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TBS6 Below MSRP Almost Everywhere Now - What's Going On?

No new stock in months, which is nearly approaching years now. The same old stock continues to rot on shelves. Most retailers (if not all now) have TBS6 figures WELL BELOW the MSRP of $19.99/$21.99. What is truly going on anymore? Now another retailer desperately tries to move old stock. Have all of you seen the new sale at Toys R Us for their remaining stock of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures? The sale runs through July 1st (which is quite a long time out) and the figures have been marked down to $11.99 each. There has to be more going on here across all current brick and mortar retailer than meets the eye. Is there just not a big enough audience for this line or is Hasbro making too many of them? (The solution is the same answer.)

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  • Jeffrozup

    If the TRU exclusive figure is included I am all for that sale.

    NEVERMIND: Just looked online. The Hovertank pilot isn’t on sale (at least online).

    • LOL. I can neither confirm nor deny if that figure is part of the clearance efforts.

      • Jeffrozup

        What’s funny is that $11.99 price is still $2 higher than Walmart’s $9.84 price

        • Sounds like TRU to me. 🙂

          • CT-7567

            Do Hasbro’s current horrible distribution issues have you worried for TVC? Those figures are going to be the most in demand SW figures in years. Hasbro needs to get distribution, wave selection and case assortments just right.

          • Jimmy Griffin

            Yes. Yes it does.

          • CT-7567

            Me too. 🙂

    • Roq

      It was 15.00 at one point.

    • Brian Beck

      I got three more on sat for $12 while wasting my time looking for 40th figures.

  • Aldo

    Every Figure has either a $10 or $40 price point. There seems to be no magic number but moving the entire line to solid case packs would probably be the best idea.

    • LOL. That’s a brilliant synopsis. You’re right. The figures are either dirt cheap or ridiculously expensive. There are so few that actually command the $20 MSRP.

  • JAL

    My TRU doesn’t have any 6″ besides Zuvios and Hovertank Pilots. They still have tons of TFA basic figures though. They didn’t even get any of the 40th BS at all, at least i have never seen any there and there is no peg space for them. The last two FFs have been pretty blah at TRU anyways. I doubt that’s going to change this year either. I’m going to preorder as i usually do from Dorkside and only go out on FF for whatever exclusives might be available.

    • Caius

      Do people still care about Force Fridays? Its been a total joke since its inception in most places hasnt it?

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    Brick and mortar has failed us for years. We moved on.
    We get our figures from online retailers that actually stock what we want.
    Let Walmart sell boxer briefs and Doritos.

    • JediJones

      Are Doritos on sale this week? I just finished my last four bags.

      • George Stark

        My favorite is Spicy Nacho. What’s yours?

    • But even that is screwed up in the UK!

  • zerobobby77

    Easy solution is to never produce TFA figures again.

    • Caius

      So what happens when Last Jedi comes out which has all the same characters.

      • Caius

        Maybe they can get the retailers to put Last Jedi stickers on over TFA and resell them that way.

        • Deadpool

          That’s actually not a bad idea

      • Kal Kylen

        In essentially the same, extremely dull outfits no less. I’m dreading it. The only characters that look remotely interesting so far are Luke, DJ, General Holdo and Snoke. I don’t know if I can stomach laying down more money for Finn, Rey and Poe figures!

        • Caius

          Agreed. Those Vanity Fair pics were not very inspiring in terms of costumes. I also cannot see myself parting with cash for another Finn who has only managed to change his t-shirt. I will look to add new characters only.

          • Darth Necris

            I was thinking the same thing. I’ve got a good sized CD/DVD shelf with a few dozen figures on it. I don’t have much room left and can’t see getting new versions of the same characters. I’d love to get a TFA Luke and we really hope for an older Leia.

      • CT-7567

        I’ve been thinking about that. The costumes the main characters wear don’t seem to be much different than what we’ve already gotten in 6″ ,except we never got a 6″ Resistance Rey. Finn has the same jacket but with a white shirt and presumably different pants and Poe still has the flight suit and a new outfit similar to TFA Han’s look. They probably held off on making a 6″ Resistance Rey because that seems to be her dominant look for TLJ. Kylo only has a different cape and a facial scar. I can’t imagine Hasbro releasing these slightly different versions of TFA characters that didn’t sell in the first place. Phasma seems to be the same except for a new weapon. Interesting to see how they’ll handle these minor changes. I’d buy another 5poa Kylo if he has the scar and new cape, or another Phasma for the new weapon, but $20 6″ figures are too expensive to sell again just for a different cape or weapon.

