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An Intentional Move Away From 5POA?

It’s probably a good bet that collectors of the 3.75″ The Last Jedi line will see Hasbro double their efforts when it comes to articulation in the line. (more….)

While it’s a safe bet that we will still see action figures with five points of articulation, we have learned that Hasbro will be making a concerted effort for when it makes sense to the character to add somewhere within 6-8 points of articulation. While this action isn’t necessarily an unprecedented event in the simply-articulated action figure format (think of Admiral Ackbar and Unkar Plutt  from The Force Awakes line and Darth Vader from the Rogue One line), JTA has learned that the standard 5POA format HAS NOT gone over as well as Hasbro had hoped. It’s a significant part of the reason that we’re seeing The Vintage Collection front and center again in the mainstream market. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

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  • Jaken Wraith

    I’ve always seen the 5POA’s sitting around more than any other format that’s for sure.

    • zerobobby77

      Sitting in the pegs?

    • Danny

      and a few 6″ zubios, rogue one cassians and jyns lol. The comeback of the TVC will be a breath of fresh air

      • Jaken Wraith

        Stuff always comes in and out but overall 5POA’s “warmed” more than anything. I really don’t see an over abundance of them now though. TRU and Target have alot that will never move, but most of my Walmart’s have very few left.

        • Carbonite_Hydrates

          They’ll eventually move. And when they move – they’ll just sort of be gone. Like dust in a wind. We’ll hardly notice at first.

          We saw it with POTF2, Ep1, POTJ stragglers, even the recent 5POA Saga Legends and Rebels.

  • Alice Charlie Scoles

    arms, elbows and knees on troopers would go far as well as arms and elbows on jedi types

  • rebuiltHK47

    Of course it didn’t go over well. Very few like the 5POA. I despise it. I never bought the figures until shortly before the different clone legions we’re being made. My first figure was the first clone and speeder bike where the figure had the button to give him “action”. After that, I have avoided 5POA like the plague unless it gets forced on me by one of the super awesome battle packs (oh how I miss those). So to have TFA and Rogue One stuff mostly in 5POA was a really dumb idea. IMO the Black Series needs to be at the 5POA prices, but that’s another matter.

  • Thundrstruckd

    5 POA wasn’t a hit? You’re kidding! Well, it was in 1978, so I don’t know what happened.

    • Carbonite_Hydrates

      We liked modern figures on vintage cards so much – Hasbro just knew we’d flip for vintage style figures on modern cards.

      • Daniel Preece

        Hasbro would have had me again with 5poa on Vintage cards…. I don’t know why they didn’t try that.

        • Carbonite_Hydrates

          While that really does make the most logical sense.

          I’m actually glad they didn’t go that route – only because a return to SA figure on Vintage Packaging is much more flashy and news worthy than the same Vintage Packaging we’ve had since 2010 now with SA figures again.

      • Thundrstruckd

        While I love (and prefer) the vintage cards, at the end of the day what matters to me the most is a healthy super articulated line (meaning much more than 10 new figures per year) available everywhere as opposed to being limited as a store exclusive. This is what I have missed, and what I am looking forward to the most now.

  • 11Eleven11

    Now, learn how to paint figures again, and we might have something!

  • Gloriouscollector

    Well…………I guess this is the part were all collectors, say “I TOLD YOU SO HASBRO!” Who would of thought that articulation from the 70’s and 80’s, wouldn’t go over well with modern action figures that have improved articulation since the 2000’s. I said this before once you had steak you can’t go back to tofu.

    • Carbonite_Hydrates

      I’d be very curious to know how TFA and Rogue One figures sold compared to say The Clone Wars Movie or Revenge of the Sith figures.


        TFA merch was a big tourist attraction. Most of those buyers will never be back since theyre now bored with the idea of the OT feel making a comeback.

        • Carbonite_Hydrates

          Excellent point!

          With the added tourist traffic – ultimately going the cheap route of 5POA for TFA might have been the smart move for Hasbro in the moment.

          What toll will that take on longtime collectors who bailed out since 2013?

          Do we know what figures for The Last Jedi will look like yet? It’s one more turn on the 5 POA merry-go-round right?

        • shane


  • Caleb Amos

    I still say I would have bought every rogue one character they made in 5poa if they wlhad been black series.

  • Quincy Lamar Edwards

    Try Finnigan and begin again. This will repeat itself in time. It’s a cycle. Companies think they can get away with cutting production costs somewhere along the way. I remember Transformers being made out of diecast metal when I was a kid. I’m sure everyone remembers candy bars being bigger as a kid. Apply that to this down cycle in products from Hasbro. Continue to speak out and it will change.

