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Are You Attending SDCC This Year?

You are? Well, how much do you enjoy standing in lines? Lines, lines, lines, and more lines! Star Wars Celebration is the same way. If you want exclusives, let’s face it, you’ll be in a line most of the day. Wouldn’t it be great if there was another way? Well, there is and I think it is time that everyone gets on board. Click through to see how to quell the queue madness.


There have been many different ways that various manufactures handle the convention exclusives that are so popular. Funko changed to a Sails ticket system in 2016 and also provides spots to Funko Fanatics board members. NECA does a pre-sale for their products on June 20th for home shipping. And then there is Mattel.

Mattel not only allows people at home to be able to order their SDCC exclsuives, but you can also pre-order your SDCC exclusives for pickup at SDCC. What does this mean? Well, this means several things. First, it means that if you’re heading to the convention, you don’t have to stand in line all day to get you exclusives. You actually get to enjoy your time at the convention. Second, it means less inflate prices on SDCC exclusives. Now, they’ll obviously still go back up after everything sells out, but it allows people a chance to order them the same time as everyone else without thinking they’ll miss the random on-sale date. So instead of needing to do what I did for Star Wars Celebration X-Wing Luke, for those who remember (I sat there refreshing for DAYS after SWC until it popped it stock and I could report it to Paul), we would all know an EXACT time as to when we can flood the servers and attempt to order our exclusives.

So, I think you all know where I am going with this. Imagine if Hasbro sent out a flyer like this and said, “Hey guys, don’t pay those ridiculous e-Bay prices yet. We’re going to let you order them before SDCC on June X at 1:00 PM EST.” How great would that be? Last year was madness! We got a preview page for a few days and then BOOM! on sale, slow loading times, sold out Ben Kenobi. JTA reader Charlie originally sent in that Mattel advertisement and then sent in some lovely additional information that is the e-Bay pre-sale prices of this years SDCC Exclusives. Take a look for yourself!

Yes, yes, I Know. The prices will get that way eventually once they all sell out and there is no stopping that now, but it gives some real collectors a chance to buy them earlier without having to panic because they might miss the online sale. And I know some people feel that exclusives should remain exclusive to the actual event, but they usually feel that way when they actually attend the event and feel the opposite when they want the chance to pay retail when they aren’t. That’s not the point today though, it’s about giving the collector a better, fairer shot. Sure, the scalpers get the shot too, but that is inevitable either way.

So what do you, the collectors, think? Does this sound like something Hasbro should put in place, or do you have an idea about how it should be done? Are you even going to go for any the exclusives this year, if so, which ones?

The exclusives are some of my favorite parts of collecting if i’m being honest. Of course, it would be nice if they put the same amount of  accessories with the regular releases without the “exclusive” price tag, but I definitely look forward to getting that Thrawn set and Luke Speeder (even if my wallet will likely disintegrate afterwards due to uselessness). Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Special thanks to JTA reader Charlie for the news.

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  • bmales01

    I’d rather Paul just stand in line for me. Easy peasy

  • RumDumb

    I won’t be attending….while I am glad people get to have fun and get cool things, it does annoy me that the other 99.9% of the fans have to over pay for exclusives. Yeah you might get lucky and go to HTS during the 3.2 minutes it’s available but very very unlikely. They should either just make an exclusive package for items already on the shelf in stores (Yeah that is totally hilarious…in stores….haha on dhrlves….haha!!!) Or do some sort of pre-order a few months in advance so they can meet any demand.

    With that said I am glad it’s the 6″ crap getting the exclusives….i could care less about that line.

    • I like how Funko does it. They sell the exclusives in stores (limited numbers) but with a different sticker on it lol

      • CT-7567

        Do you collect Pops, Colin? I’m tempted by them often, but I just don’t have the money or space. I got TFA Han, Nein Nunb and Hassk Thug for $3 each at Walmart a while back and I have to say they’re pretty cool. Also no need to go by the rule of two on stuff like that. There’s so many SW ones now, though, so I feel like it’s too late to jump in anyway.

