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The Good, The Bad, And The Unacceptable at Target

A couple things to discuss about Target today. In Targets, in what seems like all over the country, they are clearancing out a TON of Star Wars items. I know my Target in Milltown, NJ has begun putting almost everything on clearance except for a few notable items such as the TBS Rogue One 3-pack and the Rhino Tank Driver.  We also received some images from readers on discounted items which you can view below. Which the good comes the bad.  Check out the shipping horror story that Jason experienced after the jump

Update: More shipping damages! See below.

Target seems to be putting all their Star Wars toys on clearance. Let’s hope this is to make room for new products! It would be really great if they could fix the DCPI issue as well. Let’s take a look at what they have bee putting on clearance.



Let’s start with the clearance deals being found at Target. JTA read Michael sends in this image of his finds at his Northern California Target where he reports nearly all Star Wars toys are on clearance except for the TBS6 Rogue One 3-pack and AT-ACT Driver (both Target Exclusives)




Next up, JTA reader Logan sends us news from his local Target where he has found “a ton of ‘Star Wars’ toys on 50% clearance!” Check out some of his finds!




And finally, we take a look at these horrible shipping incidents that readers Jason & Colton sends us.

I decided to go ahead and order my first Wave 2 figure after I saw a post on JTA that Target had them in stock (plus RedCard holders get an additional 5% off and free shipping).  Unfortunately, I was disappointed when it arrived today in a baggie with no additional padding, so the bubble is smashed in and the card is bent and of course there is a nice green sticker on the front too.  Looks like it will peel off pretty easy, but I’ll be returning this to my local store.     -Jason T.



Another shipping incident from Target. JTA reader Colton shares a similar story to that of Jason above.

Saw your post About a week ago with jawas I stock at target. Went and bought one, but they used a box that was 2in too narrow and this happened…. And they won’t replace it since “they’re all gone” so I took the 10% discount I was offered. That picture is after I tried to straighten it back out! -Colton

Such a shame when that happens! I know the feeling all too well as I’m sure many of you do as well.

Have you found anything amazing at Target on clearance? The only thing I have gotten so far was a Legacy Pack for $19.99, which is great! How awful is that shipping incident? It’s never fun to finally get something and it comes like that!

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  • 11Eleven11

    I saw DSC and Jawa at Target on Tuesday (7/12) at full price, and both of them were crushed.

    • Aric

      Every 40th figure ive seen at Target has also been mangled. What is with that?

      • 11Eleven11

        The way I understand it, the Hasbro cases are being opened and re-packed at Target distribution centers, and they are obviously not taking any care with the repacking.

        • Aric

          What a joke. The whole appeal for me on the 40th figs is to display perfect boxes, i would never throw down for that mangled junk.

    • SID

      Most of the GS R5’s I’ve ever seen are crushed as well

  • SteveU1

    I wouldent be surprised if more rogue one product shows up in august at all retailers. They just keep jamming the peg warmers into stores.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Just got back from my Target (after finding that Obi-Wan Sabre at the nearby Walmart) and grabbed some 5POA’s for $3.89. They also had the 6in’s at $4.89, but only had Cassian’s left. The 3-Pack, and Driver are both still at full-price. They did have however two Case’s of Wave 2 of the 40th Fig’s. Grabbed a 3rd Tusken as an opener.

    • 11Eleven11

      And this photo is getting me all excited, but I know that in about 30 minutes I am going to be staring at the same two Leias that have been at my Target for the last 6-8 weeks.

      • TonyE

        same here. i see these photos of glorious target racks filled to the brim with wave 2, thinking today is the day, and then i see the same 4 Leias at mine.

        • 11Eleven11

          And guess what? They had the two Leias and one DSC. I just missed them.

          • TonyE

            ugh thats even worse! im trying to forget these exist and just counting down to TVC. not that itll be easier.

          • 11Eleven11

            My office opens at 8 am. I wish Target opened at 7. My life would be a lot easier, lol

      • Santos Lozano

        And my local target has just as many 40th figs as in this pic
        except all those are leias, leias and more leias…

      • Jaken Wraith

        I was surprised to see two Case’s worth of the 40th Fig’s on the Peg’s that’s for sure, that Target has only had Cassian on the Peg’s for Week’s now. I was actually hoping for Wave 1 to grab another R2, and the whole reason i went out this morning was to check my TRU for the “longshot” chance of finding a Gree. Found Obi’s Sabre, a great deal on some 5poa’s, and another Tusken. Nothing was at a couple of my local Walgreen’s either.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      yea my target got a full case this time. by the time i got there around 2pm after work only thing left was the two jawas and death squad. was suprised they got a full case this time, wasn’t split

    • hammyhamster

      That trooper, and package is so mesmerising. I don’t know why, but if it was a girl… I’d ask her to be my wife.