    • Carbonite_Hydrates

      I don’t know what country you’re in Quincy Lamar Edwards, but in the USA rest assured candy bars have never been bigger or easier to buy than they are today.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      “black series”

      hey you know what cost way less than a card with full color images?

      a greyscale black box with 3 slivers of tape !

  • “Not gone over as well as Hasbro had hoped” – really? Are you kidding me? Are this Hasbro folks just super delusionsal? There seemed to be those vocal few who were calling for 5POA… some of those “other” site hosts… no one else wanted 5-crappy-POA. They’ve lost my money with this stupid decisions, and come 2018, I may be over it and never come back.

    • Danny

      more cool figs for us! thanks

    • Carbonite_Hydrates

      Wait! A website actually asked for 5POA figures? Who?

      With TFA and Rogue One lines it looked like Hasbro was following the same pattern of release that was used for the vintage 1978 – 1985 Kenner Star Wars line. Both the style and number of figures released and the price points and number of vehicles seem like the roughly modernized equivalent to the original toys and what you saw released for each movie.

      Where TVC are modern figures on retro cards. TFA and RO figure look a lot like the continuation of the vintage line in modern packaging.

      • Unfortunately (or fortunately) we don’t live in the 70s and 80s anymore. And Hasbro decided to take a stupid (nostalgic) step backwards – maybe Apple should reintroduce the Walkman (see how that goes). Yes other sites, that today seem to lament the return of SA, were voicing the joys of revisiting the good ole days.

        I had to recently stop watching one of their latest vid-casts when they started complaining about this joyous return. I didn’t understand their love/push/want then, and I sure don’t want to hear them kvetching about it now.

        Not every character needs to be SA (Amidala “dress form” figures for example) but limited articulation should be the exception not the rule.

        • CT-7567

          If they made an iPod that looks just like an old Walkman, I’d buy it.

          • Yes, that’d be cool. That’s not what Hasbro did. They remade the original tape player (just with new technology)

          • shane

            Actually, I miss making high quality audio from albums to tapes. Analog all the way for me. Digital has lost all the old school quality for older music. Most people have no idea and simply accept the way things are. Listen to any Beatles song on an album , then listen to a download version, it’s clear as day.

          • CT-7567

            I have a bunch of vinyl albums, but I read a better player. I also still have my cassette tape collection. I usually listen to CDs.

        • Carbonite_Hydrates

          Even Apple doesn’t even make the iPod anymore.

          Times change. I’m not in favor of 5 POA – It was an interesting experiment on Hasbro’s part with a quantum of logic behind it.
          Maybe going down that track for a time will result in some unexpected improvement to the new SA figures.

          At the very least lets hope it means we get more accurate SA TFA and Rogue One Figures than we would have otherwise if they were based on pre-production.

          And I gotta know – what sites are doing video reviews lamenting the return of SA? I gotta see this.

  • Now you’re getting my hopes up for Force Friday. Don’t go breaking my heart.

  • Carbonite_Hydrates

    Ideally we get uniformed amounts and types of articulation on all figures. Please no asymmetrical articulation ever. No swivel elbows or knees. Please keep the ball jointed shoulders.

    And no action features – please!

    • Nick Dickens

      How’d you add the bold. I try with the old code [b]bold[/b] nothing works.

      • Darth_Rizzen


        Remove the spaces of course.

        • Nick Dickens


          • Darth_Rizzen

            A bold statement, no doubt.

          • Nick Dickens

            Well I was going to say after watching Captain America “Und now Ze World Dr Zola.”

            It’s interesting when watching that and the Red Skull’s rants, subsitute Hitler for Hasbro and it’s hilarious.

            “And Hasbro dig in the desert for trinkets.”

          • Magus None

            Hello there!

      • Daniel Preece

        Oh dear, I should not have this power!

        • Nick Dickens

          Lol ???

      • Danny

        [b] [/b] old forum code

        This should work!

      • Carbonite_Hydrates


        Looks like Darth_Rizzen already showed you.

        • Nick Dickens

          Yes I forget. I’ll try to get it nailed down.
          IF I can remember it

    • Daniel Preece

      FULLY AGREE. No ‘mixed’ articulation–ever!

  • CG

    One of the tags is Episode IX: the last Jedi. The last Jedi is episode 8 or Roman numeral VIII. IX is 9

  • Boba Fettuccini

    Not everything needs to be SA. But elbows would really make for a nice change at least.

    • Daniel Preece

      I humbly disagree. “SA” isn’t just an option, it’s a philosophy!

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        yea, its the default

    • Tyler Frechette

      Comments like this do not help.

      • Boba Fettuccini

        Disagree if you must, but I’m willing to compromise. SA in a play line just isn’t either feasible or necessary. Some characters just don’t need 22 poa. Some do, and I’d prefer that when possible, but sometimes a background character or troop builder with more basic articulation is better than nothing. TVC spoiled us all, and now no one can accept that something is better than nothing.