        • Oh Yeah, I am the SAME way! I do NOT collect Pops!, but I DO collect Pops! lol…There are soooo soo many and there is NO way I could afford to catch up even if I wanted. But for example, when I found the speeder rey for $10, i jumped on it.
          I bought the seventh sister one when it popped up on Walmart site, but like you, I will grab some cool ones when they’re on sale. And yes, I do not go by the rule of two on these either lol

    • Roq

      Damn us 6″ collectors!!

      • I like the way Roq thinks!

        • Roq

          I collect both. Don’t tell anyone!!

          • Yea your secret is safe with me…Some day your kind will be accepted!

    • CT-7567

      I really wanted the 6″ FO Stormtrooper when it was at SDCC in 2015 because it was the first TFA figure ever. What really bugged me was that I actually found it in stock on HTS, but by the time I got it in my cart it sold out. Of course, I just ended up getting the regular version and now could care less. But I definitely am not a fan of major accessories and stuff being con exclusives. I mean, every SW fan should have had a shot at the Boba Fett with Han in carbonite set. That’s the one 6″ piece I’d recommend to people that don’t collect 6″.

    • Xo Tica

      Don’t worry you will probably see some TVC exclusives next year.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    As long as they do nothing but TBS6, I won’t be buying. So it doesn’t matter to me. Preorders would be cool though.

    • Thundrstruckd

      Same here. And that sounds good to me, but I doubt Hasbro will do that. They’re not as collector friendly as Mattel, at least not in the last sevetal years.

      • Peter Longdon

        They are much better than mattel in terms of actual collector friendly material

        • Thundrstruckd

          Not really. But we can agree to disagree.

  • Jaken Wraith

    They are possibilities, and something i would love as i would prob never go to SDCC or a Celebration. A set time to put them up on a Website.

    But i actually have another Idea, but for only Convention goer’s, that would be another stream of income for the Con also, making it alot more likely to actually happen, and it would allow Guest’s to not have to stand in lines all day. It’s a System that has hundred’s of installation’s set up all over all the World already. A Flash Pass System but instead of having different RIde times on one Device/Bracelet, it would have the Different Exclusives at the Con. It don’t matter on that System if it’s a Ride, or whatever, only have io set up a Scanner at each Booth’s Que.

  • TW7

    Limit one per person. Period. Online and at convention. If you want two (one to open, one to keep sealed), figure it out the way the rest of the non convention goers do.

    • CT-7567

      That’s a bit harsh. I’m all for purchasing limits, but as a rule of two person that’s never been to SDCC, I know if I did go I’d want t be able to get a second of certain stuff to open. Just imo. Limit of two per person could work just as well.

      • TW7

        Why is that harsh? I don’t think it is at all. You want a convention exclusive and stand in line, great. Get one. You want multiples, buy another online and take your chances like the rest of us. The convention exclusives would go twice as far. People standing in line all day only to have the item they wanted sold out before they got there would be minimized, one to keep (“sealed” = (Sold on eBay) would be cut down and there would be twice as many to go around and be sold later online. There are a lot of collectors that simply can’t afford to travel to these conventions, or pay ridiculous prices on eBay from hoarders or scalpers… And yes Star Wars collectors can be scalpers too. Every convention I see listings on eBay that say “will be shipped as soon as I return from the convention”. And they are usually double, triple, quadruple the price. Shame.

        • CT-7567

          Yeah, I guess you’re right. I just don’t think a limit of two is stretching it that far.

          • But people come out of that line, having gotten 3 person for their family of 4 (Hasbro’s limits are typically high).

  • Brent6118

    Allow preorders before the events and increase the quantity produced to a more realistic number, and the manufacturers could always put a sticker on the items actually sold at the conventions. For example the Luke X wing 40th anniversary figure could go up for preorder online before the convention with a significant quantity available and then put a Star Wars Convention Orlando 2017 decal on the ones sold at the event. You would think the manufacturers would want to sell more and make a larger profit themselves instead of letting the scampers get such outrageous prices and frustrate the collectors that just want the figure. But I know common sense does not apply to all of the producers.

