Clone Commander Cody (#14) - Hasbro - The Black Series [Phase II] (2015)
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As of the time of this post, the Emperor’s Royal Guard is IN STOCK for $10.83!

UPDATE: It’s history – keep checking throughout the day! These have been popping in and out of stock!

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  • Mark

    It was in stock a lot yesterday and for a while too. I picked up a few more and didn’t even have my cart scalped during the overly long 20 page checkout process on their site. Where is all this stock coming from? How is there not one anonymous Hasbro employee that’s a JTA member and posts inside information about things like this?

    • CT-7567

      Cart scalped? Is tgat when you have the figure in your cart, it sells out from Walmart and the price jumps to 3rd party cost? I’ve had items go out of stock during checkout but it never occurred to me that it could happen that way.

      • Mark

        Lol no sorry. I think I use scalp too generally…like “smurf” haha. Add to cart, confirm it’s in the cart, click checkout, blah blah, other things, yada yada, pay with paypal, login to paypal, redirect back to wm, complete purchase…..sorry there was a problem with your order. Items from your cart are no longer in stock…

        • CT-7567

          Oh, ok, got it. I just call that getting screwed. 🙂

  • LesterF

    Gone at that price, but you can now pay 3rd party price for it at over $40. Don’t think so.

    • Mark

      What would be cool is if you could be a scalp…uh 3rd party Walmart seller, buy up all the stock when it comes in stock with ‘actually’ Walmart, and then immediately offer that stock for sale for $40. That would save so much time as a scal… uh 3rd party seller and everybody wins…

      • CT-7567

        Everybody? I don’t see how the collector wins. Those figures shouldn’t be $40. The Scarif Trooper and Deathtrooper are beautiful works of art, but it’s mass produced art. I don’t have the Scarif Trooper and there’s no way I’d pay more than $20 for it. And for me even $20 is pushing it. I do get what your saying about expediting the process and if you don’t have a problem paying aftermarket prices that’s totally cool.

        • Mark

          I can’t tell if you’re continuing on with my massive sarcastic reply or if I came across as serious. Lol, literally everyone wins EXCEPT for the collector! It was funny (not funny) imagining a 3rd party wm seller clicking “buy all” for 10.83 and immediately reselling that stock for $40.

          • CT-7567

            Lol. I get that you were being sarcastic.

          • Mark

            My biggest “forum fear” is that I’ll try to be sarcastic but it will be just believable enough to get people riled up and think I’m serious…you know, like what Paul does. 😀

          • CT-7567

            It took me a long time and near-banishment from the site to finally understand that Paul is very sarcastic but really a great guy.

  • HothHan

    Popping back in and out at $10.83 – just grabbed a couple

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      just popped back in . love this site-to-store option

  • I sense that Walmart is trying to (smartly) wring every penny out of their GOOD exclusive figures before dumping the duds on Five Below.

    • CT-7567

      Do you think 5B would even want them? They aren’t selling for $5.84 at Walmart. I don’t think 84 cents less is going to get people pull the trigger. Plus the TFA figures 5B has noware going nowhere. Only Unmasked Kylo, Squad Leader Stormtrooper, Resistance Rey and Han sell. And of those Han and Rey actually took a while to sell. Really it’s just Kylo and the Stormtrooper. Now, if Five Below got the RO Walmart figures? That would be great. Actually, as I am typing this I just realized that Hasbro might not want the figures at discount chains because they are going to repack them in TVC. Does Hasbro have any say n the matter once retail has purchased them? Normally I’d think not, but they are(or were) exclusive to Walmart so idk if they could actually unload them on 5B. You’d probably know better than I. Btw, how did it go trimming down your collection? I hope you got a good price for the stuff. I actually feel privileged to have the 2006-12 stuff because it would take a crap load of money to buy all that stuff for what it’s going for now. Hopefully that means you made a nice profit on your original investment. 🙂

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    AND WE’RE BACK (as of 10:48am est) just copped one to flank my other one.

  • James

    It’s in now just added 1 to cart

  • HothHan

    Back up – filling out my ranks and with free shipping (site 2 store) I can do this all day lol

  • Daniel Preece

    Why is it that EVER SINGLE TIME I go to one of these price links the JTA price says around $10 and the website has it listed for around $40? It’s not just some times, it’s not just most of the time. It’s literally every. single. time. How does it go from in-stock at $10 to in-stock at $40?

    • BoBaTeHFeTT

      Cause you weren’t up at 9:12am EST checking the website…

      • LOL. Pretty much. It has been popping in and out of stock MULTIPLE times since we posted this.

    • We have a lot of traffic and readers. Some (about 40-100) just refresh the front page every coupe of minutes. I find that insane, but that’s what happens.

    • James

      These have consistently sold out in under a min, however they can show as instock for up to 30mins

    • starfreak74

      Honestly I refresh the front page at least once an hour. Mainly because Hasbro is screwed right now.

  • ChewieIsHansImaginaryFriend

    It’s there right now. Look for “1 other seller from $10.83” – I didn’t buy them but it let me put 9 in the cart so I’m guessing there are 9 right now that are left

    For some reason “AMI Ventures Inc” shows up as the preferred seller, probably because shipping is free (but so is ship to store at walmart… stupid algorithms…)

    • Yes! They are still in stock!

    • Jedicassie

      That’s what the link always directs me to.

  • DarthXit

    in right now…got to check additional sellers and walmart $10.83 shows up

  • DarthXit

    see the pic …lower right hand corner. do “compare all sellers” and choose walmart

  • Check it out. The ERG is STILL IN STOCK for $10.83 despite saying $40. Look
    at the bottom and click the compare link. You can get yours for $10.83!


    • DarthXit

      is there an echo in here….??????????????????

      • LOL! Saw your comment too late! 🙂

        • DarthXit

          no worries boss…hope my email did not bore you. have a great weekend….

    • DarthXit

      gone as of 1:19 pm

  • General Hux

    Gotta keep more tabs the next few days and hopefully nab a few of these guys.

  • Mark

    If you’re a scalper, is there any more guaranteed 200-400% return than on this figure? My dark side can see the attraction of that lifestyle.

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