        • Caius

          I feel pretty confident that Hasbro will release these slightly tweaked figs and like before we will see them forever. I also bet that the base price goes up. Probably cheaper if you buy the unmasked Kylo now at dirt price and add a little scar yourself. (if your am opener)

          • CT-7567

            I was thinking the price would go up as well. If the TVC figures are $15(at least) Hasbro isn’t going to put TBS in direct competition with them. I’ve seen Marvel Legends at Targets for $23.99. It sucks because even $20 is pushing it for TBS, imo. I open stuff. I usually go by the rule of two. One to open, one on card. It’s difficult to do with stuff like 6″ and vehicles because of price, but I got a second Kylo on clearance. It’s actually a very nice figure. Especially if you remove the head and scarf and tuck the hood under the scarf.

          • Caius

            I do not collect the 6 inch figs but probably would have if things had started that way. How many are there now anyhow there must be quite a few? I also used to go by the rule of two but storing the stuff properly started to get out of hand so I sold all the doubles and now I just open everything. I try to find the rarest or whatever I think is the coolest figure of each particular line to represent that card. Maybe it’s just me being cynical but I think people are putting a lot of hope in the return of the TVC. People seem to have overly high expectations. I personally do not believe it will come even close to what it used to be. As it stands now there is no reason to assume that distribution will suddenly improve or that we will have a return of all best legacy collection or comic pack figures into the line. That to me seems the most unlikely. Distribution has been an issue for years upon years can’t see why It would change now. Of course we will see repacks but of a limited nature I do not think this line will have a long list by any means. At least not like the old days. It will probably remain status quo following the Walmart model of four figures at a time most if not all being repacks unless it’s new movie related

          • CT-7567

            Great post. I totally agree with everything you said about the return of TVC. It’ll be a widespread release of the Walmart line. Probably mostly new figures from the new movies. I’m all for RO figures and reserving judgment for TLJ, but the original TVC covered the entire existing Saga. I don’t think we’re going to see a lot of non-Disney movie figures that aren’t just repacks. I think the whole “suck it 6″ collectors, TVC is back” attitude is way off and way too premature. I’m no fan of 6″ lately, but I see Hasbro sticking with it. TVC will probably last a year or two, cost more and be just as HTF as the Walmart line.

    • 11Eleven11

      The better solution is to just release them once each instead of repack after repack. More different figures in shorter runs.

  • xdeathmedicx

    I was at tru earlier today they had no lie 15 pegs loaded with k2so no other bs figure…… thats like what? 6 figures a peg…. idk what tru does here but its nothing right

    • DustinW

      Damn, I wish I had found K2 at my TRU, mostly Jyns, Finns and Zuvios with one Death Trooper.

      • xdeathmedicx

        I cN get you k2 and death trooper if ypu need them

  • JediJones

    Only a handful of characters can be found around here for the $10 price. They just overproduced some figures like Jyn and Cassian.

    • CT-7567

      I’ve seen ever figure from the first two RO waves including the Scarif Squad Leader. Also a bunch of TFA figures from the Kanan and TFA Han waves. FO Snowtroopers are the most prevalent. All $10 and not just at Walmart, by Target too and they usually don’t do clearance as much as Walmart. The only full price 6″ figures are the AT-ACT driver and 40th wave one figures(SSNs Han and Artoo of course).

    • Whether a handful of characters or multiple characters, the backlog they’re causing is egregious.

  • Lurker_Jedi_No_More

    This is all very interesting. One would argue the TBS 6″ line is in trouble but that’s not the case here. I believe this stemming from Hasbro department that handles figure release distribution. Same old tune retailers are clogging the pegs with Jyn, Kylo (unmasked), Cassian and infamous Zuvio. I find it amazing how Hasbro and retailers are moving Transfomers figures with no issues. At least in my area, new TF merchandise continues to hit the pegs every other month. The deluded and voyager wave are not doing any repacks. Marvel Legends is also moving along but not and a desire pace but the distribution is better than the TBS, at least when a new wave hits is not repacking a figure from the previous wave.