    • I think ball-jointed elbows and ball-jointed shoulders both needed to be included, not one or the other. There are a couple of Movie Heroes figures with swivel shoulders and ball-jointed elbows, and you really don’t get much more movement.

      • Travis

        Agreed, Movie Heroes Jar Jar Binks had swivel shoulders and ball-jointed elbows and despite the fact he has better paint apps on his “shoulder patterns”, I much prefer my TVC Binks

  • Logan Pynakker

    *We’re making a cheaper line and doing away with TVC*
    “Sector is clear.”

    *Fails miserably due to Community Backlash*
    “Not clear! Not clear!”

  • Super Amigo

    If I’d had to add only ONE point that’s absolutely necessary even for display purposes, It’d be swivel wrist/s for saber wielding characters.

    They need that POA to achieve the same pose Funko POPs have: saber across the body. That’s the only sensible way to vanilla pose a saber equipped figure. Not to mention the benefits that would bring at play time.

    Of course the addition of swivel hinge elbows makes this POA irrelevant, except for accurate rifle holding poses which is not that important, really (you can get awfully close to hold them right without cut wrists).

    Still, my ideal model would be: ball head, swivel shoulders (you read that right), swivel hips, swivel hinge elbows and knees. Anything else at this scale is overkill and conspires against the stability, functionality and aesthetics of the figure.

  • One or two extra PoA can make all the difference…also, I think Zuvio’s figure deserves a revisit.


    and so as the scheme falls apart and too much has to be sent to the bargain stores, it turns out production is not as expensive as they’ve claimed . What a shameful company theyve become.

    • Nick Dickens

      Big companies and governments lie like we breathe. They do it without even thinking about it.

      • bobcat

        thats what i was thinking reading this. if this is all true at this point,looking back it just looks like some political thing and how they lie about what they say etc etc etc. we figured that somewhat but not entirely depending on the day i guess. i suppose you could say the same for Hasbro. maybe they really did think it was working out but numbers come in and they see how much ends up on clearance and at discount stores..i donno. either way,funny stuff has gone on! 🙂

        • Nick Dickens

          I think the bottom line was they could make really cheap crap. Flog it for a ton of money and we stupid unwashed masses would lap it up and come back for more.

          Guess that didn’t work so well huh Hasbro?

          • bobcat

            but it kinda did! i bought quite a few 5POA figures. esp Rogue One. baaa baaa. haha. guess im hurtin 🙂

            i havent bought any ”vintage” 6 inch figures though. or any 6” other then obi wan and leia a month or two ago.

            will be awesome if some articulation returns though. it will help.

          • Nick Dickens

            I don’t know many people who did as you did though.

          • bobcat

            i dont know people personally that bought them. none of my friends collect toys really. ha!
            but online i felt that people were def buying 5 POA and complaining about it and then some not complaining about it. i only display them then hardly touch them, so realistically 5 POA isnt much of a problem. it sounds like some is coming back though which is still better of course.

          • Nick Dickens

            It is indeed. I had a few as gifts and I love my Kylo Renn and Rey figures. The rest I wasn’t so bothered with. I did have the Rey from the RO wave as a present and the Vader. Two great sculpts.

    • shane

      That’s what ticks me off more than anything. Hasbro’s blatant lies and obvious deception about costs.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Hasbro: “Ya know, We really spoil you”.

    • Daniel Preece

      My bank statements say I pay dearly for that privilege…

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd


  • Darth Bre

    I hope this is in relation to the mission/rebels 5poa line, as long as the vintage collection retains access to full sa this is a welcome move on that subline. The mission series line needs a rethink. I hope that line becomes an eu line covering clone wars tv series, rebels, whatever replaces rebels, comics, books etc with articulation applied fully when needed (prehaps even add bad droid exclusives based on droids from the various cartoons/eu every so often). This will keep the main vintage line free for movie focus figures. Sprinkle in some sa army builder battle packs (battlefront etc) and the odd exclusive vintage style cardback once and a while for that subline (kenner style but with a different logo compared to the main vintage line) and it could do well.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    “(…)the standard 5POA format HAS NOT gone over as well as Hasbro had hoped.”
    Really? Looks like 3.75″ is not for 6-year-olds after all, eh, Mr. Evans? ?

    I feel like history is repeating itself for the basic line.

    After the bodybuilders POTF line, we got better proportioned, neutral posed 5POAs, then action posed 5POAs, then extra hinge or swivel articulation for some figures, then the proudly announced introduction of “Super Articulation”. Remember this guy from 2005?

    Of course this move to mixed articulation for the main line makes perfect sense and I applaud it. I just wish Hasbro hadn’t wasted five years (2013-2017) rediscovering what they already should have known.

