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Behind The Scenes Footage Of Episode VIII Shows Some Great Action!

Check out this exciting behind the scenes video of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi! Your thoughts in the comments please! SPOILER! Rey has a lightsaber!

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  • DarthXit

    I think Colin beat you to the punch on this Paul….

    • ??

      • DarthXit

        Colin posted the BTS video at 3pm…sorry for nit-picking…just bustin on you…

        • Oh, I didn’t see that. This video needs a separate article anyhow.

          • hammyhamster

            *see above.

        • hammyhamster

          Oh oh Paul. It looks like the other article was deleted. I used to post quite a bit on another site (comic book site), and articles from there would always get deleted for “favored status” members. I realize this site isn’t run that way, but I hope this doesn’t happen a lot going forward. It became, and continues to be a real shat show because of that.

  • ERG19

    Love it! The aliens in this one feel more like Star Wars then in TFA

    • Aric

      I completely agree, very non cgi looking. Love the little penguin lookin dude.

      • ERG19

        That’s what I feelt too. And that little penguin dude looks awesome and so cute.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Doesn’t look like The Empire Strikes Back Redux.
    Doesn’t look like Return of the Jedi Redux.
    Could still be another adaptation of The Hidden Fortress though.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      I don’t know about that, There’s still the walker battle/Jedi training sequence/romance subplot/paradise planet/darksider hunting down the protagonist and so on and so forth that’s already been confirmed.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        ANH doesn’t look like The Hidden Fortress, but it’s still The Hidden Fortress.

  • tony car care

    I see carrie fishers daughter in the clips that’s awesome just really cannot get into this TFA genre ,,would had really liked to see Benicio Del Toro as thrawn but he is still caucasion in clips saddd

    • Seth Vatt

      This is what I’ve been saying all along. Benicio IS Thrawn. To be otherwise would be criminal.

  • Diego

    Liking what I’m seeing. Battlefront 2 also looks incredible so even if Last Jedi ends up a bust there will still be that for me.

  • John Titus

    I’m trying to like.. The one person least represented again is Luke. I know Emporer Kennedy won’t let this movie pass without killing off the last legacy character alive besides Chewy but since he seems gender neutral he will get to stay.

    • Matthew Leuck

      This seemed pretty action-focused, and I’m guessing Luke isn’t involved in a lot of action. Plus, they know he’s the character people most want to see, and they want to keep us salivating…

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      Chewie is basically comedic relief now so he’s sort of dead in a way. Only reason he isn’t dead is because everyone bitched when died in the EU even though he’s the most expendable of the main characters.

      The only OT character who wasn’t crapped on was Threepio who actually got promoted but he had a total of like 5 scenes.

  • Matthew Leuck

    Cool. This just adds to my intense anticipation without giving any spoilers.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    color me intrigued

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    my impressions ofthis BTS video was worlds away from my reaction to the leaked lego product. this actually got me pumped . i’ll eat my words all the way to the theatre . i love being proved wrong

  • Darth Maleval

    Almost as good as a new trailer with all of the bits and pieces of the movie that it showed. Thanks for posting this!

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Meh. Looking more forward to Blade Runner tbh. Not feeling the PokΓ©mon looking Porgs at all nor the fact that they are recycling the “let’s steal the enemy uniforms and try to pass off as them” for like the 5th or 6th time in a row.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      Really hope that’s not Ackbar either considering his voice actor is dead who pretty much made the character iconic.

      • Bekim

        ^ Someone needs to eat a Snickers.

      • Nick Dickens

        They could recast the actor like they’ve done with The Muppets.

    • Seb

      Man, I’m so glad they banned you from SWNN!

    • SID

      words stolen from my mouth.

    • Nick Dickens

      That would be ‘third time’ and second time in a row after RO.

  • xdeathmedicx

    I want a porg!

    • Gloriouscollector

      I like the fact they are adding cute looking characters, that has always had a place in Star Wars.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        Walrus-Man was so cute in Star Wars: A New Hope.

        • OfWolfandMan

          And he’s really cute in tight jeans. Kind of like Ron, the stereo salesman.

      • holy Q

        my daughter loves penguins, pretty sure she will go nuts once she sees these critters.

  • TonyE

    i dont know, feels like i want the toys more for this one. looking forward to it…

  • zerobobby77

    And now space Bambi creatures?

  • Super Amigo

    Why would Kylo be fighting one of those new red Snoke guards? Mmmm…

    The guys with staffs (staves?) are clearly Snoke’s elite guard. Rey is fighting three of them.

