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Hasbro: Please Make Us A TVC 4-LOM (Vintage Kenner Zuckuss) Just Like This

Good friend and JTA reader Josh Makison has gifted me another incredible item after I drooled over the one he made for himself (as we highlighted here recently). Knowing my love for the Disney Parks 4-LOM sculpt, Josh went above and beyond and also customized a vintage Kenner Zuckuss figure for me by repainting the BAD sculpt and placing it on mock vintage Kenner card back. Hasbro – please pay close attention. You need to get this sculpt into the Hasbro line and do the same EXACT thing. It’s the most screen accurate sculpt of this character to date. We still need a TVC 4-LOM (update) and Zuckuss (first time offering) and this is the only way to do 4-LOM (vintage Zuckuss) in my opinion. Thank you!


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  • darthmadonna

    nice repaint. I am impressed with that sculpt now.

    • lordtyrannusaurus

      Thank you!! I agree that it is a beautiful sculpt, as are most of the Disney ones.

  • Jaxx Saber

    Nice custom job Josh!

    • Roq

      Else there would be something else to complain about.

      • Jaxx Saber

        No complaints here.

        • Roq

          Not you. Haha.

    • lordtyrannusaurus

      Thank you so much Jaxx!! I enjoyed making it and am glad others enjoy it as well :).

  • Carbonite_Hydrates

    That looks fiendishly good.

    • lordtyrannusaurus

      Thank you!! I’m glad you like it! It was fiendishly fun to do :-).

  • Lando Griffin

    Agreed, great sculpt! But not enough to warrant another one of these on a TVC card, especially one that’s 1. In the current numbering system (unlike VOTC), and 2. Has been released on this card under both 4-LOM & Zuckuss (foil SDCC Exclusive).

    • CT-7567

      Do you have a preference for the numbering system in the new TVC? A big part of me wants them to continue at #116. Then I think about the new line consisting of characters and figures that just aren’t as good as the original TVC and that makes me want them to start at number 1 again as to not adulterate the original TVC.

      • Lando Griffin

        My preference would be 116, but wouldn’t lose any sleep if they started over.

      • RumSleg

        Start over. Leave the original run “complete”.

        • AllThePowa

          But hasbro said they put hold on it, it was never complete.

          • RumSleg

            I don’t believe they ever said anything definitive one way or another regarding the numbering. They said the vintage look was going to be given a rest and would be brought back.

            The real motivating reason for Hasbro not to start at 116 should be that they’ll attract more newbies if they start over at 1. People might try to collect ’em all if the numbering starts at 1. If it starts at 116, people won’t be inspired to try to collect a complete run unless they’ve already got the first 115.

  • Funtomaz

    … and don’t forget to release a 6 inch version, thanks! 😀

    • Thundrstruckd

      I think there will be some sort of an exclusive featuring the last three remaining bounty hunters sometime in the future.

  • soxpicks .

    Great repaint. Looks beautiful carded.

    • lordtyrannusaurus

      Thanks for the kind words soxpicks!!

  • So does Hasbro do the sculpting for Disney or is the sculpting done by another company that works for Disney? Because, so far, they got droid seemingly locked down. That Chopper is sweet, these BAD 3pos look great… I am very curious about that Sand Crawler on its way…

    • Brian Bass

      What types of paint and gloss finish did he use?

      • lordtyrannusaurus

        I used Testors gloss paints, which have a naturally smooth glossy finish. I also mixed gloss black with some silver for the head, and green with silver for the eyes for a metallic look. Hope that helps :-).

        • Brian Bass

          Thanks. Few more; Testors enamel or their water based acrylic? What color did you use for the body? Airbrushed on or by hand? Body primed with something first? I’ve done lots of customs and plenty of model building. This is a very nice and unusual finish on a figure. Well done.

          • lordtyrannusaurus

            Water based acrylic; I mixed a few drops of gloss black lack with the gloss orange to get the burnt rust color; painting is dry brush method using a larger brush and long strokes; no primer used but I washed the factory oils off the figure with Dawn dish detergent. And thank you for the compliment! It means a lot for collectors and customizers to enjoy my work!!