  • No.

  • Zarco Rey

    Convention exclusives can ruin collecting. Every year there’s $1000 worth of convention exclusive for GI JOE collectors, that’s if you attend…after market prices can get ugly. Though, next year is the last one. But what happened, was just being a “modern era” GI JOE collector became an expensive hobby and it was irritating how many fans loved it.

    I chose not to pursue the convention items and gave up being a completist years ago. I became less of a collector and I think, a better human being.

    Oh, that was typo…I meant “a bitter human being”.

    Oh, I don’t collect 6″ Star Wars, so no…I won’t be getting them.

    • ashmodai

      Completely agree with you on the g.I. joe exclusives. I buy what I find at retail
      Not that I don’t like exclusives just that I can relax and not stress trying to get them.

  • Eradicator

    Preorders would definitely alleviate standing in line. For those that can’t attend it would be nice to get them online through a membership or something similar.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd


  • DarthMangar

    Easy. Let Uber handle pickup and delivery to everyone’s hotels.

  • CT-7567

    Honestly, I hate exclusives. I don’t mind ones like the FO Stormtrooper or Jyn Erso where the packaging is the only thing that’s really exclusive. But things like Kylo’s melted Vader helmet and especially the table with Obi-Wan are too important to be exclusive. That said, a pre-order system seems to make the most sense for people actually attending the event.

    • Xo Tica

      We have an E Tailer here which has just recently dropped the price of that Kylo set. Plus that Obi Wan set can still be found for a reasonable price.

      • Darth_Rizzen

        The Ben Kenobi set with table is long gone here.
        The KR set with two heads, melted Vader helmet and First Order flag is not popular at all, however.

        I guess that collectors either got the regular release or went with the Japanese imports.

        • Funtomaz

          It’s similar in Germany, the SDCC Kylo Ren is “only” 50 euros instead of 80, SDCC Ben Kenobi is also still available on Amazon, a little bit cheaper than last summer.
          The exclusive Kylo was a bad deal. No doubt about it.

          Concerning prices… for some exclusives (Ben Kenobi for example) I am willing to pay the premium, that table is really nice to have. I see it this way… I pay MUCH more, sure, but a) I don’t need to fly to San Diego and b) I don’t need to wait in line all day. So I pay some more, but I can order it from home and get it delivered. Still cheaper than buying a plane ticket and SDCC ticket. And I can watch all the panels on YouTube 😉
          In an ideal world the SDCC exclusives would be offered to shops outside the USA.
          I wonder how much Thrawn and the Landspeeder will be. More than 100 euros each???

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Sure, feeding a greedy scalper is still far less expensive than a round trip to the US, accomodations and convention tickets, no doubt. ?

            The thing is that I ask myself if I feel like I’m getting something worth the money I’m being asked for. For Ben Kenobi, Kylo Ren or the FO Stormtrooper, the answer was clearly “no”. I was more willing to fork out the cash for the SDCC Jabba or Boba Fett, for example.

            100€ for Thrawn’s art gallery and the Landspeeder is a very conservative estimate, I’m afraid. ?
            I’ve already decided not to bother with the 1/12 Lanspeeder as I already have the 1/18 scale version from the TVC line.
            Thrawn is a much more interesting proposition though. And he’s not likely to be released by either Bandai or Medicom.

          • Xo Tica

            Totally agree with you. That Obi Wan table will look fantastic in a diarama with SH Figuarts 3PO, R2, Ob1 and Luke.
            Last year I was on holiday in Sardinia and I was following all the news and releases online. Soon as I got back I got my friend to get me the SDCC from an EBay listing. It arrived from a seller in California who only charged $10for the shopping on top of the $100 for the set.

        • Xo Tica

          The Japanese imports were in a different league in quality to Hasbro’s version. The SH Figuarts version is quite pricey, the Mafex version is a lot more palleteable.
          PS speaking of imports I decided to order the Figuarts Deathtrooper, he should go nice with the Bandai model and Mafex Specialist when he ships.