    @Paul do we know WHO in Hasbro is running the distribution. We need to hit them on twitter get the message across. This time next year we’ll have TLJ, TBS and TVC on the pegs, and unless Hasbro gets back to basic on getting what the consumer wants we are going have a bunch figures from their respective wave 1 clogging up the pegs.

    • CT-7567

      This time next year TLJ line(basic 5poa) will probably be done. If the Solo movie doesn’t get pushed back to Dec. that movie’s line and TLJ are going to be too close to one another.

    • Andrew

      Beyond bad case assortments, I’m going to assume part of the issue goes beyond Hasbro. The retailers share a lot of the blame, too, on what is ordered and when items are put on shelves and clearanced out.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    Hey, looks very much like the TRUs I go to around Paris. (except for the price tags of course ?).

    Same old figures, same old problems: ill considered wave ratios and character choices (TFA figures during the Rogue One marketing blitz, really?) plus poor quality lead to figures pegwarming and following waves not being ordered.
    Kids moved on to the latest cool license (or ask for Lego Star Wars), collectors either gave up completely on SW or went online to find Japanese imports.

    TRU also slashing prices on the Nerfed vehicles, especially the AT-ACT.

    Guess there isn’t a big enough audience for way overpriced Nerf guns and undersized 3.75″ vehicles either. ?

    • CT-7567

      You might want to take a look at the TIE Striker and U-wing if the price gets low. They actually arent that bad for $20 USD. Especially the TIE. It’s not that far off from what we used to get in the old Class II assortments. In fact, if you could replace the nerf gun with landing gear and add a rear cockpit it would be a pretty nice vehicle.

      • Caius

        I waited on these until they dropped. Truthfully i really like these vehicles and think they look great amongst the other ships. The nerf stuff is suttle enough to be ignored. Unrelated but did they ever release the Bistan figure?

        • CT-7567

          Nope. My complete guess is maybe that set was held back until September. There was supposed to be a Bespin Han and Boba Fett two-pack as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up in the fall. I’m more worried about getting Fenn Rau.

          • Caius

            I am up in Vancouver BC and with a stroke of uncommon luck was able to find this last wave including Fenn at retail, on sale no less. Small miracles.

          • CT-7567

            Lucky. 🙂

      • Darth_Rizzen

        The TIE Striker doesn’t look too bad for what it is, indeed. In fact, if they removed the Nerf, resculpted the area and left everything else untouched, it’d be just about as good as the 2014 Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Prototype from Rebels. Yes, that’s a compliment, I actually like this one. ?

        I doubt it will go much lower than this, though. The sale only affects the TRU exclusive “battle damaged” version, BTW. The normal one is still at full price.

        The U-Wing, no. Just no. A troop transport with the troop bay replaced by a Nerf feels like a bad joke to me. What can I say? I’ve been spoilt by the AT-ATs and Republic Gunships from days gone by.

        • CT-7567

          I agree with your assessments. I only bought these for clearance price. I highly doubt I’d have gotten them at MSRP. I have to say, there’s something a bit fun about the U-wing. My trying to sway you, it’s definitely a flawed vehicle, but for $20 I like it alright. Someone else pointed out we probably won’t ever get another toy of the U-wing again, so I decided to get it because i definitely like the ship in RO. The TIE is definitely the better. What you sad is totally right. Aside from the area affected by the nerf canon, it’s basically a Class II ship. I’d have liked a rear cockpit, but I can live without it.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            I’m not sure that this will be the last U-wing from Hasbro. The gunship will be present in Rebels season 4, after all, and possibly in Battlefront 2. There’s hope yet. ?

            I ended up getting the Lego set. It’s still undersized, yet it does come with a small but opening troop bay, door guns and an exclusive Bistan minifigure to man them, amongst other things.
            Exactly the kind of features that I had come to expect from Hasbro’s 3.75″ vehicle line in the past, and are now gone… ?

            You know something sad? The same TRU also had the Playskool Galactic Heroes AT-AT on sale. By comparison with the regular 3.75″ vehicles, this cute-ified, kindergarten version of the walker feels like a masterpiece: accurately detailed sculpt, articulated legs, light-up reciprocating chin guns and sound effects (just like the Big AT-AT!), a usable troop bay and they even included a rope underneath so that Luke may blow it up. And there’s an exclusive AT-AT driver as well…

          • CT-7567

            I was thinking that about the Galactic Heroes Ghost. 🙂

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Regarding the TIE Striker, as it turns out, you can unscrew the Nerf gun and holders. The ship doesn’t look bad without those as there is some sculpt underneath. It just lacks some sort of landing gear.