    • TW7

      I was going to do the same thing and open my second Tusken but I just couldn’t do it. It looked too good on the vintage card…So I bought multiples of it online in the red and black box line instead and opened those.

  • Most of the Targets in San Antonio that I’ve visited have the same TFA crap hanging on the pegs. Maybe they should include them with any purchase of school supplies?

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Mark my words, SW will become a subscription service ala MOTU before this trilogy is over with. On the upside, I’ll save a ton of money since the amount of items from the Disney canon I own I can count on one hand.

  • Andrew

    Both nearby Targets are flooded with old product, all on clearance. There was an employee unloading an entire trolley full of Star Wars product yesterday and he ran out of room to hang these two full boxes of “new” wave 1 of TFA 5 POA figures, all of which already had clearance stickers on them.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      He is the pegwarmer to end all pegwarmers.

    • ctwins3688

      Just saw the same thing at my target- distribution centers must have let old product build up and now they’re trying to move it. Nothing new hitting the shelves in months

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    dang my target has yet to mark anything down. all the 5poa’s are full price ahahahha

  • Logan

    It doesn’t surprise me one bit how terrible shipping practices are. The main goal is to generate sales and it doesn’t matter to them how the item gets to it’s destination. I still can’t believe the AT-ACT driver is still around. These disappeared months ago in the LA area.

  • Keith Maurer

    It is funny to see the Y-Wing with all that dust on top. My stores have the dust as well. I can see the 5 PA easily going to 70% off next week Thursday as that is when Target does their clearances.

  • Mark

    Same at my Target. As some others have suggested there seems to be more stock than ever. New 5poa’s (Han and Res Rey of course, as is the trend lately) and the class I vehicles. Recently 6″ were dropped to $10 but then went back up a couple of weeks ago. They’re back clearanced at $10 now. Most of the clearance prices are pretty meh. Picked up a 2nd Jedha Revolt for $13 just because it’s pretty nice.

  • jedijason1138

    The Target by my work hasn’t marked everything yet. They’ve started the process, but so far I’m not impressed. If I saw the 5 POA Death Troopers or Scarif Troopers on clearance, I’d buy the hell out of them.

  • GIBBS v2

    Great I ordered the same to figures when this site posted the Target find. I’ll see how they look when they arrive on Monday.

  • Darth Maleval

    This is to make room for the new Force Friday product. A few select items will probably be carried over for the next set. Now is a good time to find stuff at decent prices. The entire toy section is due for it’s summer reset the last week of July (except for Star Wars which we know is Sep. 1).
    My store has everything marked just like the pictures, however, we didn’t have anything ‘hiding’ in the backroom like 40th stuff, just the usual stuff nobody buys anyway.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Just got back from Target. Most of the same stuff you posted so nothing great but unlike Wally World it was actually on sale.

  • Fiery Little One

    About the only thing I’ve found at a Target that I’ve bought is the Jawa last week. I believe it was full price, so take that as you will.

  • Darth Maleval

    We did have the 40th Anniversary plush Tusken Raider and Bantha marked down 50% to $14.98. We had quite a few of unopen cases of those. Not a big seller at $30, but they’ll sell now. I couldn’t pass that one up!

  • Joseph Tate

    I ordered a Legacy Pack from Amazon on Prime Day. They didn’t bother to ship in a shipping box. They just slapped a shipping label on the box and mailed it. Piss poor on their part. Sent it back immediately. They’re sending a new one and gave me a token $7 credit.

  • Logan Pynakker

    I found this for the first time today at my Target, as well. Crushed, of course.

  • Brian B.

    I frequent that same Target, Colin. So I know you know exactly how frustrating it’s been checking there for the last few weeks lol.

  • Jeffrozup

    I almost hate to say this because of the negative experiences a few people have encountered with the shipping but I was able to get orders in for the 40th anniversary figures last weekend. They all arrived on Wednesday and they were in immaculate condition. No stickers, no damaged cards and each box had several air pockets in them to protect the figures.

    FWIW, when I look at my order on the Target app, it shows my items were shipped out of York, Pa.