    One request: could we please skip the action feature gimmick phase? It was mostly horrible the first time and probably costly to make, so let’s not repeat this.

    • Nick Dickens

      Yes, skip the action feature rubbish – and the junkyard scrap plastic masquerading as a weapon.

      • Indeed! My 6-year-old nephew asked me once: “whose weapons/armours (he said “things”) are these? They don’t appear in the movies!”. Boom!

        • flipfriddle

          The kids always know.

        • localfromiskalon

          My kids asked the same thing; “Daddy, what is this?”

        • Nick Dickens

          Did you not look at him and say “But you do like it. Hasbro said you do, so you do. You just don’t know it yet.”

          Good grief. Hasbro’ marketing. It’s like 1984.

          “You love it, because we tell you to, and we know you better than you know yourself.”


      • ARC-77

        Clearly no kid these days would ever want a Star Wars figure if it didn’t include an arm cannon or a buzzsaw

        • Walter F.

          Yeah! Who needs a weapons locker full of extra blasters. 😉

          • ARC-77

            Psssh, you couldn’t even combine them all into an even bigger and more ridiculous weapon… totally LAME!!

          • Walter F.

            Exactly. That’s what happens when common sense and cool are put together. Who do they think they are.

          • farkle farkle

            That wasnt bad.. I kinda thought the extra locker of was pretty cool.. It came in handy when i bought loosies

          • Walter F.

            Those lockers were awesome. One of the best ideas they had then scraped. Now look what we get, if we get.

      • darthmo

        Yes those rubbery weapons NEED TO GO. Write it in your little black book please Hasbro.

    • RumSleg

      Action features are WORSE than plain old 5POA, IMO.

      • Darth_Rizzen


        A 5POA figure can still have a great sculpt and deco and look good on a shelf…

        But “action features” can do things like this…


        • RumSleg

          This is one of my ‘favorites’ for illustrating why I don’t like action features.


          • Darth_Rizzen

            Oh! Nice stinker, indeed.

            I wasn’t even aware of it. ?

          • Caius

            As much as this did not work out. I never truly hated it and I give Hasbro some points for trying something new. At least the idea was not tried on dozens of figs.

          • RumSleg

            I don’t blame them for trying, I just don’t want them to try again. 🙂 It bugs me that the right arm isn’t really poseable, and the shoulder joint is an eyesore.

          • Paul B

            Endor Han Solo with punching action
            Terrible figure
            Great accessories though
            Buy one for the gun and charges ?

          • RumSleg

            Was Kaybee still in business when these Saga figures were released? I think I recall getting this in a four-pack from Kaybee, where they’d taken four single figures and put them in a big 2×2 cardboard sleeve with the bubbles popping out the front and were selling them as extra-value packs.

          • The very last wave of Star Wars figures ever found at KB Toys before they closed was TLC wave 2, right around the time the Indiana Jones line was dying off. I actually found the 12″ Nazi captain with the ants at a store just days away from locking its door.

        • that’s no figure, it’s a puppet!

        • Paul B

          I actually like that Mace Windu figure
          Aside from the handle protruding from his back
          It was a thinking out side of the box moment by Hasbro, even if it didn’t quite turn out as planned
          I applaud them for the effort ?

    • Jason Wood

      U can’t put the crap back in the horse. That is my motto for what u just wrote.

  • mic windu

    Reputation, Hasbro you have hurt your reputation by peddling sub par decades old articulation system figures, you lost business and long time loyal customers. I’m a long time collector of star wars kenner/ hasbro figures but I couldn’t bring myself to take an evolutional step back and commit to 5poa (brought 5 tfa and 2 ro) when previously I brought the entire line for tpm, aotc and rots. It’s my opinion but from now on ALL figs need a minimum of ball head, shoulders, elbows, knees and swivel wrist and hips, characters with long plastic skirts need no leg articulation. This news is a step in the right direction but for the love of the force they should of listened earlier.

    • BB-Mate

      Hey, we might complain a lot but we know a thing or two about collecting action figures and will work or won’t….

  • Alientek
    • Nick Dickens

      Better paint apps than any Hasbro I ever saw.

  • Wayne Collins

    The bottom line is, Hasbro STILL doesn’t understand its market. As soon as it learns the the collector market is as large of the “kids” market, it may stop making these poor choices.
    Look at the amount of crap they have launched over the past few years, that never caught on. Action figures sell. Crap doesn’t. The day Hasbro realises this, and can start to pick half decent case assortments, will be the day everyone is happy.

    • Daniel Preece

      What’s mind-boggling to me is that Hasbro didn’t even TRY to trick us old timers into buying 5poa. imagine if Hasbro was putting out 5poa on Vintage Cardbacks–how many would buy them just out of nostalgia? The Mission Series had some great 5poa sculpts that would look great on Kenner cards. But Hasbro didn’t release a single one that way. I’m kinda glad, tho, because I’d have bought them in doubles.

