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TARGET: Marking Down TBS6 [SW40] Figures As Low As $3.98!

It’s hard to believe: so many collector have yet to see ANY 40th anniversary figures on the shelves while others are finding them for less than $4 a piece. It might be time to stalk your local TARGET. JTA reader Marcel E. found the 40th anniversary Princess Leia Organa for a mere $3.98. Insanity!

Hi Paul,
Thanks to your reporting on the Target sales, I just got 40th Anniversary Leia for $3.98 and 4 other Black Series figures for almost the same price as I paid for her when she was first released.

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  • SteveU1

    Retail disaster continues. I hate to say it but why would any retailer carry star wars anymore. Hasbro and the retailers need to get on the sAme page. You cant use the same DCPI /SKU for 2 years and have old product and brand new at same price

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      It’s very possible that TLJ will be the last SW line ever available in brick and mortar stores.

      Hasbro is starting to make whoever gave Lucas full control over merchandising rights in the 70’s look like a genius.

      • SteveU1

        It is a mess. How can you have wave 1 from ep7 and the last wave of rogue one under same peg holder. Most waves never even hit retail and the waves that do are in insane numbers.

  • El_tito

    Just drove to the local Target and nothing is on sale. Except the 40th trading cards.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Someone on here said it best a few days ago about how we are less than two months away from FF and they are still clogged with TFA crap.

  • I love this time in our history. Every single instance of something is a disaster! Im not just talking about here on JTA…this goes all the way up to the WH. That said, this is a disaster I wouldnt mind walking into. I would buy.

    • Mark S

      It went all the way up to the WH when that last bozo was in office too.

      • I dont remember it being such a “circus of his their own making” with the last admin (at least not right out the starting gate), but everyone always remembers these types of things which ever way they want regardless of the objective reality.

    • 11Eleven11

      The human race can’t kick its own butt right now. Other than Tom Brady. That guy is winning like it is going out of style, Sorry Paul; sports reference.

      • Now thats a guy who I believe wins so much that he actually WOULD get tired of winning!

  • James

    Kid at my local target told me 40th anniversary dcpi has been deleted and they will not be getting anymore. However they are still full price.

  • Ben Bonstein

    I got a Cassian for 4.94 tonight, only a single figure, Jyn, left. There was a ton of them, a few Krennics sprinkled in, and a single, resolute Finn hanging recently. Might not be good for the line, but low low clearance prices can clear a room.

  • Erik

    Rename this site to SW Retail 911. I agree with Etheangel2220.

  • darthvaderdisco

    Checked both Targets here. They had tons on clearance, but everything I wanted was regular price. Ended up with a discounted Maz plush for the wife. Walmart, on the other hand has RO Lego items clearanced, but that’s another thread.

  • GIBBS v2

    At that price I would buy every single one of them and resell, buy it now for the actual price of 19.99 on eBay. I make a small profit and sell to those that need with out inflated pricing.

    My target got one set of wave 1 figures, one time and I am sure we will never see wave 2.

  • ILoveSand

    Darn, I knew I should have taken Leia to the price checker. Everything in the SW aisle was marked down to 3.92 and 4.92 except for Leia. They probably forgot to mark her. I bet she would have rung up cheaper.

    If anyone needs a Zuvio there is one left at the Brandywine Target in DE. He is finally marked down. 😉

  • 11Eleven11

    Someone beat me to the Rey/BB8 figure that had been there for months; I would have paid $4.98 for an opener of that one. Didn’t see a marked down price on the Rogue One three-pack or the TBS lightsabers, but everything else was being blown out.

  • Diego

    At-act driver still full price even though it is discontinued in the system and they have like 8 of him on the pegs. Tried for a pricematch but was denied. We don’t collect 6″ except for expanded universe characters but my kid convinced me to pick up Krennic and Kanan for $4.98, which I did begrudgingly. It’s moments like these where I’m like: do I break and buy some as investments or stay with the 3.75 SA or bust mindset. Thoughts? They had a few other Rogue One figures and a FIrst Order Snow trooper at the same price.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    hey at least all of this target clearance is funny to Steve Evens, design director for star wars toys at hasbro

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