    • Gloriouscollector

      Training perhaps?

      • Superflukullus

        Why would kylo be fighting Snokes guards and also Rey is seen fighting staff wielding character too. Also we see a destroyed Kylo Ren mask and it also seems in of the shots he’s in a resistance base so I believe Kylo might turn to the light side


          so what if he does? he’ll probably change his gender too. he’s just an outfit used to sell sith merchandise.


      because the plot just sucks. any plan that included wriniging the last bit of life out of the OT actors and exploring the force even further than the prequels was doomed to be gimmickal scifi.

  • Brandon

    Paul. How do I contact you for possible news? I have something to send you.

  • Seth Vatt

    1:12, could we be getting a Zilkin, a la Meebur Gascon?!

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Nope that’s the Yoda-Kenobi baby.

      • Seth Vatt

        Always knew Yoda was a secret breeder.

  • hammyhamster

    Please make my feelings for this movie be wrong G.o.d. but as of now, I’m Way more looking forward to: apes, dunkirk, blade runner and even Thor.

    Don’t lose me further, Disney. I’m begging you.

    • darthmo

      Apes is insane!!!!!

      • hammyhamster

        Dude, don’t say no more. I’ll probably check it out Monday, but I can’t wait. I was never an “apes” fan, but I love what Matty reeves has done.

        Even better than that? He’s told DC to NOT meddle with his batman movie. HE is what we need for Star Wars… but Disney will never hire him. Not with that awesome attitude.

        • darthmo

          Matt Reeves for me is almost THE Director right now. 3 knockouts in a row. He would do an incredible EpIV. His Batman will no doubt save DC’s entire movieverse that Snyder has almost sunk.
          WFTPOTA goes to emotional depths not often seen in a blockbuster film. It is so epic and doesn’t treat the audience like idiots. An easy 9/10 and the film to beat for 2017. Kennedy and Disney should take note.

          • hammyhamster

            Nice. That’s a spoiler I’ll accept πŸ™‚

            You know what’s funny? I just watched that movie ‘Passengers’, and even though the movie got poor reviews – and I knew that going in – I actually enjoyed it. Why? Because I didn’t have to see forced messages, or clear marketing or other objectives, which seem to pollute big franchises nowadays (See spider-Man for reference).

            I fully expect a movie Apes to have some sort of message, but I expect it to be appropriate to the subject matter, stuff which big movies forget nowadays.

            Either way… I’m sure I’ll be entertained. That’s why I pay out the big bucks for the modern cinema experience. Again, something Hollywood seems to have forgotten.

          • darthmo

            Agreed. Hollywood blockbusters are ‘polluted’, it’s a nice term which sums up many offerings of late perfectly.
            When as a viewer you can start noticing blatant marketing or paint by number quotas within a film you know something is wrong with the picture both figurative and literally.
            It’s ok to have films skewed to a certain market, it’s ok to have some films trying to cover all markets. What ever a film is trying to achieve or say as long as it feels sincere it’s ok by me but it’s that sincerity that appears to lacking far too often now.
            When you see Apes let me know what you think.

          • Albert Escobedo

            Your enthusiasm is the most impressive yet Darthmo. I am excited to see Apes this Monday.

          • darthmo

            Excellent Albert, enjoy. : )

          • hammyhamster

            True, Darth Mo. True. I’ll keep you posted on the apes!

          • Nick Dickens

            As you may know Fox had green-lit a sequel back in October.

            They’ve now green-lit a further 2 films making a sequel trilogy that will begin to fill in the 2,000 odd years between War and the original.

          • darthmo

            Wow, that’s one piece of news I had not heard. I’m sold.

          • Nick Dickens

            About the sequel green-lit in Ictober or the two more films?

            Yes Fox are taking a realistic, cautious approach to the franchise – and each film is truly self contained. You can watch just one, or all and come away satisfied.

          • Nick Dickens

            I like Passengers – very brace of Chris Pratt taking on a role like that.

            I do ignore all the hype and press for a film after being burned years ago. I got really badly sucker-punched and pulled into all the hype for a film many years ago.

            That film:

            STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE ‘Nuff said as Stan Lee would say.

