorian” guard designs. Personally, I kind of dig that they went for a cross between ERGs, Medieval Knights and Samurai.

      • 11Eleven11

        I have a feeling your are right. The ERGs have always been popular, so why not these, right?

      • shane

        I forsee much peg warming. He is not of ERG design quality.

  • rusty_t


  • Diego

    Don’t the stores get fined? At least that’s what they tell me when trying to get a box out of the back early at Target to beat the scalpers.

    • Simon Herivel

      They will….its all tied to ndas………

  • ctwins3688

    How do they see?

    • shane

      Oh ! It’s a mystery ! LOL !

    • Their eyes can deceive them so they don’t trust them. Like most millennials, they stretch out with their FEELINGS.

  • HothHan

    Why would stuff like this even be sent out to retailers so early?

    • Superflukullus

      When I was a teen and worked at retail company’s love shipping out stuff early because they usually do it so the store can properly plan a reset and put out new products smoothly. Seeing as how all these stores do force Friday they probably request the products early to have on hand and to plan how much shelf space it takes. Mind you the last time I worked at retail was 2000

  • New Royal Guard: when you’re completely out of ideas, Mistress Kennedy is growing impatient and then just as you’re about to give up you see that can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup in the kitchen…ahhh! All it needs now is some kind of stick to carry around and you’re good. Whew! That was a close one. Thought you were going to have to get a real job there for a minute!

  • xdeathmedicx

    You would think since last years shenanigans they would wait till the week before to ship stuff to the stores

    • When I go through stores I wonder if the employees ever get tired of straightening these things up every day as the big Jakks accumulate dust and await their clearance price like a death row inmate who just wants to get on with it.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        ahahah that made me LOL ahahahahah

  • SteveU1

    How long till black series starts showing up and people scan the $4 clearance ones at self checkout and doom this fall at retail again

    • That’s an interesting technique…logged into the memory banks just in case! Thanks.

    • Mark

      When ERG/Ahsoka wave came out they went straight to the clearance aisle with clearance stickers! (at my Walmart) Walmart is an interesting place.

  • Nick S.

    So…. it begins

  • Disney has just dispatched a wetwork team to handle Geoffrey the Giraffe.

    • flipfriddle

      The Cleaner perhaps?

    • shane

      Excellent ! Will there be an action figure ? Will he be SA or just 4 POA ?

  • Subcoolin

    Rubber ducky you’re the one!!

  • Superflukullus

    So I guess today or tomorrow someone will find all the 3 and 6 inch figures at walmart.

  • Superflukullus

    I thought mulls mask was destroyed it looks like Jakks took all those unsold Kylie and slapped a black poncho on him

  • Hold on: someone found this in the wild, but no sign of Fenn Rau!? That is some wicked-bad distribution, indeed.

  • EPC-421

    Seems like they took the time to rework the FO Stormtroopers helmet.
    As for the other two, Ren has a nice cloak and the Praetorian Guard is looking… red.

  • Leonard Shaw

    Maybe it’s just me, but I already find this new 2017-2018 TLJ packaging design boring and tired… I’m already sick of seeing it and we’re still over a month away from Force Friday. That’s how bland and crappy it is.

    Unless they use Vintage or Vintage-inspired designs, the packaging for Star Wars stuff has pretty much sucked nuts for the past 20+ years. I’m now an opener (except for Vintage), but still… Meh.

    And they pay design firms tens of thousands of dollars to come up with this crud. Wow.

    • CT-7567

      I thought the OTC, TSC, TAC and even SOTDS cards were pretty good. In the case of SOTDS it was mostly due to the unbelievably excellent figures in the bubbles, but I still liked them.

      • shane

        Really really really love the OTC packaging, big huge fan.

    • David Cruz

      The design for TLJ is just so blend. It should be Luke and and Rey front and center.

    • shane

      Eh, I almost feel like that. Mabey not the last 20 years. I like the Blue Saga packaging and the O.T.C. packaging. But I open up everything except TVC, unless I buy 2.
      At this point as far as packaging, anything other than TVC means nothing to me.

  • CadeSky

    I’m joining the chorus on this one…that new Guard better be pretty cool in the movie because I am just not liking that design!

    It seems really early for street date to be broken. I guess I don’t really have a good sense of how early a place might get their product…but really, Force Friday stuff is already there…wow! Wonder if there was anything else that got snagged before these pics got snapped!

    • CT-7567

      The armor is ok, I guess. It’s really the helmet that I’m not crazy about.

      • CadeSky

        Yeah I guess the helmet is the worst part, but the whole thing is just not working for me overall.

      • David Cruz

        For me the design does not represent Star Wars. George Lucas we need you!!!