      • Mike Moore (04515f4n)

        Thats really the only spot for 5poa it would be like the funko reaction figures line, totally nostalgic 80’s style figs (oh yeah their fifth element line fits in nicely with your star wars figs). The other was their super cheapo mission series or whatever the called it, the two figure packs that were cheaply painted and sold for around $10 canadian, perfect for the poor single parent to get a couple cheap toys for their kid.

      • Caius

        Get ready for 5poa on vintage card cuz that is exactly what you are gonna get.

        • darthmo

          Not now. It’s S.A TVC all the way.

          • Falcon

            That is one thing I do know for sure, 3.75SA has been going to return big time as I stated years back. And it is great to hear it everywhere now.

          • darthmo

            Absolutely Falcon. Now I just want to hear positive news regarding a return to TVC era vehicles in terms of quality and no Nerf features…

  • Barney Dunn

    Look what happen to their Jurassic World line. Ended and the license was handed over to Mattel. The quality of the figures for Jurassic World was abysmal. Universal stepped in.

    • Nick Dickens

      I doubt Mattel’s stuff may be much better. However it gives you hope. They won’t dare pull a stunt like Hasbro did.

      Hasbro always hated the line. It was something they inherited from Kenner.

    • BB-Mate

      Mattel… yuck!!!! 🙁

    • Do you have “proof” that Universal stepped in, like it was in an article somewhere?I would LOVE to read it!

  • Nick Dickens

    Considering the ‘continued popularity of the Star Wars brand’ as Hasbro like to put it and Disney and Lucasfilm it appears that the toy buying public won’t buy cheaply made, from cheap materials, crappily painted pieces of junk for £10/€10 a piece.

    Now if they were cheaper, better made toys then perhaps, just maybe they’d sell more. Instead of packing them with some oversized piece of ‘off screen/Mini-Rig’ weaponry then folks might buy into them. Sadly for Hasbro they haven’t. The last five calendar years have been disasterous for collectors.

    From the awful drought of 2013-14, with rehashed PT and few OT characters put out that way. Then in late 2015 getting the new generation of films put out in a way that to be best can be described as: Slapdash, and distribution problems, assortment problems, oh and not forgetting all but ignoring on of the films main characters for months on end.

    When you have members of the general public genuinely worried they’re buying a crappy knock-off instead of a genuinely made Hasbro Star Wars product, you’ve got major problems. Eventually the balance sheet successes from buying, offloading, consolidating etc will only get you so far.

    If you’re making a lemon and people won’t make lemonade with your lemons, you gotta stop. Thankfully they listened.

  • WolfStark

    5POA just isn’t here to stay. If the change had been made without a new movie, Hasbro would’ve now a pretty hard time. The new movie saved them but now that the hype is gone, a huge factor is gone that made a lot accept the quality cut. The 5POAs as a whole are peg warmers, they arent sculpted badly but you can’t make poses with same and the paint jobs are also pretty meh, while at the same time you have so many other lines of lines that are simply better. Hell even Amiibos are better in my eyes.

  • Jawa scavenger

    Guess few people over at Hasbro have been force choked during the last briefing. At least I like to believe it 😀

  • Brian Beck

    Honestly, I’d prefer that they work on their distribution problems WAY before they work on making elbows bendy. It doesn’t matter how many POA it is if you can’t find it !

    • CT-7567

      SO well said.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      i dont really care about the distribution of a product when its utter crap

      who cares if crap/feces is readily available ????

      • Brian Beck


        one mans trash is another mans treasure. if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, its not that hard. there are several here that would love to find a few of these “crap 5poa’ figures. would I like a better version of some, sure, but I also know these are kids toys, so I get over it real fast and go on about my day 😉

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          kids think they’re crap too.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          i’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars of my hard-earned real life money on these “toys” from this “company”
          i can react how i want

          • Brian Beck

            well, that’s your problem 🙂 I was busy buying ‘adult’ stuff most of my life 😉

    • shane

      I’ll never be able to afford scalper prices so distribution is really the #1 problem. Yep.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      i feel sentiments like this are why they thought 5POA would fly in the first place.

      “they’re more concerned with distribution, no one cares about how many POA”

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        so why not mess up both ahahahahaah

    • I would like the same thing, but Hasbro has no control over brick and mortars inability to do anything right with toys anymore. I am voting for toy stores to make a return and forbid the likes of TARGET and Walmart to ever carry Star Wars figures again.

      • George Stark

        Yeah bring back Kay Bee!

      • Brian Beck

        what would be great is just being able to ‘casually’ order from HTS, all the time with everything in stock.

