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More TBS6 [SW40] Woes

This time from ThinkGeek. They sent out an e-mail last night letting customers know that Han Solo has been discontinued. I believe this is just the first of many e-mails ThinkGeek will be sending out.

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  • Zachary Hering

    This sucks. I still need a Jawa and Stormtrooper. now I’ll never find them.

    • Jawa is simple to locate online and for a fair price. You’d better not dillydally.

      • Zachary Hering


    • Seronious

      If you are opening them, then those figures will be re-released again for the Last Jedi waves, according to the rumors. I don’t think either are done, except for the carded version.

      • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

        Why would they rerelease Ep4 Han boxed again? For a 3rd time? The point was to get him carded.

        • Seronious

          I don’t believe Han was ever on the rumor list. As far as I know, Jawa, Death Squad Commander, Vader, and possibly the Stormtrooper are in future waves that will work as “filler” during the Last Jedi waves, which, if going by previous years will dish up around 20 to 25 new figures, which theyll use as an opportunity to re-release them again. I doubt any of the others are though.. Tusken can currently be found in wave 11 in the red box version, but I doubt we see any of the others. Leia, Luke, C3PO, and Obi all had their turn in the red box. I don’t think they’ll re-release Chewbacca, Han, R2D2 or X-wing Luke again. Chewbacca was already in the red box last year as his episode 7 self.

    • DT

      Not sure if you’re fortunate enough to work around a computer all day as I am w/ my job, but if you are I suggest this setup:

      Tab Auto Reload (Add-on)
      Tile Tab (Add-on)
      Setup your 1-click

      Set your pages to reload every 10 secs on Amazon as they are still getting these in on the regular w/ Tab Auto Reload. Tile Tab will allow you to show 2 or more tabs in the same window browser to control. It’s the setup I use to snipe what I need and it is almost a surefire bet over anything else I’ve found.

      Hope this helps!

      • Griffindor

        Just started doing this on amazon to receive the last 4 figures I need (Stromtrooper, c3po, chewy, sand people). Thanks for the info, may the force be with us.

      • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

        Yeah thats not distracting at all at work. Im sure youre working at 100% capacity. Lol.

        • DT

          I’m working at about 96.5% efficiency here ol’ Hillbilly Jim.

  • It’s going from suck to blow.

    • CT-7567

      If Funko or somebody made Spaceballs figures would you buy them?

  • Han was discontinued in Episode VII as well. I see a trend here…those pesky Illuminati are at it again! It’s Hasbro’s fault you say…well, that’s exactly what they WANT you to believe.

  • DT

    unfortunately I think this is one of the first of an onslaught of emails that are going to be sent out to all of us w/ existing preorders. I’m just waiting on my W2 8 pack to be canceled from Dorkside. I’ll be very very surprised if it’s fulfilled at this point.

  • Tim

    thankfully I was able to get Han a couple months back, and Jawa + DSC for 19.99 on Amazon. But I’m sure I will never be able to find R2 or R5 for a decent price anywhere anytime soon

    • Subcoolin

      R5 is at every EB games I go to here in n toronto….it costs 29.99 can

  • Philbrick

    This is unwelcome news. 🙁 TBS6 Han is a great figure and isn’t exactly an easy one to track down without a premium. I beat myself up for missing orange box Han on clearance in late 2013. Thankful I was online the day news of the pre-ToyFare sale broke or else I’d still be looking for one.

  • The D.O.

    Way to go on the 40th anniversary figures Ha$blow………….

    • soxpicks .

      Good news for scalpers.

  • Darth Maleval

    I was glad I was able to buy the whole case from Dorkside the moment they were available. It’s just too time consuming anymore to check the stores and monitor all the websites. I appreciate the heads up on stuff like this from you guys on the site!!

  • Fiery Little One

    I’m glad I picked him up a little after 40th’s launch then…

  • Joe Yannotti

    Walked into Best Buy last Saturday and aside from a Vader set, the only other figure on the shelf was 40th R2, which was a surprise.

  • darthmadonna

    I always thought Han was a good figure. So does this mean the end to the rumored solid cases of Han and R2?

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