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Can't Wait To See More Of Disney's Star Wars Land?

Neither can I! Ever since it was announced, I was making plans to borrow my niece so that I could take a trip to Disney when it opens. It sounds so amazing with all the interactive properties that immerse you in A Galaxy Far, Far Away. And now the official Star Wars Facebook page has given us a look at the models for Star Wars Land (I sort of hope they tweak the title) that they revealed at D23 Expo. Click here to look at all the beautiful images.

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  • CT-7567

    “Borrow” your niece? Lmao

    • Oh yea! if you were visiting Disneyland by yourself and are a male, you would be given the side-eye…and for the most part rightly so. So you have to make sure you have a kid or just another person accompany you so no one gets the wrong idea haha!

  • The Force can have a strong influence on the fat walleted and the weak minded. I think whatever it was they put in the Kool-Aid is starting to wear off. I can see clearly now the rain is gone…

    • shane

      Yes but i really wish you were wrong.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Looks like Myrkr which is ironically no longer canon.

  • shane

    I can’t wait to see how they pull off that double moon in the sky. ??⭐⭐

  • Jimmy Griffin

    I’ve been looking forward to this. Even as a kid I never gave one crap about going to Disney World; but the minute I heard they had acquired Lucasfilm I knew they would end up doing something like this. My son will be 3 in September, I plan to wait until he is at least 5 so that he will be able to remember it and we can all enjoy it more.

    • shane

      Sounds like a great plan with your kid. Awesome !

  • GIBBS v2

    The Park is gonna be busy summer 2019! I hate crowds but I have put off a return trip with the family for 3 years now waiting for this thing.

  • As much as I love Star Wars, I still don’t think Disneyland is the right place for it. They’ve had to remove and redo so much of the original park to accomodate Star Wars Land. That’s history and heritage they’re never getting back. Obviously I’m still going to visit it. I just don’t think it should have been installed at the expense of Walt’s original park.

    • Nick Dickens

      It’s partly because they can’t capitalise on Marvel in a fraction of the way they can with Star Wars.

  • rebelsfangirl

    I think I’d get banned if I described the effect those photos had on me.

    I CANNOT WAIT until these parks are open.

  • CobraSaboteur

    Can’t wait…and I don’t need to “bring” a niece or nephew either…I am a fully grown man child and Disney will happily except me. That being said…I guess I should bring my son…ugh

  • BlueSaber

    I honestly think A LOT of people are freaking out over this just because Disney slapped the brand “Star Wars” onto a land. Look carefully at the pictures, does this really look iconic to any of you? I hate to not like this, because the concept and idea of a Star Wars land is incredible, but this looks like a mishmash of prequel/Rogue One/Force Awakens with ZERO effort to incorporate ICONIC environments from the OT. Disney royally screwed this up. They are betting on the new movies just like they are doing with Avatar. They have bankable and easy set pieces they could build, but they went for this bland looking “spacey” environment. The whole freaking thing looks like Naboo with some woods, which makes me sick to my stomach. Where in the hell is the Mos Eisley spaceport area complete with the actual Cantina? (Apparently, it’s instead a generic cantina with NO resemblance to the film version…WHY????) Where is the Ewok forest and treehouse with bridges high above? Where is the snowy Hoth environment? Where is the Death Star hanger? Where is the Yavin Base hanger (could be a gift shop) with ships poking out? The only cool things I’ve seen were the A-Wing and the full-scale MF. Even a Bespin area high up in a Tower with the aesthetics would be appreciated. Why must everything revolve around kids? Disney is as much about bringing out the kid in adults as it for kids. There is plenty of Buzz Lightyear and Mickey to go around. Give us our freaking OT already! It’s like they purposely ignored it in ALL of their designs. This doesn’t feel like Star Wars at all, I’m sorry, it feels and looks like freaking Cloud Atlas.

    • 0pti

      Had to log in for this one, Thank you Blue Saber! I did not see anything star wars about it besides the falcon. For years I have dreamed of Star Wars theme park, and when it finally happens its TFA trash.

  • Ulek Calus

    This doesn’t seem to be that iconic a look for a planet. It feels like more of an ‘every-world’, I guess, but that’s probably a smart decision considering anything more specific (ice planet, desert planet, lava planet, etc.) would probably lose its novelty more quickly. Still, it looks very beautiful if you ask me. Hoping I get the chance to go.

    • BlueSaber

      No, I think your first instinct is the proper one. This a ZERO on the iconic score and it looks bland as hell.

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