  • hokiepoker

    With exclusives at the convention they should do a pre sale that allows users to go to one central spot to pick up exclusives with a staff to hand them out. The retailers put the products on a pallet to go to the central spot and then people go at their leisure with their tickets to get all of their exclusives and still have plenty of time to enjoy the convention. As with online sales they should trickle out product periodically over a couple days. Not everyone can sit at their computer all day at one certain time. I know my job doesn’t allow it. If the retailers care about getting product to the collectors then they can pre sell but if is all at one time the same scalper thing happens. As long as they have limits and allocate product over days and cancel duplicate orders everyone wins. Can’t be that labor intensive to have a computer program to do so.

  • Alice Charlie Scoles

    Convention exclusives are over-rated. This hobby has bred collectors that want to catch the genie that was let out in 1978. 40 year collectors have opened most of their stuff as we realize these are toys and are made to be played with/displayed. I do not buy something to sell later. I like seeing the photo’s from the convention(s) and all the stuff that most will never buy or be able to buy.(6in revan and wren, admiral raddus and finn rau come to mind) TVC of 2018 will probably be the same as there will be hits and misses that will cripple the line because distribution and figure choices/case assortment choices that H has never even tried to fix. Have fun at sdcc-will continue to watch from home.

  • Adam Marshall

    I’m getting the yet unannounced Episode 8 exclusive not no single figure for $49.99 or another dumb looking Luke and Landspeeder for $89.99.

  • Xo Tica

    Allow people to pre order SDCC exclusives from home? It’s a brilliant idea if you live in the US. Companies tend to exclude collectors from outside of the US. I would rather take my chances by buying from scalpers and E Tailers at home.
    Last year I managed to get the SDCC Obi wan on E Bay from someone who attended . The shipping he charged was a measly $10 on top of $100 for the set, I was very happy . Only a few months later an E Tailer had plenty of the Obi WANs in stock , so I bought another .

  • Xo Tica

    I love exclusives , this year the only 2 on my list of wants are the Thrawn set , and Tamashi Nations Movie Realisation Proto Fett. I will have a better chance of getting these than TBS6 R5D4 which is a retailer exclusive.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    It doesn’t make much of a difference to non-US collectors. These convention exclusive are essentially out of reach to us, unless we go through importers or online scalpers for inflated prices.

    This being said, preorders are of course way better than endless lines with no guarantee of success.

  • George Stark

    NO it’s a miserable experience for me. I wish it was like the old days , no massive crowds and lines. Not twenty things going on at once nd no way to find them. more interest in comics and people with real interest in them not somebody that just saw a marvel movie on HBO and less interest in big celebrities promoting some crappy movie. I hope something sw 3.75 is shown though.

    • Roq

      I hear you. All cons now are madness. No thanks.

      • Not all cons. SDCC yes!

        • Roq

          I’d go to SDCC and Anime Expo.

  • Thrawn is the first (and only) 6″ SDCC exclusive I actually want. I haven’t had to stand in that godawful line since 2012 – back in the days when folks actually talked to one another in line (and weren’t constantly on their phones) and made those 6 hour waits somewhat palatable.

    Luckily my buddy I’m going with has had a knack for getting through the Hasbro mess surprisingly seamlessly. Let’s hope he does so again this year.

  • 11Eleven11

    Easy: All merch is made available online after passes are sold. Each person is assigned a unique website passcode that is good at the convention site. There you can buy the exclusive toys, shirts, etc. Limit one of each item per ticket purchased. Then, you can either pick up the stuff at the event or have it shipped to your home.
    For those who for whatever reason don’t want to do this, there’s also a convention store that operates as usual. Problems solved, mic drop, thank you and good night.
    Oh, and one more thing; anyone caught selling a convention item for more than retail — I am looking at you, fat, unshaven slob with the $175 Luke X-Wing for sale — is shut down and ejected immediately.

  • RumSleg

    Sounds good to me! Anything to cut down on lines and improve the experience.

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