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Is There Significance Between Yoda & Obi-Wan Kenobi And Episode 8?

Does there exist any relevance between Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi? Rumors abound that this may indeed be true and that we could see something related to this in the merchandising of the film. Stay tuned for more.


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  • Andrew


  • BlackBeltJohnson .

    Well, it would be cool to see the Force Ghosts of either, or both. At this point my only concerns are A.) that we don’t get a remake of ESB, B.) they don’t string us along any further on Rey’s heritage C.) they don’t irrevocably ruin Luke’s character.

    • hammyhamster

      No need to worry, young BBJ! Everything will be fine.

      A) A “big reveal” has already been confirmed, and female yoda has already been introduced – count this as definite.

      B) Who really cares about what or where Rey comes from – inconclusive as it doesn’t matter.

      C) This is the best one. They are going to ruin Luke’s legacy beyond any measure we could possibly dream up.

      Wait… you had CONCERNS that this will happen? Sorry, man. You’re f’ed.

      • John Titus

        All 3 of those nightmare scenarios seems possible after the steaming pile of EP7.

        • hammyhamster

          Lol! I can’t wait for ep. 8! But I always like watching car crashes so take that for what you will 😉

      • BlackBeltJohnson .


  • Thundrstruckd

    I hope this means more 6in Obi Wan Kenobis are on the way!

  • Jaken Wraith

    Frank Oz was seen at the Airport and London Recording Studio’s back when VIII was Shooting. He recorded dialogue for Yoda. And it has long been known since one of the Storygroup Writers revealed on a Podcast that they can’t touch Obi-Wan to write any standalone Movies as his Story is not yet done in the Main Trilogy. After IX and they know where the Character of Obi-Wan is, and what he has done they can start work on any future Obi-Wan Movies. I’m sure by now even they have a good idea of where ep IX’s Story will go, so they could be starting to go thru idea’s already.

  • mg1138

    It would be super-terrific to see Ewan McGregor back on screen & Frank Oz’s voice – with hopefully a Yoda puppet more than CGI, in regard of the love of Abrams & friends for old movie technics! But the whole idea of bringing their characters back in this whole Rey story will be hard to swallow for me, and another lazy/fan service idea that won’t help the already low credibility of this Sequel Trilogy… Well, if fans squeal with excitement in their seats and if we receive cool new 3.75 ghost figures (with reasonable articulation, even for static ghosts and a cool transparent plastic effect), why not! But for me it will remain another easy and not very inspired idea from Disney…

    • Jaken Wraith

      A lit Force Ghost in the Centerpiece Line is where i see that going.

      • mg1138

        Had not thought about that… Oh no please no…

        • Paul B

          Force Ghost! Yes!
          Six inch force ghost figures! ?

          • CT-7567

            Do you like force ghost and hologram figures?

          • Paul B

            I love force ghost and holographic figures

    • Zarco Rey

      They can dust off the Episode 1 Yoda puppet. LOL.

      • mg1138

        It was well off compared to the original & odd-looking, but still better than the CGI version… I may be the only one, but I’m quite fond of the Ep1 puppet actually, since 1999…

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      Yoda puppet isn’t happening ever since Oz is retired from puppeteering and wrongfully thinks the CG model is better.

  • nomadscout
    • mg1138

      Haha well spotted!

    • It’s an illusion.

      • CT-7567

        Could this have anything to do with the upcoming Walgreens exclusive Obi-Wan ghost? I assumed the figure would be a variation of the ANH Obi-Wan since the Walgreens figures are usually only slight variations of existing figures.

  • Zarco Rey

    Yeah, if they appear, this will be the worst kept secret since whatever last worst kept movie secret.

    • CT-7567

      Kahn’s identity in Trek Into Darkness. EVERYONE knew John Harrison was Kahn. Another classic JJ ripoff film.

      • Zarco Rey

        That movie soured a lot of people on NuTrek and probably hurt Star Trek Beyond, which was a better movie than Into Dorkness.

        • CT-7567

          I like Beyond. Agree about Into Darkness.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    They had frog babies together, I saw a Yoda-Kenobi frog baby in The Last Jedi behind the scenes sizzle reel today.

  • TimmytheTusken

    They’ll do anything to tie this to the past movies. They could clone them

  • Diego

    The only force ghost that would make sense for the sake of continuity would be Alec Guiness. One of the worst edits in Return of the Jedi was the insertion of Hayden Christenson as the force ghost. Hope it is Yoda.

    • Darth Deckard Jones

      The reason Hayden appears is because Anakin does die in ROTS. I don’t mean figuratively I mean literally. He dies on the operating table. So coming back as the younger force ghost has more meaning to it than Lucas just putting him in for the hell of it. That is why his first steps resemble that of Frankenstein… He has been brought back from the dead.

      • Super Amigo

        I thought as you do once, and then I rationalized that young Anakin’s ghost made more sense than old Anakin’s ghost.

        But if Anakin was completely dead, then who threw the Emperor down the shaft?

        I think Anakin lived again for a little while, so when Vader died he died as Anakin. Old Anakin, to be more precise. So, Sebastian Shaw’s look (besides being superior) fits the story better.

        At the end of the day, the only reason for including young Anakin as a Force ghost was marketing.

        • Paul B

          Obi Wan and Yoda enter Jedi Hell as old men
          Anakin enters as a young man
          It’s not fair.

          • Bats2012

            It makes the most sense that they be able to present themselves as they would be recognized by their viewer. Which for luke, would be Ben, old Yoda, and older Anakin.

          • Super Amigo

            Yes, that too.