  • Michael Moore

    The business section in my local paper said the most successful license in toys is Star Wars, not hot wheels, not marvel, not barbie Star Wars. Hasbro can afford to do better.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    Optimistic me: Alright, more articulation; lesson learned by Hasbro. Great!
    Pessimistic me: “double their efforts”=quadruple their prices.

  • TW7

    Cautious optimism is in order. Like any of us need a reminder how far the Star Wars figure line has sunk…But here’s a reminder…Seriously Hasbro? Here’s to hoping you get your $#!% together. Disgraceful. You should be embarrassed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/104cb1922f253f98516faf161467a82b5f7700a951067320d0b456ced1d1c41b.jpg

    • HothHan

      Usually I don’t get all caught up in the why’s and how’s that Hasbro does things – but the fact that every one of those figures can be had right now for about $2 and are STILL warming pegs makes me confident that maybe – JUST MAYBE – they realize that the strict 5POA experiment was a failure.

    • Super Amigo

      Banana Republic Fighters and MASK characters.

      Don’t worry, we won’t forget you guys.

      I hope we live long enough to see this line shine again and tell our grand children, around a campfire at night, stories about these dark times.

      • Carbonite_Hydrates

        MASK is right. How didn’t I see that before or hear about it.

  • bmales01

    But Yazflow explicitly said that the 5POA was a huge success. And Yazflow would never lie to us

  • Zachary Hering

    Well, we at the very least should have elbow and knee articulation also. Wrist would also be good. Waist we could live without, but it would be good to have. I think they should just make them like the Black Series six inch.

  • Could this mean that the 6″ scale will be dialed back or be phased out altogether? My opinion is that the 6″ scale has been popular because of the demise of the 3.75″ line and the move to 5POA for the masses. If the 3.75″ VC offers good quality at reasonable prices (and the products are adequately distributed to stores) will collectors still have as much interest in the 6″?

    • BB-Mate

      I don’t think so. Actually I don’t believe so at all. The success of lines like Marvel Legends or DC Collectibles (or even companies like Neca) means that there is a strong market for that scale. I personally love it. I have a huge 3.75 collection and I got bored of it. The 6 inch scale motivated to collect again and spend money in Hasbro after not doing so for a few years. So now I enjoy collecting star wars again and doing “from scratch” … again, brings me back decades ago! So I hope that they don’t

      • I agree. I like the 6″ line overall though it’s been inconsistent in its choice of characters and we all know the folly of Hasbro’s case assortments and distribution. I hope it stays around though I’d like to see it focused more on the original trilogy characters with some select prequel ones rather than Disney’s.

        • BB-Mate

          Oh yeah. There is a ton of characters I would like to see done from the EU, The Old Republic and others. Scorch is definitely one of them. Distribution is the biggest sore point for me.

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      nah. unlike some people that don’t see logic or only collect 3.75 SA figures, marvel legends have been doing 6 inch scale since like 2000-2001. then the whole DCUC came out and was massively popular, which led mattel and the 4 hourseman to start the Masters of The Universe classics line. i collect a lot of lines so 6 inch star wars made since to me , especially when a lot of the community figures GI JOE black series was gonna be right behind hit.

      • A 6″ scale GI Joe line would be awesome! When Hasbro started doing Star Wars in 6″ I thought the same thing since Hasbro owns GI Joe as well. Even a limited run of the primary characters for Joe and Cobra would be off the charts cool! In fact, Hasbro would see more success and fan-enthusiasm from 6″ scaled (and authentic vintage styled) Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes and others from 82-84 than from the TRU packs and overpriced parts-bin FSS offerings they’ve doled out the last few years. While GI Joe might not have the mass market appeal of Star Wars or Marvel there is rampant nostalgia for the 80s era line. If they could tap into that you’d have some very happy collectors and some very pleased stockholders as well!

      • BB-Mate

        What was the GI Joe line back a few years ago that was so detailed and awesome. There was a guy in dreads with a bow and arrow, crazy snipers, heavy armoured soldiers. The background of the card-backs was black and blue. I would def buy a 6″ line of those. The amount of accessories was insane.

        • ashmodai

          That line was called pursuit of cobra or poc for short. I hope they don’t make 6 inch give Joes. They would kill the 3.75 inch line. Unlike star wars Hasbro will not support 2 different joe lines.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          the 3.75 line? 25th anniversary , comic and cartoon collections. yes they were the best!!!

  • CJ

    The problem with these figures isn’t that they suck. They do suck, but the bigger issue is the price. These were supposed to be the 4.99 figures for kids who don’t care about Star Wars. Once the price went up to $8, they no longer make sense. That being said, enhanced sub-super articulation and careful character selection might be just the thing to draw in jerks like me. Of course, the price will probably jump another two dollars to dampen any momentum they might have earned.