      • shane

        I don’t like it. It doesn’t look like something John Knoll would design. And it wouldn’t get GLs stamp of approval. I have not had a problem with any of the designs in TFAs btw, I like all the creatures, pilots, and first order designs.
        From what I’ve seen in the preview pics of TLJ, there are quite a few designs I don’t like.

      • Elf_Jedi

        I agree, the Red Guard helmet is a bit off, regardless of what universe it came from – as if they ran out of shapes to play with, it was late & they though: we’re done! Though I reckon Bandai won’t have to do any design modifications AT ALL to
        make a figure version for their “Meisho Movie Realization Series!” I do feel the designs so far don’t seem to ‘flow together’ as well as when George was at the helm. As Lando said – “this deal is getting worse all the time.”

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Ditto. They look even worse in these pictures.

    • BlueSaber

      I will say it’s only ONE form of the guard, there are different variations, all in red, but with different helmet styles, some that are definitely cooler and variations on the armor too. They are just all red. What kills me is the bladed weapons, who in the Star Wars universe uses them anymore aside from the skiff guards 30 years earlier? You’d think they’d figure out they’d do nothing against blasters. Do we see any military carrying swords anymore from well….anywhere, other than for decoration at a ceremony? This seems like an INCREDIBLY stupid attempt to make these guards like the freaking Ninja Turtles and make them “look” cool. I heard one guard has freaking nunchucks, yes that’s right, nunchucks in the Star Wars universe. Way to go Disney! Morons first bring a earth wolf into the series and now we have nunchucks. The whole idea of Star Wars is that nothing from Earth would ever exist in it. Stupid, stupid people running these shows like Filoni and Emperor Kennedy.

      • SID

        Hacks are just that. If I remember GL always said “no bladed weapons”.

    • Rivesjunctionite
    • SID

      Just think about it… someone was paid to design that and another to “ok” it. So that means the SW people don’t know SW. looks like a 80’s samurai

  • RumSleg

    The Praetorian Guard really looks very ducky. It’s Donald Duck under there!

    • HanSoloMio

      It really doesn’t look good – at least in this format. Maybe they will be totally cool and have an awesome purpose in the movie – that would help.

    • With all the things wrong with Episode VII (Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo, Snoke), the cool Praetarian Guard is the thing that unhinges you?

      LOL – this is just a joke and just another opportunity to dig at TFA.

      • RumSleg

        🙂 From a design perspective, Rey, Finn, Poe and especially Kylo all fit very well into the existing SW universe. (In other words, if you showed me a picture of them and asked me what franchise they were a part of, I’d guess Star Wars right off the bat.) Snoke not so much. I still have a hard time with the Guavians – cognitive dissonance seeing them in a scene with Han and Chewie because they look like something from Dr. Who or a ScyFy channel original movie. This guard makes the same impression on me as the Guavians, so far…

        • zx_spectrum_30

          100% with the Guavians – I said at the time that they looked like an Action Force figure.

          They and most of the new aliens from Maz’s, etc just didn’t have that Star Wars feel.

          • Kicker2

            I am guessing people would have said that when fist seeing all the brand new aliens in Jabba’s palace in 1983 too, had there been an internet like today at the time.

        • See, I thought the Guavians were one of the few saving graces in TFA. How much different are they than say, oh, I don’t know, Rum Sleg? 🙂

          • RumSleg

            Heresy! Rum Sleg would fit right in at the Mos Eisley Cantina! 🙂

            I don’t have as much of a problem with new organics as I seem to have with new expressions of technology and design (like the Guavian tech and the Guard armor). All this being said, it’s a *very minor* quibble.

        • Kicker2

          You know the universe is pretty good sized, right?

          • RumSleg

            Yes, thanks. And applying that logic, anything and everything goes and nothing can be critiqued so why bother even having a fun discussion. 🙂

          • Kicker2

            If you nitpicked everything in all the films, you’d could say “this and that design was never seen before in SW so therefore it doesn’t belong in SW.”

          • RumSleg

            True. But that’s still reductio ab absurdum. By that logic, no one could complain if Rey pilots the USS Enterprise in The Last Jedi.

          • Darth_Rizzen
    • TW7
      • RumSleg

        Awesome. I love it!

  • HanSoloMio

    Well if you’re afraid it’s going to eventually peg-warm, what better way to move it with some sort of profit margin than being the first one to market! It’s a race to the bottom at retail.

    • RumSleg

      Great point. Breaking street date and being first to market is the best way to avoid being stuck with this stuff long term. And this makes it easier for TRU to sell it all at their slightly higher prices!

    • LOL.

    • Big red figure + clearance price = target practice.