          • hammyhamster


          • Funtomaz

            I think it’s most probably a wise decision that he decided to do away with Ben Affleck’s script and start from scratch. I am really sorry for Snyder and his loss, this is terrible. Apart from that it is time that someone else gets a chance to shape the future of the DCEU. Jenkins has obviously begun to turn the ship around with Wonder Woman. Let’s wait and see what Justice League will be like and what Joss Whedon will have added to it.

          • Nick Dickens

            Zack Snyder executive produced Wonder Woman and was very heavily involved in its production. He has a great deal of credit in that films success.

          • darthmo

            Snyder may be fine in a producing role but his visual style tends to be overly heavy like a blunt hammer to the head. For me personally and it seems many others he wasn’t the best choice for the DC world. His Superman film should have been his one and only in the directors chair. BvS was apart from individual scenes not a great film either. I do give him credit for Watchmen, it suited his aesthetic.
            You’re right in that yes Wonderwoman which I am yet to see has saved the DC universe for now and hopefully acts as a new jump off point. And soon we’ll have Reeve’s Batman which I believe will knock everything out the ball park that isn’t Nolan Batman related.

          • Nick Dickens

            That’s all subjective though. The film was very successful and DC are very different from Marvel in tone which Snyder got down.

            I think people went in there expecting a Marvel like film and were disappointed.

            Also any new Batman would be judged against Nolan’s very recent trilogy.

          • darthmo

            Affleck’s script was probably quite a confident film but yes Reeve’s will probably work best from his own material. And it will be interesting to see what Whedon does too.

          • Nick Dickens

            Snyder hasn’t almost sunk the DC films. Besides they’ve been saved already.

            Wonder Woman anyone?

            A film very relied very heavily upon its producer Zack Snyder.

          • Mike_5555

            I wanted Matt Reeves to direct Episode 9. He’s one of the most exciting and talented directors working right now.

            I saw it this past weekend and absolutely loved it. You’re right that it achieves an emotional depth that we just don’t see in many blockbusters these days. I’m generally against reboots, but Planet of the Apes is an example of how to reboot a franchise. The new films added something of value, justified their existence, and offered up rich and complex storytelling. It’s a rare trilogy in which all of the films were good to great, and it actually improved with each film. WFTPLOTA has more in common with classic historical/biblical epics than modern day superhero-driven blockbusters. Reeves and Serkis, who doesn’t get the respect he deserves as a performer, are quite the duo.

          • darthmo

            Couldn’t agree more Mike. It’s truly a rare reboot trilogy where every aspect was nailed perfectly.
            And Serkis absolutely deserves a major award.

      • Mike_5555

        My favorite movie of the year so far.

        • darthmo

          Yep. I am actually counting on Blade Runner being first class too, it’s crew is top notch and it’s one film sequel you really don’t want to botch with your name attached.
          Taking a bet now I feel TLJ will sit a little behind these films in terms of memorability and quality but I still think it’ll be great with Johnson in the directors chair.

          • Mike_5555

            I’m cautiously optimistic about Blade Runner. Along with Matt Reeves, Denis Villeneuve is one of the exciting filmmakers right now. They were literally my top two choices for Episode 9 before Lucasfilm singed Trevorrow. Plus Harrison Ford is back. However, it would be very easy to mess up. I’m really looking forward to Dunkirk as well. Christopher Nolan has my trust at this point. Yeah, I feel confident with Johnson as the director for Episode 8.

          • darthmo

            Again Mike, totally right but I’m feeling very confident Bladerunner will blow our minds.
            Looking forward to Dunkirk too, it will be nice to see him doing a historical based film for a change.
            And it still surprised me Trevorrow got the gig even though I have no beef with his films as yet when you have guys like Reeves.

    • Nick Dickens

      Apes is amazing. It’s by far the best of the three and looking it as a single trilogy it’s by far the strongest I’ve seen (as good as the original Bourne trilogy).

      • darthmo

        The Apes trilogy for me is a modern masterpiece and WFTPOTA is by far the best. Would love to see Reeve’s do a SW film.

        • Mike_5555

          Agreed on both counts.

        • Nick Dickens

          It is indeed.

      • Mike_5555

        It’s going to be remembered as one of the few truly successful trilogies.

        • darthmo

          Have made people like my wife watch it who until then thought it was going to be a ridiculous corny scifi. How quickly their opinions changed.

        • Nick Dickens

          It is indeed. If it wasn’t for the background shenanigans I’d love Back To The Future, but when you have a law passed because of what you did to an actor you have to admit you’re a scumbag. Like Bob Gale and Robert Zemekis.

