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Someone Doesn't Love Princess Leia Like Hasbro Does

JTA reader Joshua O. found this at his local Walmart. I guess this thief doesn’t love Princess Leia as much as Hasbro.

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  • Jaken Wraith

    Must of been a “return Job” to get a Vader for $20. Buying a Leia cost them $20, then they swapped it out for the Vader and returned it to get $40 back. If they tried to scan the Vader solo in the Store the Fig comes up at $40 having the same Barcode as the Legacy Box.

    • Andrew

      Leia is also selling for closer to $15 at a lot of online retailers.

  • Nice variant.

  • did they even bother to put the stand back in by the way?

  • Mike
    • Zarco Rey

      The Luke-acy Pack.

    • Brian Beck

      wow :/ as sad as that is, part of me is almost ‘impressed’ with the creativity of doing it-new age shoplifting.


        Shoplifting what? He returned the $20 piece of cardboard.

        • Brian Beck

          So you are condoning this behavior cause you are part of the crybaby crowd upset of the cost of the display ? and who says that they just didn’t take that part also. stealing is stealing plain and simple, and as much as I hate Walmart, its still wrong.

  • Zarco Rey

    The Lega-She Pack.

  • General Hux

    No one loves Princess Leia as much as Hasbro. No one.

  • Darth Lumberg

    Calling this person a thief is a bit much IMO. If they stole the item outright that’s a thief. A thief takes something giving nothing back. This person did some “packaging adjustments”. They paid for all the products and returned them in an adjusted state. Neither is right but both examples aren’t really the same thing. BTW-If Hasbro hadn’t been so greedy as to package Vader in this manner at a ridiculous MRP, you wouldn’t be seeing this problem. They should have sold the stand for $20 separately for those that wanted it and let Vader sell for $20 in his own box like the rest of the line.

    • Wow – this is exactly what’s wrong with the world’s morality levels today. We excuse way too much bad behavior. “It’s technically not stealing if…. (fill in the blanks).” Yes, this is thievery. I won’t mince words to make someone else feel better.

      • Darth Lumberg

        Wow- an American legal system that doesn’t mince words and groups all types of actions as one common crime sounds like a bad idea to me.

    • Andrew

      Would you prefer the term “fraud?” They irreparably damaged this item by returning it without the exclusive packed-in figure. This item is no longer sellable as-is because the box no longer contains the item advertised on its packaging. If someone borrowed an item from you and decided to return it with an exchanged part that didn’t match, I imagine you might have a problem with that. I’m not sure why you feel this is different just because you don’t like that Hasbro packed this Vader in a $40 box.

      • Darth Lumberg

        Shoplifting and this just seem different. I don’t see stores arresting anyone for this but they do prosecute shoplifters. Stores usually don’t question customers that have receipts because it’s bad business. I don’t know if that will change. As for Vader, all I’m saying is we aren’t discussing this thread if that toy is $20.

        • CT-7567

          It’s still stealing. I agree that the Vader figure is only worth the $20 that this person spent on the Leia figure, but it’s still theft. The store can’t put that box back out on the floor and sell it, so they lose money

    • CT-7567

      They should have sold all twelve individually and had the stand as a mail-away or something. Still, there’s no excuse for what this person did.

    • Jeffrozup

      They are a thief, no 2 ways around it. But to address the price for Vader. You just made their point Hasbro to why they sold it with the stands. Desired figure packaged with stands is a sell. If Vader and stands sold separately, I bet Vader is sold out and shelves/pegs are filled with the stands.

    • OfWolfandMan

      Lol. Just wrong.

      Wouldn’t it be funny if someone broke into your house and stole stuff but was kind enough to replace the stolen goods with cheaper stuff, or older models, etc., etc.? But I know, Hasbro and WM deserve it because they are giant money makers so it’s ok if they lose a little here or there.

      • Carnor Jax

        That happened to my brother. A few years ago while he was away on vacation his girlfriend’s brother broke into their place by removing the bolts on his front door (because their stupid landlord installed it backwards), he then stole his PS2 and replaced it with a broken one which was dirty as hell. Did he really think my brother wouldn’t notice? The guy also took his car out for a joy ride and stole the custom windshield wipers off of it. Who does that?

        • OfWolfandMan

          Oh my.

    • Nick Dickens

      He’s a thief! It’s theft. Simple as.


        So is Hasbro. The basic assortment is missing a figure.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    the stupidity of waltards is crazy. Why bother to put a figure in the box,

  • Jeffrozup

    So there’s a Luke and Leia variant for the legacy pack? Is my collection incomplete unless I get all of the 40th figures in the legacy box?

  • Jimmy Griffin

    She was his only hope…to get a carded Vader on the cheap.

  • nighthawk

    Saw one with Obi Wan swapped in before.

  • shane

    This kind of thing will never change because Walmart don’t really care, period.

  • snowdroid

    Dears sirs, this is one of those collectable variants, don’t you recognize?


    How many people is Hasbro ripping off when they are mislead to believe there is more than one figure in the $40 box?

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