        • CT-7567

          Oh, you’re Josh? Dude, you are extremely talented. Both the figure and the card(even including the original Kenner name mistake) are just incredible! Well done indeed.

  • bmales01

    One mistake on the card. that’s 4-LOM not Zuckuss

    • It’s not a mistake. That’s intentional.

      • bmales01

        Wow? Who’s the dummy now? 🙂

        • You.

          • bmales01

            Seeing as this line of debate will proceed ad finitum, let’s just cut to the chase and I’ll call you a “curmudgeon” and you’ll reply with something that includes “sublime”

      • bmales01

        Of all people, I never thought you’d take the bait.

        • You’re an idiot. I have to assume the most basic level of stupidity.

          • bmales01

            Well considering you responded, I am not sure what to assume about you

          • Assume it’s the gift of knowledge.

          • bmales01

            Also, if you had brain one in that perty head of yours, you’d have at least a rough idea that intelligence has nothing to do with your accumulated knowledge

            You keep the gift, you clearly need it more

          • Talk to the hand.

          • bmales01

            I dont think this colloquialism works as well over the internet

      • CT-7567

        I’d love to see Hasbro not only release a 4-LOM that looks this good, but the TLC Zuckuss on a TVC card.

  • Jamal Kasem.

    I thought 4-Lom was the droid and Zuckuss was the Gand?

    • bmales01

      ….and now I feel bad baiting Paul

      • I am immune to your baiting. I was educating ignorance is all – I explained this.

        • bmales01

          I wasnt ignorant. I explained this

    • Back in the Kenner days, Kenner accidentally switched the names of 4-LOM and Zuckuss and the toys were packaged erroneously named. You are correct and in the modern TVC line, Hasbro fixed the 4-LOM figure but never released Zuckuss on a modern TVC card yet. This article was to ask Hasbro to redo 4-LOM using this beautiful sculpt…. and to finally get out the long-awaited Zuckuss. (There was an exclusive set that actually played on the misnamed characters, but that’s another story.)

      • bmales01

        And Yazflow made a nod to the Kenner mistake by producing their modern figs on the error Kenner card backs and vintage-style paint apps

        go see them in JTA’s fantastic visual guide. it was a 2010 Exclusive

        • I put the link of it in my response to him. Are you not reading?

          • bmales01

            I usually skim what you say

            “TFA something something sucks
            bmales, you’re my favorite blah blah
            My opinion is always correct yada yada”

          • Danny

            bmales01, don’t worry about Paul; he mostly does’t read our comments either.

          • Your summation is erroneous and egregious.

          • bmales01

            someone found his alliterative dictionary

          • General Hux

            Well aren’t you the smart one pulling out the fancy words. 😉

      • Thundrstruckd

        Would love to have a new Zuckuss with ball jointed elbows!

      • CT-7567

        I was so busy gazing at that beautiful figure I didn’t even notice it had the “original” name on the card!

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      I think in the old canon it was canon that he was named after 4 Love Of Money too.

  • Jaken Wraith

    That does look pretty damm good.

    • lordtyrannusaurus

      Thank you Jaken!!

      • Jaken Wraith

        Good Work.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Quite possibly the laziest designed bounty hunter of the OT. Just put a cool head on top of a repainted protocol droid body. I can’t find much fault with Empire but they definitely could have done something better with him compared with Fett, Bossk, Zuckuss, Bousch,and IG-88’s look.

    Though I wasn’t too crazy about the fat middle aged mummy burn victim either.

    • Jaken Wraith

      Dengar did look prety cheap lol. Wasn’t IG-88’s Head a part of an old Lincoln Exaust or something? I’ve seen the part on sale somewhere recently.

      • Thundrstruckd

        It was part of the bar in the Mos Eisley cantina.

        • Jaken Wraith

          It came not from a Lincoln, but a Rolls Royce, here is a “cut” from an article about an Auction..