        • CT-7567

          Totally agree.

        • BlackBeltJohnson .

          For sure, but I do still see a powerful bit of symbolism in the idea of seeing an apparition of your (one’s) father as a young man. It gives you the chance to see yourself in him.
          What I also took from young-Anakin ghost was that he wanted to appear to his son as he was when he was whole, and fully human. It seems more of a stretch to me that he would have a concept of himself (and thus appear) as a fully human, kindly old man, since he never knew himself as such in life.

          Any how, not saying anyone is right or wrong, just my take.

        • Nick Dickens

          That’s so true. ???? POST OF THE MONTH

          • Super Amigo

            Thank you friend.

          • Nick Dickens

            You’re most welcome.

        • Darth Deckard Jones

          I get that perspective. I would counter that if Anakin was being kept alive by “unnatural” means it would make sense that once balance was restored he would return to the natural state that he should have died in.

      • Nick Dickens

        True, from a certain point of view.

    • CT-7567

      My biggest complaint about ROTJ edits, and there are many, is Vader saying and then yelling”No!”

      • Paul B

        Would you prefer that Vader screams, “Yes! Yes!!!” ? Lol ?

        • Nick Dickens

          I’d prefer him to remain silent. It worked for 34 bloody years just fine.

        • CT-7567

          Lol. I think the silence worked well as it originally was. Vader’s body language says it all. I threats actually very impressive given the fact that Prowse is in a full costume and mask.

      • Nick Dickens

        Yep that’s the one George wrecked, it cracks me up how he creates a major continuity blunder in the Special Edition of Empire, The scene when Lando takes Han and Leia to lunch. Behind them was originally a white wall. Then they added that lovely window and that lift going past outside. Then they cut back to the Stormtroopers covering their escape – standing next to that very same wall/window, and it’s just the original shot, no enhancement.

        Then, we get that first shot (matte painting) of the Millennium Falcon and it’s got no radar dish on it. You’d have figured some bozo after 40 years would correct that.

        Oooh Nooo! Too much like hard work.

        That’s what I truly hate about the Star Wars Trilogy Special Editions.

        They fail to correct glaring continuity issues, then in their ‘improvements’ they create more continuity issues!

        • CT-7567

          Plus Boba Fett is backwards like a reverse negative in Jabba’s Palace.

          • Nick Dickens

            You know I still keep thinking they’ve fixed that like they did with the Imperial Officers chest rank badges in ESB.

          • CT-7567

            Not last time I checked.

          • Nick Dickens

            I know. 🙁

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Obi-Wan and Yoda are pretty much the ONLY Jedi in the PT with any kind of brain cells whatsoever which is why they survived even though they didn’t sprout a brain stem until the last act of Episode III. If they had more Jedi like them with critical thinking abilities than reactionaries like Mace then ROTS would have ended very differently.

    The reason why they went extinct was due to their pigheadedness and dogmatic way of thinking while The Sith were smart enough to get with the times and able to appeal to the common man….er alien until they got as arrogant as the Jedi by Episode VI.

    It’s pretty much the story of every world religion/political party in history ever which is why the original saga will always be relevant no matter what decade or century it’s watched in.

    • Nick Dickens

      A fact Yoda signposts in Episode II: “Too sure of themselves they are (looks at Mace), even the older, more experienced ones.”

  • CJ

    Is this your way of telling is that ROTS Obi-Wan will be in the vintage collection? We all know he will be.

    • Paul B

      A newly updated sculpt I hope?

      • Bats2012


      • CT-7567

        Do you think we need another ROTS Obi-Wan? Granted, it would be nice to see the TAC Obi-Wan replace the ROTS one on a vintage card, but not nice enough to buy a figure I have many copies of over again for $15.

        • Paul B

          A new updated sculpt would be great

          • Jimmy Griffin

            What I really need is a repack of TLC/Resurgence of the Jedi Ben Kenobi released on a vintage card.

          • CT-7567

            Really? I think the TAC sculpt is basically perfect. I could live without ever getting another ROTS Obi-Wan or Anakin. There’s too many figures that need updates or haven’t even been made at all. Slots in TVC waves are precious and the original TVC Obi-Wan is good enough for me. Just my opinion.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    They could do cgi Alec Guinness ghost if they wanted to.

  • CT-7567

    Can someone tell me what the rumor is?

    • Coleman Miller

      Obi-Wan & Yoda are coming in one of TLJ waves.

      • Jimmy Griffin

        5POA, TVC? Do we know anything more?

        • Coleman Miller

          Personally, I think it is 5 POA. What I would like to see is 9 or 10 POA, but there is as much of a chance of that happening as me winning the powerball, or going on a date with Eva Mendes.

          • Jimmy Griffin

            As you noted above, Vader and Bespin Luke and Boba Fett were all released for TFA; that doesn’t mean they will be in the movie.

          • Wayne Collins

            Vader and Bespin Luke, were cut from the Rey Dream sequence!

          • Jimmy Griffin

            Yeah, I thought about that; but then I went ahead and said it anyway.

      • CT-7567

        Ok, but they aren’t in TLJ, right?

        • Coleman Miller

          I wouldn’t mind seeing them in it; but I have no clue if they are or aren’t in it.

  • Coleman Miller

    I doubt we are seeing them, at least Obi-Wan as Ewan anyway. Kind of like how we got Luke & Vader in TFA. Just my 2 cents.

  • Nick Dickens

    Hmmm rubs chin.

  • David Thorn

    A. They could be Force ghosts.
    B. They could just be referenced.
    3. These could be Rebels figures.

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