  • 11Eleven11

    Good Lord; I can see accidentally putting something out a few days or even a week early, but is anyone besides me shocked they even HAVE this stuff already?

    • RumSleg

      I am. That’s why you almost can’t blame them for putting it out. If it’s in the stockroom on July 26, then it can’t really be part of what’s being held for September 1, right?

      • CJ

        If they want it on the floor in 35 days it better be in the pipeline already. Otherwise… Well, remember TFA Force Friday?

      • Boba Fettuccini

        I work at a grocery store where they send us summer products like lawn chairs, grills, outdoor dining sets etc about two months before corporate wants them out on the floor. We get our Halloween candy in early August. Last year we got Christmas stuff in September. I feel like this isn’t that unusual.

  • PorgAddict

    Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdddddd… that Praetarian Guard is UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darth Bre

    The designs just do not work for me, the first order is increasingly looking like a cheap knock off version of the Empire. Whereas Palpatine splashed the cash on clones and fancy kit, Snoke decided to take the cheap and easy route by ordering his army from evilbay….

  • zx_spectrum_30

    Those guards are turning up on everything…the new Zuvio?

  • The guard looks like a Futurama robot, a duck and a Twizzler had a baby.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Mmmm Twizzlers.

    • localfromiskalon

      Hmmm…maybe Twizzlers are a more effective armor than the white plastic Stormtroopers use…

  • Echo82

    Eww. That red Armor dude. What is that helmet? Is it a welding shield in the upright position?
    The arms look like something from a 1950s Robot in a sci-fi movie. Strange.
    Might look good on film, but .. hmm..

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      my father is a welder , this made me laugh as i have seen him with shield flipped up many times.
      now this is the duck-dad-guard

  • Brando

    Looks like it’ll be the same crap this year… PLEASE, fellow collectors! If you want SA, and only see 5 POA on Force Friday II, DON’T BUY THEM. Vote with your wallet. Let the 5 POA sit on the pegs, let Hasbro know you don’t want them. It makes no sense that you want SA, but continue to buy 5 POA, just because it’s there…

  • Jaken Wraith

    One thing the leak of the Jakks Fig’s did was give away the “ribbed” look of the Helmet Face. All the concept art, and rendering’s from description leak’s made it look smooth.

    • Jaken Wraith

      where was this at? I’d try to buy that guy today just to see if it let me check-out.

  • deecee4

    This looks to me like they finalized the design too early. This would be the kind of stuff artists put out early during the design process and either discard or further refine it.

  • zx_spectrum_30

    The “beak” is very similar to the mouth area of the AotC clones, chest plate like the FO Stormtrooper and obvs colours of the ERG.

    I can see what they are trying to achive, but for me the mashup doesn’t quite work. Perhaps somebody was playing with those hero masher figures that are still filling shelves.

    Who knows, may look awesome in action (or could just be knocked out by a wave of Rey’s hand).

  • zerobobby77

    Man, that’s the worst McDonalds mascot i have ever seen.

  • Funtomaz

    The body sculpt of the guard looks great. That helmet design though…. I much prefer the OT design to this. It looks… odd! For the chin they went with the duckbill design of the FO Stormtrooper helmet, I can see why they did that, but it really looks weird since everything above the chin just doesn’t seem to match. It looks haphazard. It doesn’t help that the helmet has no visible vizor or slit for the eyes. It’s only a weird, faceless mask.
    I wonder what a more detailed 6 inch figure will look like or the inevitable Hot Toys version.

  • ExarKun777

    It’s maddening that some of these have wrist articulation and then it is most likely that basic 3.75″ figure form Last Jedi will have just 5POA. Why not give the wrist articulation to the 3.75″ figures? (at least for guards like this one, jedis, siths and troopers).

  • Carbonite_Hydrates

    Look at that cloak.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    and that is why I only collect Original Trilogy figures. Gotta love the people trying to defend this kind of junk.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Anyone else find it ironic that SJW’s that are all about the environment love this trilogy yet we all know this crap will polluting some landfill in a year or so?

  • Fiery Little One

    Well, I’ve run into street date breaks a few times, more than I’d care to admit to at TRU (not all Star Wars related) and once at Walmart. Every time TRU rejected the sale. Walmart not so much. I was told by someone working at TRU that some times the company *doesn’t* put a Do Not Sell Date on the box.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    They need to start selling those Jakks Pacific things early.

    Stores are still trying to get rid of the 2015 JP Kylo Rens… ?

  • NightmareCreatures

    This is at my local store. The only other item which i snagged was a big fig of episode 8 Rey, last night.

    • NightmareCreatures

      Under the cape, kylo has a whole new outfit. Looks very Knight-like.

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