          Fly Navy Heritage Trust is a charity trying to raise funds here in England to keep their Sea Vixen (a Cold War era) jet flying. Interestingly they have found, in a container of old parts, an IG-88 Droid head (not the actual prop, but the same car part used in the Star Wars films)! Actually, it is a Rolls Royce Nene engine flame tube from the jet exhaust which was used to make the classic Star Wars character’s head. (It can also be found in Chalmun’s cantina.)

          • Thundrstruckd

            That’s interesting. I knew it was originally used in ANH and you can see it in the cantina scene.

    • lordtyrannusaurus

      I hate to be “that guy” but the LOM body is not a repainted 3PO-style protocol body. It is unique to 4-LOM. The torso is different.

      • General Hux

        You had to be that guy?! 😉

    • CT-7567

      Blasphemy! 🙂 JK. But I definitely loved both 4-LOM AND Dengar as a kid and still today. Bossk , IG-88 and Boba Fett were definitely more interesting, but I like them all.

    • RumSleg

      Lazier than making IG-88’s head out of the cantina bar machinery and giving Bossk a suit that was previously used in ANH and Dr. Who?

  • CadeSky

    When I first got sucked into Star Wars fandom as a kid, 4-LOM wound up being my favorite of the bounty hunters. I would love to have another 4-LOM sculpt in my collection!

    • RumSleg

      The vintage 4-LOM/Zuckuss (the droid, not the Gand), was one of my favorite overall figures. I would just stare at him and wonder what his story was, who built him, and why he looked like he did.

      • CadeSky

        Yep! Same here! Except for me, POTF2 was what was around when I was a kid.

  • Super Amigo

    A little off topic, but well:

    I always hated those “Expanded Universe” stories that had the pathological compulsion to explain every single aspect of the life of every single character, even if it was an extra that appeared 1 second on screen.

    In 4-LOM’s case it was established that he (she? it?) was a renegade protocol droid, a standard model that went nuts or something like that.

    Now, how could possibly ANY protocol droid come standard with THAT head? I can’t think of a more intimidating design. Where would he greet guests? To the insects wing of the Natural History Museum? Weird… weird.

    That’s why when someone asks me about the elimination of the “Expanded Universe”, I say “good riddance” (too bad for the handful of good stories, but all those are well on their way to “rebirth”).

    • Thundrstruckd

      If memory serves me right, the 4-Lom droids were made by the Gands. Thus, the design of their heads.

      • Super Amigo

        Good point.

  • General Hux

    Gosh, Josh, well done!!

  • Jordan Siron

    Great work, Josh. It really is staggering how much better this looks than the SA 4-LOM we’ve got at current.

  • Jebediaah

    Yes, we definitely need that 4-LOM on a vintage style card in 2018. At first glance that sculpt looks to be a 6-inch figure.
    We still need that movie accurate painted Zuckuss on a non-foil logo vintage card as well.

  • CT-7567


  • Binary_Son

    Beautiful work Josh!

  • RumSleg

    I was very happy with the existing TVC 4-LOM until I saw this new BAD sculpt and realized how much better 4-LOM could be…

    The worst part is, I was at the Galactic Nights during SW Celebration in Orlando and I totally could have assembled this LOM and bought him for $12.95 or whatever they were charging, but I didn’t realize how much better it was. Argh.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    start the Vintage Collection over but backwards start with the POTF and work your way back to the 12 backs.

  • shane

    The Force is strong with this action figure. Thanks for sharing ! Its so much better.

  • Here’s my thoughts on this. I understand what some of you are saying, and this repaint is awesome work. BUT…. Hasbro has already done this. The Celebration 5 two pack. Granted, he was still called “Zuckuss” but that was a not to the true vintage Kenner figure which we all know they swapped the name. I don’t really want Hasbro to waste valuable spots in the line up for repacks any more than they have to. It’s already sad enough to think we will probably get every damn one of those Walmart peg warmers repacked on TVC style cards.

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