            The trick is to do it before you attach the plate to the body.

          • CT-7567

            I thought about not attaching the gun. I have this odd OCD thing about not altering my toys andor having them the way they’re”supposed” to be. I can’t even bring myself to unscrew the dart clips under the wings. Have you done that?

          • Darth_Rizzen

            There you go: the de-Nerfed TIE/SK




            Not bad like this, except that the wings are way too short and narrow compared to the movie fighter. These proportions are more reminiscent of the Clone Wars era Eta-2 Actis IMHO

          • CT-7567

            Oh wow. That does look much better, DR. Like I said, I usually don’t alter my toys, but the Striker is on clearance right now so maybe I’ll grab another. The point I was making about the vehicle is that while the proportions aren’t perfect (as you say wthe wings), if the vehicle was sold the way you modified it and with landing gear and better tooling for the undercarriage it would be acceptable. As opposed to not getting vehicles anymore, that is. Price is also an issue. The original MSRP for the TFA and RO vehicles are ridiculous. The Striker was $40 and should’ve been $30, and even that’s a bit high for what it is. Iif they added the landing gear in place of the nerf gun and tooled the rear cockpit, I think it would’ve been ok for $30 with the figure. I really like the pilot,btw. The way they designed him with a wide stance to fit perfectly in the cockpit and the storage option for the blaster are pretty nifty, imo. This vehicle is the best Hasbro has made since the first three Rebels ships, imo.

  • General Hux
  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    The endless Rogue One repacks did not help anyone.

    • CT-7567

      Exactly. I CANT BELIEVE they didn’t repack Baze and Chirrut with the ERG wave. That would’ve been such a great case assortment. They’re going to kill this line with these poor carry-forwards and distribution.

  • GIBBS v2

    If these had always been 12 bucks I would have collected every single one of them.

    My walmart is sitting on piles of them at $10.

  • Nick Dickens

    You can get them in the UK for £5.99 in Home Bargauns.

  • Adam Marshall

    It’s strange how 1 area has so many and some areas like mine next to nothing and never price dropped either. It’s almost like it was in 2015 where if u want a Star Wars 6 inch figure, you buy whatever you see cuz you’re lucky just to see one.

  • Big Rich

    Zuvio is going to be as popular as Greedo. Remember Greedo was EVERYWHERE.

  • Daniel Preece

    Does this have anything to do with Disney’s yearly movie releases? I’ve said this before, yearly movies is going to seriously affect the toy line. This toy line (takes 18 mo to get a fig from concept to shelf) isn’t designed for such a fast-paced movie release. Hasbro gets about a year per movie. First wave in August before the movie, then another wave after the movie. By June it’s time to dump the last movie’s figs to make room for the next movie’s figs. Hasbro has to produce based entirely upon guesses (no time to find out which new characters/designs are popular). Seems like Hasbro is in a rut of rush-rush-rush. If the brick-and-mortars are dumping everything at these low prices, sounds like it’s more about clearing shelf space for the next big event than anything else.

  • Darth Necris

    My local Wal-Mart has TFA and R1 TBS6 figures for 9.99 each. Wasn’t going to buy a Poe, Finn or Krennic, but for 30 bucks for all 3, I went for it.

    • CT-7567

      They’re all pretty good figures, especially Krennic, and definitely worth $10. The FO Snowtrooper and Jango Fett are usually in Walmart and definitely worth $10 as well.

      • Darth Necris

        I haven’t seen Jango Fett at mine, but I have seen a couple FO Snowtroopers as you said. You are also correct about Krennic. He is a very good figure. The paint application on his eyes is a little off, it makes him look a bit crosseyed. I am an opener, and I’ll touch up faces/paint as I see they need it. IMO, the TFA Han Solo didn’t have grey enough hair, so I fixed him right up. Looks good otherwise.

        • CT-7567

          Yeah, I like that Han except the hair ruins it. I have no artistic talent whatsoever so I’m afraid to alter my figures. I know just adding gray paint sounds simple, but I’d definitely mess it up.