  • RumSleg

    “[T]he standard 5POA format HAS NOT gone over as well as Hasbro had hoped”.

    Glad to hear this. Many of us were predicting this 3 and 4 years ago.

  • singsingjohnny

    It makes me sad that after collecting this line for twenty years, I sold everything thing off…and I had everything. Thanks to Hasbro’s cost-cutting bs…small scale vehicles, super limited exclusives, crappy distribution and, of course, the dreaded 5POA. And at this point, it’s too little, too late. I grab select 6″ Black Series (Rebels, FTW) but these days companies like Figuarts and Hot Toys are leaving Hasbro in the dust …expensive yeah, but worth EVERY PENNY.

    • shane

      Not everyone can afford that. I’ve never bought a HT or Figuarts . And I never will. Meanwhile I have 700-800 Hasbro figures. Just sayin

      • singsingjohnny

        I understand completely. And being expensive, it really limits me to figures I really, REALLY want. Plus the display space issue. I get it, I just feel like Hasbro kinda gave up.

        • shane

          Don’t get me wrong. ” Hasbro gave up”. I gave up too ! Jan-May I started buying other lines, not SW related. It’s only because of Hasbro return of TVC announcement that I slowly krept back in.
          I’m on a very limited budget unfortunately but I can afford $15 per figure, but barely afford even that.
          There seems to be alot of people here at JTA that have an unlimited budget. It can get somewhat discouraging sometimes.

    • I contend that fewer quality items are not expensive. What’s truly expensive is buying many figures of low quality junk that are destined to be “upgraded” over and over again. This realization is what got me to kick the Marvel Legends habit. I’d rather buy one supreme quality Deadpool import than several low quality figures from the ML X-Men wave (I never saw a Rogue that had both eyes on the same page).

      • singsingjohnny

        YES, exactly! I’d rather have one ultimate version of Luke Skywalker than a dozen sub-par ones. And I hear you on Marvel Legends…but everytime I try to get out, they pull me back in! LOL. But Mezco’s One:12 Collective line might just get me out permanently. And as for stuff being expensive, yeah, it is, but it comes down to (for me) quality over quantity. I may spend more on a single piece but I bet I’m spending the same or even less overall by not buying entire waves of figures…plus vehicles…40th Anniversary sub-lines, etc. It mostly just feels good to not contribute to Hasbro’s mediocre toys.

        • Carbonite_Hydrates

          Start buying imported 6″ figures.

  • Do removable helmets count towards articulation, Hasbro?

    • Walter F.

      Still part of that “super” in my book.

  • Tony Diver

    “the standard 5POA format HAS NOT gone over as well as Hasbro had hoped.” RRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrRRRReeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAaaaaAaaAAaaaAAALLLLllLlLlLLLLLLlllllllllllLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlLlLlLllLllLlLllLlLllLllllLllllLlLlllYYYyYYyYYYyYYyyyyyYyyyyyyyyyYyYyYyyYYyYyyyyyYYyyY!?1/1//1/1!!/?11/1/????!11!!!!!!?/!/!/!!!!!!!?111????????111!?!?!!!!11!?!!?1!

    ……………I just can’t believe it…..

  • Tony Diver

    “the standard 5POA format HAS NOT gone over as well as Hasbro had hoped.”
    RrrrrRRRrrRRREeeeEEEEeeeeeEAAAAaaaaaaAAAaAaAallllLLLLLllllllLlLlLlLlLYyYyYyYyY!?!?!?!?!?!??!?111?!?11?1?1!? I Wo89ueN1#Der* W90_)HY?!?!?!?111

  • TheTNToyCollector

    If they are the halfway articulation figures like the 2012 Clone Wars Movie Heroes, I’ll be fine with those until the full, super-articulated, Vintage Collection line comes back. I might actually buy some if the price on them stays the same. I’m tired of paying 8 or 9 bucks for a 5POA figure. I liked them for a while, but it just recently caught up with me how much I really do want them to be super-articulated. Just give us TVC and TBS6, and I’ll buy endless amounts of each line!

  • Fiery Little One

    I seem to recall saying once that 5poa should be retired due to it being outdated engineering. It’s good that Hasbro seems to have figured that out themselves.

  • Funtomaz

    Dear Hasbro, while you’re at it… please improve distribition in Europe! Thank you! I wonder who’ll carry the TVC 2.0 figures in 2018. Online only?


    This was one of the most shocking articles that I ever read. Who would have ever thought that 5POA figures would not go over well past the $5 mark.

    In all seriousness, despite all of the new movies it seems interest in SW toys overall is very “meh” these days. That magic is gone. The 5POA lines have truly been one of the worst sellers in the entire runs history. i have not seen this much of a glut of old product since EP1. There is still a glut of TFA figures/product everywhere in Chicagoland two years on.