      • hammyhamster

        Better than Batman? That’s a toughie. I enjoyed the first apes, really liked the second and even if I love the third… I just don’t know if it can overtake Noland batman for me, but I’d like to be wrong

        • Nick Dickens

          As much as I like that trilogy The Dark Knight Rises was the weak one, but it’s still great. Bourne was strong as was the new Apes trilogy.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    What’s up with that Kyber Crystal Wolf?

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    My stupid hypothesis based on nothing: Rey is the daughter of Qui-Gon Jinn and Shmi Skywalker. She was born on Tatooine. Palpatine new she would be a threat and/or an asset and had her abducted and frozen in Carbonite (before Episode 2). After the Endor battle, those loyal to the Empire loot the Emperor’s archives and put the loot on a Super Star Destroyer that ends up crashing on Jakku. After some years on Jakku, a couple of survivors of the Battle of Jakku find and release her from the Carbonite. Rey remembers nothing because she was in Carbonite for decades (intense hibernation sickness) and assumes that the survivors are her parents. They sell Rey to Unkar Plutt and they finally have enough credits to leave the planet.

    Kylo has scoured the archives of the Empire and knew that the daughter of Qui-Gon and Shmi was frozen in Carbonite and was most likely destroyed at the Battle of Jakku. But when Kylo puts together the Awakening of the Force, Jakku, a story of a girl, he realizes that DARTH VADER’S SISTER is alive! And Kylo likes to collect Vader stuff.

    • Super Amigo

      That makes a lot of sense.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        I would rather Rey not be related to anyone at all, but allowing her to become Lady Vader could be cool.

    • SID

      Why not. Couldn’t be any worse then what that hack has come up with for last Jedi.

    • Albert Escobedo

      This was genuinely plausible and interesting. Nice work tying things together.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      Rey Gon Jinn.

      they both got that greasy johnny slick back hair ahahahah “that’s why rey’s hair is a spoiler because she’s related to Qui Gon Jinn”

    • Nick Dickens

      I like that theory, the only problem is the mechanics of Star Wars onscreen wouldn’t allow for such an elaborate story – unless it forms a spin-off film, so it *could* happen maybe.

  • DarthDoonald

    The behind the scenes looks almost better than a trailer. I love love love that they are doing more and more practical effect than CGI. Those backgrounds and settings look amazing.

    Please please please dont let kylo go light side. We need a new vader. And maybe now hes less of a whiney emo kid. I want to see some raw force powers of anger rip stuff up.

  • holy Q
  • Mbraze

    “Rian’a made Star Wars fresh and new”….shot of a door opening revealing Finn and Rose in disguise, almost exact same shot as Cassian and Jyn in Rogue One.

    I really hope this reignites my interest in the sequel trilogy, TFA just doesn’t hold up on repeat viewings. But I’m not sure where they can take the story… I feel like the spin off stories are where my interest will lie.

    That said, there is some really cool looking stuff in here, particularly visuals. Still not many classic aliens but let’s wait and see. With GoT starting up again tomorrow, I really hope Gwendoline Christie actually has something to do in VIII.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Exciting? Great action? Are you feeling OK, Paul? Just trolling us?

  • CT-7567

    Paul posted this? Hahahaha

  • Darth Bre

    Nice to see A Wings and some of the aliens look better even if still a lack of otc types. Not sure about the firby penquins, are they going to steal the starkiller base 2 plans? Private, skipper, rico etc ( sense we may get interacive penquins at some point).
    Some potentially good figures if articulated and some good vehicles (please may they ditch the nerf).

    Movie wise, I am still not feeling the magic on this. The promo stuff is trying too hard to be artsy (the magazine spreads, posters etc) and it will take alot to shake off my frustrations with the TFA. I just hope they don’t mess up Luke’s story and legacy with this.

    • Darth_Rizzen

      Upvoted due to making me laugh at the thought of the Madagascar Penguins in Star Wars. ?

      Especially Rico… Kaboom… KABOOM!!! ?

      “Many Porgs died to bring us this information”
      Hmm I don’t know… Doesn’t sound right for some reason.

      • Darth Bre

        Remember….Cute and cuddly, boys;cute and cuddly…. πŸ™‚

        • Darth_Rizzen

          Just smile and wave, boys… Smile and wave! ?

          • Darth Bre

            Looking foward to porguins v squidface geman music slapping dance at the end of the movie….I would actually pay to see this!

          • Darth_Rizzen

            So bizarre… It just might work! ?