          • Darth Necris

            It is simple. There is a technique called “drybrushing”. This involves putting some paint on the brush, but taking most of the paint off on a paper towel or napkin. At this point, the brush/paint will be a little tacky. Then in an almost feather duster motion brush on the remaining paint. You may want to practice on something that isn’t a figure, or a figure you don’t care about to test. A good acrylic (water based) paint should do fine. The Games Workshop Citadel paints seem okay, but Vallejo paints are excellent too. These can be found at most game stores. They may even be able to recommend some colors. I personally would recommend a darker grey and a lighter grey to drybrush over each other.

          • CT-7567

            As stupid as it seems I never thought to practice on a figure that I don’t care about ruining. I have some of those cheapo army men. Maybe I’ll try on one if them. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

          • Darth Necris

            No worries. Just make sure that if you are painting an army man, that you put a base coat of paint and is clean. Sometimes they have a mold release and paint doesn’t stick well. I found a decent tutorial on YouTube to show the basic idea. Even with little experience, drybrushing can really help a model look great with minimal effort.


          • CT-7567

            Thank you, DN. 🙂

          • SID

            Just try it the $0.40 acrylic paints from WalMart are what I’ve always used. They are flat colors and can be washed off (if not sealed). Just do the dry bush method. If you hate it then just run it under warm soapy water and use toothbrush to take it off.
            here is something I used said paints and methods on…

          • CT-7567

            That looks great, SID. Maybe I’ll give it a try. I could get an extra Han right now on clearance at Walmart. What color for the hair? Gray or just white?

          • SID

            honestly you just need BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW (maybe). That way you have primary colors to mix into what you need. Layers of color one at a time will really make it pop. If you get really stuck I could help you as well. Also If u see an extra solo for $9 I could use more since mine has weird eyes (got him when he was the only one left months an months later at a Walgreens)

          • CT-7567

            I’ll look for one. Maybe a trade? I still need a couple TFA Ackbars. Maybe a 6″ Han plus the difference in $ for two Ackbars? How close to Boston are you?

          • SID

            I’m located in New Bedford so its not terribly far. We should somehow… exchange email etc. I have lots of stuff to trade or offer and would love to get some “collector club” going (like I think u had mentioned once?) I see a lot of stuff… I’m sure u do too. no reason not to combine efforts like in the height of its day.

      • SID

        Been cleaning up on WalMart $9 figures. Soo much that I had to stop buying all the death troopers that I would see (don’t even know how many I have I just kept buying them) mostly going to use them for customs make like a version of the “saber trooper concept art” and the “ghost trooper” that a few people have been making.
        would love to find more jango figures. Seems all only Walgreens will randomly carry him still.

  • Alice Charlie Scoles

    I have always looked at the 6in line as buy the ones I like if-that’s a BIG IF-I can find them. Got the Early bird kit because of vader. Mostly sandrooper, Fetts, bounty hunters. I got rey for bb-8, deathtrooper and krennic. I wanted revan but have never seen him. Just like the 5 poa line for the movies and rebels-only what I like in the hopes the Vintage Sa line but the hopes are still fears that H will repack crappy figs and we’ll be back to bitching about that too!

  • Danny

    A couple of days ago I posted a very similar picture. I actually ended walking out the store with these two….

    • CT-7567

      I never got into the golden or silver ships and figures, but I definitely like the regular Hot Wheels ships. I saw some of the character cars from RO in a supermarket and they were actually pretty cool. K2 is a sort-of flatbed truck and can actually carry the little Jyn car.

      • Brian Beck
        • CT-7567

          Yes. Those are the ones I saw. The K2 can carry other cars. I usually don’t look at the character cars. I have a few that my mom got me. But I like these RO ones. You?

          • Brian Beck

            I originally just got the death trooper car to go with that collection, then found a Jyn, then these, then got the trooper 2 pack. I’m actually not into the cars either, they just happen to be next to the ships that I am looking for. the only other ones I got are the 40th Leia and Vader cars, just because.

