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There Is Another.... JTA Staff Member

You may have seen many of his great posts already. Here is his official welcome. Chuck and I are very happy (and relieved) to welcome zealously eager staff member Colin Borden to the JTA team. Colin actually grew up about 15 minutes from where I grew up in NJ so it’s great to have that close connection in addition to our mutual passions for Star Wars (which are pretty different mind you). By the way, his introduction to Star Wars figures was nearly identical to mine as well (see his story). Colin is a tad younger than the other older fogies here and brings a unique perspective on the Disney acquisition of Star Wars, i.e. he doesn’t loathe The Force Awakens like I do. So those who don’t like me (here and on Twitter) be glad Colin is here. Click through for a little background information on Colin and please give him a warm welcome in our comments.

My name is Colin. You may have seen me around the comments from time to time. I was a LONG time lurker of JTA until I decided to start commenting and enjoying the mingling aspect of our beloved hobby. I was so honored to be asked by Paul and Chuck to help out with the front page news section of JTA and I am excited to be a full-fledged member of the Jedi Temple Archives staff. Hopefully I can help lighten the load on Paul and Chuck and help get out the most up-to-date news and stock reports as quick as possible. I know as much as you all do that every second counts and after constantly refreshing HTS for days waiting on 40th Anniversary X-Wing Luke, you can be sure we do everything possible to get it to you fast! I’m also happy to be able to bring a new section of reviews to JTA with the Marvel Comics reviews which I will continue to work on and bring you unbiased, honest reviews of the newest and classic Star Wars comics.

A little bit about me and my history with A Galaxy Far, Far Away… My first memory of watching Star Wars was when I was 5-years-old (although I was informed by my parents that they showed it to me on many earlier occasions). I was immediately obsessed with the entire trilogy. The entire aspect of Luke Skywalker’s journey and the entire cast of characters just completely consumed my mind. I received my first Star Wars figure in kindergarten where my best-friend at the time gave me an original Kenner C-3PO. I absolutely cherished that little golden droid with the articulation of a marble statue (I later found out my friend got in trouble for giving me his brothers figure.) After that, I remember finding some figures at a garage sale and begging my mom to buy them, which she did (BIG mistake). I started asking her to drive around to garage sales every weekend to find more and more.

My collecting didn’t really get serious until the 1995 The Power of the Force series came out. I remember going on my first trip to Disney World and seeing the magic that was STAR TOURS and the unbelievable wall of figures in the Star Wars shop. I believed at the moment I walked into heaven and found my Princes Leia (which was nearly impossible to find near me). When the Prequel Trilogy came out, I remember being so excited to not only see these new movies, but also have new characters to collect. Lately, I’ve been collecting The Black Series 6” and 3.75” figures while I patiently wait for the return of our beloved The Vintage Collection. I also enjoy some high-end collectibles (when I can afford them) such as Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys.

Welcome Colin!

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