    • Kevin Knight

      Captain, Private, Rico, and Kowalski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll never unsee that now HAHAHAHAHAHA~~!~!

  • shane

    To be honest, everything except Laura D, looks great. I like the creature designs. I liked the creatures from TFAs. But It still has that ( this just isn’t SW ) vibe, from what I can see. Again, all depends on how they handle the legacy of Luke Skywalker.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Even though everybody knows it’s the second one in the trilogy, it feels like its own thing.

    That’s the very problem I have with TFA: it’s a rehash, and not even a self contained film, since it ends with lots of unanswered questions (What will happen to the Republic? Will Finn make it? What’s with the instant Jedi Knight powers thing?) and of course a cliffhanger with Rey handing Anakin’s lightsaber to Silent Bob Luke Skywalker.

    Have they heard and done something about it? Will TLJ put the story back on track? I hope so.
    Come on Lucasfilms old buddy don’t let me down…

    In other news:

    Colonel Meebur Gascon has been demoted to casino employee. That’s what you get for being annoying! ?

    Something tells me that the whole infiltration attempt isn’t going to end well.

    Look who’s learning to fly. Cute!

    Pushing the hero worship thing one step further with a neat cape. Almost there, Matt, just get all your limbs cut off and try swimming in lava. ?

    Now this is interesting and lends some credibility to previous leaks.

    Last, but certainly not least:

    Farewell, Princess. The Force will be with you. Always.

    • Funtomaz

      This is a problem I have with so many franchise movies… they almost never tell a self contained story. They are always busy setting up the next installment, plot points are left dangling for other movies to resolve. There always needs to be one final after end credits tease or twist.

      In all fairness, Star Wars is in the tradition of serialized SciFi, and even Episode IV had a few (quite a lot actually) unanswered questions and unresolved plot points. The difference: it didn’t feel frustrating, there was no obvious set-up for a follow up movie.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        Episode IV had a few (quite a lot actually) unanswered questions and unresolved plot points. The difference: it didn’t feel frustrating, there was no obvious set-up for a follow up movie.

        My point exactly. And you could say the same about Episode I, in fact.

      • Nick Dickens

        It was made for kids and was meant to be self contained too like Bond films.

        I think part of the big problem is unlike Wonder Woman and the recent Apes trilogy is that each film knows it’s part of a larger universe and is meant to be good – until the next one comes around. Which is pretty much how everyone feels about the Marvel films. Which are in that catch 22 trap of being having to be made quickly (those darn pesky actors don’t like to grow older) and so they have to shoot them almost non-stop.

        My only fear is when you step back they also sort of dissolve into one big Marvel blob. Which is sad as all the films have been good and some really good.

        However with the exception of Ant-Man, Thor, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, none have truly remained memorable or broken the mould much in either the tale told or the talent directing them.

        But these films are episodic by nature like the comics they’re based off and are inspired by.

        So with most franchises these days (especially the ‘shared universe’ ones as the media likes to call them) you will have that quality built into them.

        They’re like episodes to TV shows that just cost way, way more to make and have a yearly or less frequency.

        They have more in common with: Lost, The Walking Dead, Strange Times, Game of Thrones etc than with say The Terminator, or Citizen Kane.

      • Mike_5555

        That is a major issue with franchise/blockbuster filmmaking right now. Thanks to the success of the MCU, everything has to be an interconnected/shared universe and films aren’t allowed to stand on their own anymore. And it’s often to the detriment of the films. There are some films/franchises that buck that trend though. The current Planet of the Apes films can all stand on their own and feel like a natural evolution instead of a forced continuation. And from earlier this year Logan was essentially a standalone film that ignored the confusing X-Men timeline. Mad Max: Fury Road told a complete and statisfying story. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those films are some of the better recent blockbusters.

    • Nick Dickens

      A well put together post.

      And that last part… it’s how I felt watching the footage.

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    I know finn ends up in an orange flight suit so the scene im mentioning could be related to that, BUT later in the reel we see a guy with blond hair in an orange flight suit falling down a pit/shaft. When i first saw ut i thought it was a younger Luke. Not from ovee thinking it. Just looks like Luke. So maybe we get a flash back sequence. Idk.

  • Nick Dickens

    So looking forward to this even more so now. It’s nice that Christmas and summer will be filled with two of my favourite franchises when Avatar arrives in Christmas 2018 and we get Han Solo in just over 10 months time.

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