    • Brian Beck

      I got the slave-1 also, along with my 40th ships 🙂

  • CT-7567

    This line has some excellent figures in it but every one is HTF. It’s a complete failure, imo. Both the Walmart line and the 6″ TBS are epic failures. Not because of the figure quality, but because of nonexistent distribution. Hasbro’s definitely going to lose customers over this, because I’ve been getting TBS since they started but now I’m not collecting them anymore. My focus is 3.75″ as it is. If I see nice 6″ figures I’ll get them, but I’m not going to jump through hoops over this line. The only thing I’ve been able to get since the Krennic wave has been the three figures I needed from the first wave of the 40th line. I wanted to get the four I need from wave two before quitting 6″, but those are impossible to get as usual with this line.

  • Mother_Talzin

    The production level of several waves of both TBS 6 and TBS 3.75 far exceeds the demand in my opinion. Retailers have no choice but to clear them out if they plan to stock new assortments for upcoming movies. I think its clear that many collectors like both lines – but are any kids buying them? Hasbro is probably releasing both of these lines in numbers that include kids as potential buyers, when they aren’t actually buying them. The overall collector numbers dwindled heavily before TFA, who knows how many returned or how many new collectors were brought in – not enough apparently…

    • You’re pretty much correct on everything you stated.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    what a suprise nobody wants to buy TFA or RI stuff,,who knew..

  • Jimmy Griffin

    My local Wal Mart is a veritable sea of Jyns and Cassians with like one each of Death Trooper, Resistance Base 3PO, and Rey. But they are priced to move at 9.84! And have been for at least a month. They also have about a half dozen of the TBS AT-ST; and, lest we forget, the plethora of TBS 3.75 Finns and Poes.

  • DustinW

    Managed to grab the last Death Trooper on the pegs for $11.99, amazingly all of the tank drivers were gone. Still an army of Finn and Zuvio, and the AT-ACT for $250. I don’t get why they refuse to do some kind of subscription service for this, that would be the best way to lock in demand.

  • DustyAyers

    I wonder if this will make retailers leery of TVC 2.0. The first few waves will go like hot cakes but then things will slow and the desired figs will be scarce but others will begin to peg warm. Retailers may grow tired of peg warming collector targeted figs.

    • 11Eleven11

      People are already forgetting that a good number of those figures peg-warmed anyway. The usual suspects. TPM and Jabba’s creatures.

  • zx_spectrum_30

    Basic economics says that supply and demand are not aligned here.

    If TBS6 are collectors figures then that is a limited market and Hasbro are making too many of them.

    If they are intended to be toys then they are too expensive at £/$20-25 each.

  • 11Eleven11

    Two issues:
    1. They are making too many of them, because …

    2. They aren’t changing the characters up enough.
    – Rey never should have been re-released with the blue saber. That should have been the Resistance Base outfit from the end of the film. Let the KMart Starkiler exclusive be the one with the Jakku outfit and the saber included.
    – There never should have been three releases of Kylo Ren. The first release should have been the masked version. The KMart exclusive should have been the unmasked version, since it would have been screen accurate. This instantly makes that figure a must-have rather than a re-hash with a base.
    – Poe with the jacket should have been a regular release, and then the X-Wing pilot version should have come later in wave 2. Finn should have been in the two pack with a lightsaber along with the riot trooper, without a single release of that rather boring figure. The FN-2187 sold well. That should have been the single box Finn figure that came out Force Friday.

    Imagine how much freer the pegs would be if the had followed these three simple suggestions. All they had to do was create one extra figure; Resistance Rey. It was all about the timing and distribution.

    Force Friday:
    Han, Chewie, Kylo Ren, Rey Jakku, FN-2187, Poe Jacket

    Post-film release
    The two KMart figures
    Luke, Poe X-Wing Pilot, Hux, TIE Pilot, Resistance Rey, Stormtrooper

    Third wave
    Walgreens Maz/R2 two-pack
    Flametrooper, Resistance Solider, General Leia, C3PO, Phasma, Snoke

    This isn’t hard, people.

    • CharlesUlysses

      Stop, you’re making too much sense.

      • 11Eleven11

        I am available for consults, life coaching, birthdays, baptisms and Bar Mitzvahs. 🙂

    • SID

      should be gospel.

    • Seronious

      I agree with you that they should have had less cases and not put out cases that had a whopping 2 new figures, with the other 4 being repacks. I do think Finn (Jakuu) was a worthy figure. He’s a main character in the film, and to me it wasn’t the figure that was the problem, it’s that they repacked him in the first 3 waves which were the most prominently released of the lineup.