  • CobraSaboteur

    Not to invalidate the disappointment these collectors are enduring but it just blows my mind how collectors, who care about the package of the figure (I myself fall into that category as I am a MOMC collector) don’t have at LEAST a 90% expectation that their figure would NOT be packed and shipped like a collectible and WOULD arrive at least partially damaged if not fully damaged.

    I have placed orders with ALL major retailers (Target, TRU, Walmart, K-Mart, Amazon, etc) as well as at least half a dozen people that I personally know, and it’s a straight up 1-2/10 chance in our collective experience, that the figure doesn’t arrive mangled. However, I learn from that and don’t do it again. I also don’t get shocked or saddened by it when I see it…because I had a 80-90% level of expectation it would happen. Bottom line is, I don’t do it anymore…EE is my trusted friend (BBTS is great too but not as good) and they never let me down.

    In my experience, the exception to the rule has been exclusives from Amazon. The last 4-5 Black Series or Marvel Legends exclusive sets I have ordered have all wrapped in a protective slip-cover/outer box, within the box, and have arrived in mint condition. Ordering NON exclusive loose single figures from Amazon however is just as much risk as anywhere else.

    In summary, insert Ebay when all else fails. I never found any of the new SA 3.75 Black Series Wave 8 in the stores for example, nor was I ever quick enough to grab them from the website for the average 3 minutes they lasted (not that that wouldn’t be a gamble on package condition as it is) so I went to Ebay, found a seller (quite easily) that had like 10-20+ in stock of each figure and messaged the seller privately asking for the cleanest, best packages available. I explained to the seller that I am an adult collector who cares about the packaging of the figure and that I need the figures to be packed with extreme care (I’ve done this many times in the past) and the usual response is “no worries/i am a collector too/not a problem/sure, you got it!” etc etc and the figures always arrive in great shape. It requires a little research and effort to make that transaction go the way I want it too but it always pays off for me and it should for anyone else for that matter. I spent a few bucks over MSRP…who cares, way easier than wasting my time trying to find an exclusive, in good shape, that 17% of the total companies stores will even stock in the first place…

    Just my $0.02

  • franksolo77

    I was pleasently surprised to find these guys at my local Carson Ca Target. There hasn’t been anything else worth buying here in almost a year.

    • TW7

      Nice find!

  • Hans Jolo

    My Targets still have Rogue 1 figures at $7.99. Same ones on the wall for months. The managers are letting them rot on the pegs instead of blowing them out the door. Heck, there are still EPVII figures hanging there. $3.00ea might get those peg rotters to move!

  • General Hux

    Haven’t checked my Target’s yet, will probably do so tomorrow, maybe pick up some 5POA Stormtroopers.

    • CT-7567

      I know you don’t collect 6″, Hux. I actually don’t think I’ll be getting them anymore. But , given how much you like TFA, if you see any of the TFA 6″ for $5 you might want to grab a couple. Rey wBB and Unmasked Kylo would be excellent deals for $5. I haven’t seen the Guavian Enforcer lately, but I love both versions of that figure. The 6″ one is definitely worth $5. The Flametrooper is great. Not trying to push something you don’t collect on you, just pointing out that Hasbro made some pretty nifty TFA figures in TBS and $5 is a great way to justify purchasing something you normally don’t collect.

      • General Hux

        I’m tempted to pick up a Rey or Kanan if I see one, maybe Ahsoka. But I still don’t plan on buying any. I’ve made quite bit of extra cash from mowing lawns and there hasn’t been much to buy so I have some spending room before Force Friday. 🙂

        • CT-7567

          Yup. I’ve been saving up for FF too. 🙂

  • CT-7567

    Sorry to hear about the two guys that got damaged packaging.

  • Alice Charlie Scoles

    finally picked up rey and her bike for 12$–glad I waited 2 years as it is under-whelming for even 12$!!! Passed on everthing else including 6in stormie, tusken and 3po. Zuvio is till there at 4.98$

  • James

    just got back from one of my Local Targets, a full set of 40th wave 2 was on the pegs, however all had card damage so I passed as I have a set and I only collect Mint.

  • Danny P.

    I see a couple of items there I’d like to have. I might just visit a store this week just for the heck of it

  • Marchosias

    For what its worth guys, I found 2 R2 D2’s at BestBuy last week…Just hanging there in the back….I had no idea they carried SW items…It was on a SW display, all the way in the back…Couldnt believe it…

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