    • George Stark

      They should all that’s left

  • Solo_Calrissian

    Hasbro “double their efforts..” I saw what you did there. Good one! 😉


  • shane

    It’s good it just isn’t 5 POA people are complaining about. Hasbro needs to also listen to comments about NO acsessarys that isn’t movie accurate and no action features, hey we’re just trying to help here. Save that money for more POA, for sure.
    NOTE: of course this is another message to…..HASBRO, collectors already know this.

    • Paul B

      Depends on the action feature and the execution of said action feature Those blast apart Ep I destroyer droids are fun to play with ?
      As is POTJ Cut in half Darth Maul
      So III exploding General Grievous not so much
      I wish I could have gotten one of the Ep I exploding battle droids

  • darthmo

    And how long did it take Hasbro to figure this out?

  • Greg Roberts

    5 POA and terrible paint apps made me stop collecting. I didn’t like the product, and the only way that I can protest Hasbro’s complete lack of concern for quality is to stop buying their crap.
    I LOVE the TBS reissues (Ackbar, Royal Guard). I missed out on some of these the first time around, and I gladly paid the $12 a pop for them.

  • Sky Commander

    If this is true I can only say celebrate good times come on

  • Falcon

    I held an opinionated and very strong vocal stance on 5POA (my opinion was over and over that as Star Wars was cutting edge, 5POA was an insult).

    Some here know I copped a lot of flack over my stance – one, I thought accepting 5POA was really bad for the hobby (collectors/fans and general purchasers), and the future of Star Wars,

    And two, I had always said (as I had info, see other posts) that 3.75SA would return big time, and was far from over (which has now been verified, and by default verifies my posts from over 2 years back).

    I took a lot of flack for my opinions, and my knowledge, however now it is very obvious I was correct. And this IS NOT an egotistical thing, I was trying to help the Star Wars Collecting Community, sure some people thought I was just a nobody who was just guessing or trolling, but that was not the case.

    I have however in the last couple of weeks had some part of the community be very kind to me, and even some remembering the past on my posts, and now realizing how I was not just some joker trolling, I actually did know stuff.

    See the thread regarding Episode 9 and the concerns, more is explained there in my posts and others.

    In the end, this has turned out well for me as a person who comments on this particular thread/site, and that is great for me, and also I respect the site (I don’t hold grudges) – nor would I put it as “I told you so” – I am wanting to put it as “don’t underestimate people” – as it can be unfair.

    As usual, the above is just my humble opinion.

    • Boba Fettuccini

      Your humility on this issue has been staggering.

      • Falcon

        Thanks, I appreciate it – like I say it is about time some pie was eaten.

        • Paul B

          Yum pie
          Pie is good ?

          • Falcon

            LOL 😉

  • SlothFromHoth

    It’s hard to move away from anything fast when your legs barely move.

  • Elf_Jedi

    I still think 6-8 points of articulation is STILL not good enough. Go full articulation or go home Hasbro & stop fussing around the edges. I hated 5POA as a 12yo in the 70’s and all the way through the past 4 decades. It was NEVER a novelty to have 5POA for the recent SW films, just annoying & an insult to kids and me as a collector (I did save money though by not buying them). Making 5POA today remains a VERY poor management decision plus a hugely regressive step into ‘bad product’ territory & low sales – regardless of the sculpt (which is ruined by low articulation anyway in my opinion, they may as well just make statues). Especially when manufacturing technology now makes full articulation an easy task. As a wise man (me) once said: “Give kids 5POA and they’ll play for a day; Give them a TVC style figure and they’ll play FOREVER!”

  • Coleman Miller

    Hasbro to “double their efforts” for TLJ…10 POA?!

    Would be great if that happened. Or adding knees & elbows that bend.

  • ???

  • Jedicassie

    Took them long enough

  • Pingback: A Star Wars Toys & Collectibles Resource; News, Photos and Reviews for Collectors - JediTempleArchives.com()

  • Faust

    I’ll always prefer as much articulation as possible, but I know it isn’t always necessary. Lots of Cantina Aliens do not need it, they just really need knee and elbow joints, but Jabba’s henchmen need to be super articulated so they can get their butts whupped by the Rebels in action diorama set ups.
    I’d take 5POA as long as they do not have straight arms and legs, if they are naturally pre-posed, I’m good with that (but I would rather have em all be SA).

  • Danny P.

    I had nothing against 5POA for minor characters but in this more jedi-oriented film I would be content with TPM level of articulation like those “jedi duel” figures that could actually hold a lightsaber with two hands. If they had money for the tooling and plastic that went into in those build a weapon pieces which some times had 1 or 2 points of articulation of their own. How hard can it be to give us swivel elbows and wrists?

  • Jason Wood

    All I have to say to Hasbro is DUH! U Think!

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