      Looking back this would have been better:
      Wave 1: Finn, Rey, 2x Kylo, FO Stormtrooper, Chewie (I saw nothing wrong with this wave)
      Wave 2: Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron in Pilot gear, Guavian Enforcer, Constable Zuvio (sure why not), FO Stormtrooper (repack), Rey (repack)
      Wave 3 and Wave 4 combined : FO Tie Pilot, Resistance Trooper, General Hux, FO Snowtrooper, Asty, Kylo Ren (repack) – combining these two waves stops the bottleneck. Wave 3 contained 4 repacks from wave 1.
      Wave 4 (was wave 5): Jango Fett, Han Solo, FN2187, Flametrooper, Captain Phasma (Repack), Finn (Repack),
      Wave 5: Luke, Ashoka, Kannan, Han Solo (repack), Jango Fett (repack), FO Stormtrooper (repack).

      Cutting out case 3 and combining it with case 4, and not releasing the wave 2 repack in mass would have made it more fluid. I think Finn, Rey, FO Stormtrooper, Kylo, Phasma, and Han Solo all needed to be repacked twice, but none needed to be repacked 3 times. Especially, Kylo and Rey when the Kmart variant was available. FO Stormtrooper was the only one that could have used 3 repacks, because people like to army build, and that makes sense.

      Rogue One also needed to drop the wave that only had Baze and Chirrut (dont understand why they seem to put 4 repacks in a third wave as it destroys the flow).. I could still see the Deathtrooper getting 3 repacks, since that figure has demand for the army builders, but none of the others should have been in more than 2 waves. Cassian (eadu) should have only been in one wave. Actually the Target exclusive should have been the main release, which would have made more sense, then they could have repacked him again, since that figure would have been more popular than the Eadu version.

      Wave 1: Cassian, Jyn, K2SO, Deathtrooper, Unmasked Kylo, Chirrut
      Wave 2: Director Krennic, Scarif Squad Trooper, TFA C3PO, Baze, Jyn (repack), Deathtrooper (repack)
      Wave 3: Leia, Ben, Revan, Sabine, AT-AT Driver, Snowtrooper (perfect wave)
      Wave 4: Lando, Tusken Raider, Qui-Gon, ERG, Director Krennic (repack), Deathrooper (repack)

      Look how much better that would have flowed, if they dropped a case from each wave. Less bottlenecks. Wave 3, and Wave 10 were ridiculous, and it’s because both waves only came with 2 new figures. They also screwed up last year by re-releasing that wave 2 revision case in late spring of 2016. That wave contained Zuvio, Poe, and Guavian and at that point, the only figure that had any demand was Phasma. A case should have 4 figures at minimum, and the first 3 waves should have at max 4 repacks mixed in with the 18 total figures. The latter two waves can have just 4 figures and 2 repacks of more popular characters.

      • 11Eleven11

        While I agree the primary problem with Finn was that they made too many, visually, he just wasn’t great. Drab outfit and a sculpt that made him look more like a woman with a short hair cut than a lead in an action movie, IMO. I thought Hasbro should have been more cautious with the roll-out of new characters by making sure they were in assortments with our familiar faces from the new film, or figures from other films. I saw the failure that was the Rogue One line coming a mile away. The smarter move would have been to release something like Jyn, K2 and a RO Vader with Lando, Jinn and ERG, and then another case with Krennic, Cassian, Stormtrooper, Old Obi-Wan and Revan, for example.

  • Glenn P. Winkler

    I’ve collected Star Wars heavily to lightly since the late 1990s and, well, it’s always been like this. There are always pegwarmers, it seems. I’m not sure what the answer is. I do see original trilogy-based product move better than more contemporary characters, generally speaking. As far as new movie product is concerned, it seems like the best approach would be to get the relevant characters out there in 2 waves. That’s all basic retail seems able to support, or all that Hasbro’s distribution system can effectively accomplish. I won’t pretend to understand all of the factors that cause this, but the end result is the same.

    • Adam Marshall

      There will always be figures left behind for awhile at $19.99 each. They should be $14.99 tops with extra accessories and better paint at that price or drop them to $9.99 and tell Disney that’s all they gonna get in fees.

