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Solid Case Packed Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) And Han Solo: Pre-order Now!

The solid case packs have gone up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for two hard to find The Black Series [Star Wars 40] figures. pore-order as many Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) and Han Solo figures as you’d like and KILL that aftermarket folks! Special thanks to JTA reader Craig P. for the alert!


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  • Adam Marshall

    Awesome but 4 months away.

    • Danny

      beats the alternative.

      • Brian Beck

        yeah, in four more days I will have already waited 4 months for R2, what’s another 4.

  • TW7

    Just to clarify, these are being released as solid case packs on 40th cards? and not in red and black boxes as was Tusken Raider? Obviously EE shows the 40th version of these, but I was under impression the 40th cards were done but all would be solid case packs in TBS (P3) red and black boxes.

    • DarthXit

      Don’t think these 2 are being released in red boxes bc they are repack and not new figures…only new ones are coming out in red boxes…or that is my understanding. …

      • TW7

        Ah, yes. You are probably correct on that. I think it was said all NEW figures would be released in P3 boxes. Got it.

        • CobraSaboteur

          Wouldn’t be surprised if Han and/or R2 get the Phase 3 treatment down the line. They would of course be “numbered” at that point and completionist collectors (such as myself) would definitely buy them again. After all, it’s been confirmed that the OTC Stormtrooper is coming to the Phase 3 box and he was obviously a part of the recent 40th repacks as well so. Guess we will have to wait and see and I’m good either way personally.

      • Exactly.

        • Jaken Wraith

          What about the Stormtrooper then? The G-Stop List confirmed that a Boxed Imperial Stormtrooper is coming.

          • Seronious

            Yeah, if the gamestop list is to be taken as gospel, then it sounds like the Stormtrooper that was in the original orange wave boxes, and repacked in the 40th, will get repacked again in the red box. Who knows, maybe it will be slightly different. Vader is also getting repacked, and from what Paul said, Jawa and the Death Squad Commander will also get repacked in the boxes. That leaves me to believe that the 40th anniversary of wave 2 will not be heavily released, since 4 of those figures will come out again in the red boxes. C-3PO was already in the redbox as a walgreens exclusive, which leaves only Chewy from that wave to not get the redbox treatment.

            I would almost doubt R2 and Han come out again in the redboxes, if they are providing solid cases to etailers with just those figures.

          • I am not saying it’s not coming, it’s just not on any of my radars including sources and inside people I deal with, not GameStop lists.

      • Aric

        Thanks for confirming! I also was not sure. The only one i need is R2, and i was afraid i would have to pay the stupid aftermarket prices Paul referred to because they wouldn’t be coming out in the retro boxes moving forward, so I am glad to hear I can pre-order this as a security in case I do not run across one in the next few months

    • 40th. These figures have already been released in boxes therefore will not be placed in a red/black box as of now.

      • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

        I’m sure R2 will be re-boxed eventually but maybe with a new paintjob or something. Its safe to say this Han is done! They still have to do Bespin Han and Endor Han.

        • You think? I think this 40th re-release will produce all the R2s anyone will ever need.

        • Seronious

          And Alden Ehrenreich Han…. youch…

      • CT-7567

        Are they re-releasing the Stormtrooper in the box? I only ask because of this GameStop info that lists an “E4 Stormtrooper”.

        • It’s possible, but none of my sources have revealed such information. Maybe it was just off their radar and perhaps this list reveals more than they know. I just don’t know.

  • Jaken Wraith

    They will be available in Oct, that’s a little too far off for my taste to pre-order a non exclusive Figure. I only did the Gamestop Inferno Squadron pre-order since it’s a Store Exclusive that releases with the Game.

  • Mark

    I’m no statistician but I’m 100% sure that literally everyone who wanted these has them by now.

    • OfWolfandMan


    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      Wrong. They were packed 1 per case.
      If they arent in demand R2 wouldnt be going for $50 now. Duh.

      • Mark

        I just meant they came in stock so often that anyone that really wanted them had the opportunity. Han was often in stock for hours. I got 3 of each on 3 separate occasions and stopped only because that was enough.

      • You don’t do well with sarcasm, do you? Why Mark is using sarcasm now is beyond me, but it’s working well.

        • Mark

          I’m the most sarcastic person you’ll ever meet. I’m either doing it extremely right or extremely wrong.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      *Homer Simpson voice* “I think their market value will peak some time in…….January!”

    • StarTron

      not me. preorders placed. i haven’t seen a single 40th fig in the stores. i blame the red and black boxes as far as the eye can see.

  • wait, take this down! Let me sell all my R2’s at inflated prices first Paul!
    Thank goodness this is coming.

  • Roq

    October? If whomever hasn’t gotten them by now will surely get them by October.

  • GIBBS v2

    Not sure how I feel about this. With a bit of effort and luck I secured my Han and Artoo.

    Since they are now are going to become peg warmers, I’m like why do I try at all?


    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      So you dont have to wait 6 months? Duh.

    • Seronious

      I doubt they become pegwarmers… Baze and Chirrut were released as solid case packs, and they didn’t last long and still haven’t met demand. I would assume only a handful of places like EE, BBTS, and Dorkside get them.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    In spite of what Hasbro keeps telling us, I know these weren’t aimed at kids but I’m surprised no ambulance chasers have jumped on all of Artoo’s chokeable parts yet.

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