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Walmart Exclusive TBS 3.75" Figures Toggling In And Out Of Stock!

The Black Series [Phase III] 3.75″ super-articulated figures are toggling in and out of stock again. You can stalk Tusken Raider, Ponda Baba, Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) and Sandtrooper to see if you’re lucky enough to grab any of them. As a reminder, you can see all of these figures now currently archived in our Research Droids Reviews.

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  • BoBaTeHFeTT

    Ponda and Sandtrooper instock 526PST No Boba or Tusken though

    • darthvaderdisco

      tusken in stock

  • JAG1313

    Got 2 Sandtrooper and 2 tusken raiders! I already had an order for Ponda and the Sandtroopers that Wal-Mart decided to cancel after they told me it wouldn’t be canceled. So let’s hope this goes a little better this time around.

    Edit: nabbed all 4. There was a pretty good price for Ponda and Boba on eBay earlier tonight. Only 36$ for the 2 of them, and with shipping from Wally World, that’s about what you’d pay for them anyways. If anyone was interested, and didn’t end up getting those 2 from the firesale.

  • JAL

    Was able to order a Sandtrooper and a Tusken. Still need the other two. Edit: Got the other two just now!

  • JAL

    Fett and Ponda are back up.

  • JAG1313

    Back up again.

  • James

    Got a Sandtrooper Boba and Ponda just now, Thanks for the heads up Paul.
    Love JTA!

    • Twitter would beg to differ with you. LOL. Thank you for the feedback! 🙂

      • James

        Social media is 95% phoney baloney, JTA is 100% legit. Keep it up brother!

      • CT-7567

        Does JTA get a negative response on Twitter? I don’t use social media beyond Disqus, do I wouldn’t know.

  • CadeSky

    Just snagged Boba and Ponda! Should be able to pickup at my local WM on Thursday! Thanks so much, Paul! VERY happy collector here!

  • Chris Moore

    Thanks a mill! I was able to snag 2 of each!!!

  • Lisa

    Ordered the remaining 3 that I needed in 2 orders since they keep going in and out of stock. Got the Tusken last time they were up. I hope they all arrive for store pickup and not cancelled like JAG1313’s order.

  • Mark

    I wonder if they’re only online so WM doesnt have to deal with local store rollbacks.

  • Sean Fretthold

    Thanks for the heads up, just got all 4, saves me from having to search!

  • Nathan Landesman

    Had to refresh over 20 minutes to get all 4 piecemeal. Thx a million & stay committed!!!

  • Yes! Just ordered Prototype Boba, now waiting on Ponda!

  • Darth679

    Thank you! Got all but Walrus Man.

  • I just got Ponda Baba! Took an hour, but this wave is done!

  • Phil Flanagan

    I see these notifications on fb hours after they’re posted so I never catch anything while it’s in stock. 🙁 Did manage to grab a tusken for site to store, at least. 1 down 3 to go!

  • I ordered them the first time they went up (may 16th) and I never got them. Called
    WM today morning and they said they were lost during shipping ?

  • General Hux
  • Diego

    Seriously, F you Walmart. You cancelled two of my orders without even giving me the full 14 days to remain on backorder, and then, less than a week later you have them back up and of course I miss them. Broken system.

    • CT-7567

      They stole $20 from my debit card. I had a three-way call with Walmart and a bank representative. The bank rep confirmed that Walmart had no right to charge me and they STILL wouldn’t give the money back. I’d really like to get Ponda and even the Sandtrooper, but the only reliable way to get this line is to show up on FF right when the store opens. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the last Walmart wave with TFA Luke(who will be incredibly HTF) by going there on FF. I got the ERG wave that way. Beyond using that one day, it’s blind luck. I stumbled on a fresh case of Jyn and Deathtroopers, which is awesome. But I never saw a Scarif Trooper and only got one Cassian that someone hid amongst the plethora TFA leftovers.

      • Diego

        Sand Trooper still available.

        • CT-7567

          Thanks. I’m actually not sure I want him. I have the TVC I just never got an opener. But then I have four of that figure from the 2013 TLC Amazon set because I got it for $15, so I’m not sure if I need an opener of the Sandtrooper. I definitely want Ponda. I only missed three TVC figures. Ponda is one. I got Bastilla Shan in TBS, so that just leaves the 501st Clone. I’m not counting the mini-figures from the SDCC set because I’d never pay the aftermarket prices for them.

      • Diego

        What an ordeal, I don’t envy your situation. I managed to get a $10 e gift card from corporate after wasting half an hour with corporate on the phone complaining about the cancellations.

    • Diego

      Ok, finally got through and got the Sand Trooper. Let’s hope it does’t cancel. Wave complete. Would like an extra Fett to customize though.

  • Bounty Hunter

    They are back up, just grabbed 2 Boba’s…

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      i saw you hahaahah

      it went from “3 in stock” to “1 in stock” hahahaha maybe it was you? hahah

      • Bounty Hunter

        Bummer, sorry man…
        Crazy how randomly these things go in and out of stock-

        Taking the second one to trade for credit to get other goodies at Heroes-Con in Charlotte next month, got a Fett guy there who hooks me up-

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    Boba Fett just popped up, Tusken Raiders still in stock.

    literally watched the stock count go down from my cart

  • Ponda Baba has become my white whale. Still can’t nab it online.

  • bmales01

    Thanks for the heads up Paul.
    I was able to get all 3 (minus albino BF) in 1 order, which got me to free shipping.
    Placed my order about 2 hours ago. They all came back into stock.

  • darthtrajk 666

    There is absolutely no excuse for taking on the responsibility of exclusive rights to sell a product and literally not having said product available for purchase or allowing the order and just shipping when they come in. Walmart is the Fredo of retail stores, and shame on the powers that be for allowing this debacle.

  • Don Johnson

    Hey you guys here’s a little trick that works 100% as long as you do it right. I am just as pissed off as you guys are because I have a disability from the military preventing me from being able to drive so of course I have to resort to online retailers. First, I can’t stand how Amazon, walmart, etc let their third party sellers, which a lot are actually Amazon themselves, sweeping up all the new shipments and jackin the prices up like 4 to 5 times, and we get screwed. How many times can you actually find black series that’s sold and fulfilled by Amazon? Extremely rare unless it’s right after they’re released. So here’s what you can do to get back at these scalping a holes. Stock up on the old ones everybody has, order the ones you want, don’t matter the price cuz you gonna get it back anyway. And without getting into anymore detail, in one word, swap. They sent you the wrong item right? Don’t feel bad about it, and don’t feel like it’s wrong, because they screw people every single second and they know it because all they care about is money. Walmart, target, toysrus, Amazon, all put up third party storefronts on their own sites under random names, even on ebay, where they shoot the prices up on their own inventory pretending to be a scalper who has special connections and gets wave cases early. So don’t feel bad. They’ve been doing this forever, btw Hasbro don’t give a [hoot] either, so get these companies back who have been playing everybody for fools. You’re not doing anything wrong so don’t worry about getting in trouble because they can’t prove a damn thing except being such a big company that getting customers orders mixed up is bound to happen. And tell em you found it somewhere else and just need a refund. Ya I know some will think it’s wrong, but look at all the wrong they do to customers like us and love taking advantage of us, so screw them. They deserve it because they’re the real criminals.

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