  • Blizzard Force

    Over supply at retail plain and simple. As adult collectors appear to be the only ones interested in this line it’s far more convienient to buy online. I don’t buy anything in toy stores now everything is online.
    Those retailers who believed Star Wars toys were a dead cert will be rethinking their plans going forward. Where you see reports of small quantities of stock coming and going quickly that’s the way it should be. Who really believed that toys r us would be able to shift all those hovertank pilots. It’s just poor retailing on their part.
    The last Jedi product should be on shelves in September mostly sold out by xmas, last few bits on clearance in January and moving on to Han Solo. At this rate you are going to have TFA kylo Rey, zuvio and the rest in their 2 year old boxes sitting next to the shiny new stuff.

  • Danny
  • Seronious

    Jeez… what type of articles are these? These sort of articles really affect the integrity of this site. Clearance happens all the time. Blowing out the stock of previous years items that didn’t sell and move on to the next, at which point a great majority will sell at retail, and then there’s diminishing returns from there. That’s how retail works. Lego Star Wars can see clearance of 50% at times, and no one thinks that all the sudden that means the line is dead. Far from it.

    The problem during the Force Awakens Black Series will always be that they released the wave 2 revision case in mass to target, walmart, and toys r us when that case should have never been released again. That wave, which was released in last spring of 2016 created the bottleneck that affected waves 4, 5 and 6. In fact, if you look at secondary market prices of Hux, Asty, and FN2187 it shows that there is demand for TFA figures (and even Finn). Han Solo, Jango, Ashoka, and others from wave 4-6 also sell a lot and are in demand.

    What it ultimately comes down to is how they pack waves 1-3 of a movie release. They need to quit producing a wave with only 2 characters and 4 repacks. This would really alleviate the bottleneck of the later waves. Wave 3 from the Force Awakens, and Wave 10 from Rogue One were the biggest problems. And that Wave 2 revision case that came out right when wave 5 and 6 were hitting the market also created chaos, because it seemed they sent out 5 wave 2 revisions for every 1 case of wave 5 and 6.

    • Integrity of the site? That is the funniest thing I have ever read from you.

  • Jaken Wraith

    None of my Stores but a couple have 6in Fig’s like that left. Burl TRU, and Walmart in Levittown, Pa. and that’s it. All other local Stores no matter what Chain have sold thru most of the 6in Inventory.

    • Jaken Wraith

      Just back from Levittown Walmart Food Shopping, they actually have moved quite a bit of the 6in’s they used to have. That Store was VERY overloaded a while back, was even a Post on here from that Store and how many they had when they first made an End-Cap with only 6in’s. Now they are mostly all gone, and they have about 23 Legacy Pack’s lol. In a little while it will be a good place to grab another one on Clearance. I want another to have a Stand to open, and a third Vader to keep on the Card with the rest of the Series.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Off-Topic some, but if anyone is out near the Bensalem,Pa. Walmart they have the Proto Fett 3.75 Wave in stock showing 18. That Store is out of my range, in Pa i go to Bristol and Levittown Walmart’s. In my area that is the frist, and only Store so far to show them in Stock. I don’t think it’s older 3.75 BS Fig’s showing up either, i have had “no result’s in your area” for about a Month now of me checking for them in Stores that i know have a ton of older 3.75 BS Fig’s.

    • Sithewok

      All of the WMs near me keep restocking the TFA wave of 3.75″ TBS.

    • LOL! I live in Bensalem. I don’t go to Walmart though. I just can’t anymore.

      • Jaken Wraith

        It says 18 in Stock using Proto’s SKU. It has been “no result’s in your area” with no Stores listed since i have been running that SKU. That message usually pops up when something has never been in stock yet. Now once some local Stores get them in, when they run out it will list the Store, but with “0” in Stock. Running that SKU it’s not showing the older Wave’s stock number’s, so they do probably have that Wave in.

      • Jaken Wraith

        …just double checked. The price is listed as $5.84. I may take that ride to grab doubles and triples of that Wave at that Price. Can never have too many Sandtrooper’s. Still says 18, prob have to ask them to be pulled from the Back.

  • BCYa

    And the Wal-Mart nearest me has a ton of SA 3.75 Han and Leia figures. I guess that line also has not enough demand and too much supply. So they should make less of them in the future.

  • Erik

    Packaging. The 40th sold out fast because the packaging is so appealing.

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